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James A Perry  

James A. Perry Birth Date: 3 Feb 1893 Marion County, Ind. Death: 26 Jun 1929 son of Charles Coffin Perry and Capitola Adams.

James Perry Killed In Airplane Crash

    Well Known Here

    Engine Died Shortly After Taking off While Plane Up Only 100 Feet

    James A Perry, well known here as a cottager on the East Side of the lake, was killed inatantly last Wednesday when an airplane he was pilotingin crashed to the ground near Indianapolis.

    The accident occureed shortly after 3 o'clock in the afternoon was Mr. Perry was pilotinga a ship owned by his company from Schoen field at Fort Benjamin Harrison to Stout Field at Marys Hill, headquarters of the Curtiss company.

    The machine, a Curtiss Robin monoplane cabin ship, was demolished, and Mr. Perry's body was pinned underneath the mass of twisted wreckage. It was necessary to turn the ship completely over in order to release the body.

    Mr. Perry, apparently died from a concussion. His left leg had a compound fracture and his right cheek and his nose were laverated. The right ear was burned, and the little finger of his left hand broken. There were several bruises on his abfomen caused by the saftety belt he was wearing.

    Mr. Perry, accompanied by Capt. Earl Sweenry, had flown to Schoen field from stout airport to get a Curtiss ship which had been loaned to the government during the C.M.T.C. period. It had been used at the fort for demonstrations to the training camp students and to take them on flights.

    According to Lieut. Ralph Pantzer, who met Mr. Perrry and Capt. Sweeney at the fort field, the two men barely avoided a crackup when they landed their ship at the fort. A tire had come off one of the wheels of their plane, and a perfect lading was made by Capt. Sweeney, on one wheel.

    The other Curtiss ship had been tested and found in good condition, it was explained ar the fort. The machine had been idling for then miniutes b efore Mr. Perry took off. He tool to the air alone after conversing for several minutes with the men at the hangers.

    Dr. Frank T Dowd, 1507 Broadway; Lieut Pantzer and several others were talking with Capt. Sweeney when Mr. Perry took off. The paid little attention to the takeoff. After Mr Perry's ship has rissen approsimately one hundred feet in the air they noticed that the engine had stopped running. Dr. Dowd called attention to the fact, and they all looked up in time to see the ship suffenly veer downard in its fatal crash.

    They dashed to the place where the ship had fallen and found it a mass of twisted metal and Mr. Perry dead amid the wreckage. Had lock been with him Mr. Perry could have flown about seventy-five feet further to the west and found an almost perfect place to land. As it was the ship fell in a deep ravine, crashing into the side of a hill.

    Mr. Perry was owner of the Indianapolus American Accoication baseball team, and president of the CUrtis FLying Service of Indiana. - CUlver Citizen

    Indiana, Death Certificates, 1899-2011 Name: James A. Perry
    Gender: Male
    Race: White
    Age: 36
    Birth Date: 3 Feb 1893
    Birth Place: Marion County, Ind.
    Death Date: 26 Jun 1929
    Death Place: Lawrence Ind., Marion, Indiana, USA
    Marital Status: Divorced
    Father: Chas. C. Perry
    Mother: Capitola Adams

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