Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

110 W. Lakeshore  

1930 - Apr 23 - A permit was granted Wayne Von Ehre to build a garage on the lot opposite the school building on Lake Shore Drive and Ohio Street. It will be 30 by 40 feet in size and will be used for regular automobile reapir work.

1930 May - 14 - Wayne Von Ehre Opens Auto Repair Shop

    Wayne Von EHr has competed hisnew b uilding opposit the school house and is open ready for business.

    He is conducting an auto repair business, in which he has had many years experience. The building is 30 by 40 and is built of cement blocks

    The ground floor is of cement with a basement underneath.

1930-1936 - Wayne's Garage & Transfer

1936 - Nov. 25 To My Customers
    Having sold my garage to D. Hatten, I wish to thank all my customers for their patronage through the seven years I have operated the business. I have appreciated their confidence in me and may work and hope in return that satisfaction has always been their. I trust that the accord Mr. Hatten the same support.

    I will continue to operate the dray buisness and will devote my full time to it. My office will be at the same place. - Wayne Bon Ehr proprietor of Wayne's Garage

1936 - Nov. 25 - Wayne's Garage Sell Buisness to D. Hatten
    The Sale of the garage building and businee of Wayne Von Ehrs to D. Hatten was announce the first of the week and becomes effective on December 1st. Mr Hatten will move his equipment from his present location in the Hayes Building to his new site at that time.

    Mr. VonEhr, who has conducted the garage business for the past seven years, will continue in the transfer businees with office in the garage.

1936 - Nov. 25 - Announcemet
    I have purhased the garage formerly known as Wayne's Garage and will move in on Decemebr 1st.

    I with {wish} to thank all those who hav e been my customers in my present location and invite them to continue to patronize us in our new site. I hope that all of Mr. Von Ehr's friends will continue to bring their business to this garage and I assure them i will give them the b est service possible. I alson invite those who have never patronized either place to give us a trial. - D Harren's Garage.

Hatten Motor Sales - - Dominiicus 'Min' & Mary Hatten

    The school kids most remember it for the shelves of candy; coolers of soda pop and the freezer full of ice cream bars.

    Stood empty for a while

1991, abt - 199_ - Denny Bush - Mechanic abt 1991-199
    Stood empty for while and the building was demolished in May 2000 and became an emptly lot for awhile.

? - 2002, June - Norman F. Kelly

2002, Jun-2007, Mar - John E. and Sandra L. Lewandowski
    A 3 bay car wash was started July 2002 and completed Mar. 2003

2007, Mar - 2019, Aug. car wash - John & Kathleen Conroy
    The property was up for tax sale in 2013 and was sold as such on 21 Oct 2013 but was redeemed ' on 17 Oct 2014. It is stated in the 21 May 2013 issue of the Culver Citizen that the property is going through bankrupcy proceedings and that it had been previously up for tax sale which had been canceled and that the property owed several hundreds of dollars to the town of Culver for services.

2019, Aug. car wash - Jeffery Miller
    George W GARNS ADD LOT 25 / 17-32-1

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