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1100 East Shore Drive - Orchard House, Marmon Cottage  

This is one of the largest parcels of land left on the lake front at 3.09 acres. Also possibly at one time in bore the address of 1080 East Shore Drive which is the cottage to the North (click on image for larger view).

Section 22 - ? acres
    Nesswagh-ee Reservation

Section 22
    Section 22 Lot 1 - 37.70A; 40
    Section: 22 Lot 2 - 45.45A
    Section 22 Lot 3 - 32.00A
    Section 22 Lot 4 - 35.70A

1872 Plat Map Section 22 Lot 1 - 37.32 - G. Peeples
Lot 2 - 45.45A S & J. W Rector
Lot 3 32A - S. Rctor
S & J W Rector - 40A A Smith - 80A 3.90A - A W B
.97? - D J
159A - J. C. Miles a part in Sec. 23-
A Bartholomew 35.70A

1876 Plat Map Section 22
    J C Miles - 158A

1880 Plat Map Section 22 Platted cottage lots
G. Peeples 35.5A Rector & Thomas 85A & 32A H. B. Scott 34.50A

1880 on east side of St. Rd. 117 - J. H. & A. Vafen/John Henry Vajen and Alice (Fugate) Vajen
In 1886 from the 15th Annual Report to the Governor was an article on Maxinkuckee by W. H. Thompson and S. E. Lee
    At Highland House, the property of Mrs. Judge Hiller, the well is thirty-three feet deep, though the flow of water was as strong when the first sand was reached at a depth of thirteen feet. The first well driven at this place to a depth of only thirteen feet obtained so strong a flow that the water could not be confined. The enormous pressure burst through all restraint, and rose in a column six or seven inches thick. This at once stopped the wells which turned Mr. Morman's ram a hundred feet away. The well was finally plugged up, when Mr. Morman's wells again began to flow.

    D. W. Morman, Esq., of Indianapolis, has four wells averaging about twenty-two feet deep, flowing about fifteen barrels per minute, which feed a ram supplying his grounds with excellent water. These wells were driven two years ago. In July, 1886, he bored a larger well at a point eight feet above the surface of the lake. At a depth of ninety-eight feet the bore stopped in blue clay. The section showed eleven feet of yellow day, twenty-five feet of sand, and sixty-two feet of blue clay. A wonderful flow of water comes from this stratum of sand. The water will rise to a level of twenty-two feet above the surface of the lake, and when we were there the water was leaping in a fountain seven feet above the top of the inch and a quarter pipe.


1898 on east side of St. Rd. 117 - J. & A. Vagen/ John Henry Vajen and Alice (Fugate) Vajen

1898 - D. W. & E. Harmon/ Marmon
    1898 on east side of St. Rd. 117 - D. & E. Marmon
1898 - M. B. & J. R. Dill - - acquired this lot sometime before 1908
    Daniel W. Marmom arrived at Lake Maxinkuckee in 1882 before the railroad - it is unsure how he heard about the area (but reading the history of the other cottages it would not be hard to determine - alot of Indianapolis residence fled the city for the cool shores of the lake during this time period). Anne Greeneleaf said the family arrived with all the kitchen equipment, clothing, and Daniel's chickens.

The house was an originial 'L' shaped farm house to which was added fireplaces, and a higher roof. The house was orginially three rooms upstairs and downstairs and remodeled to what it is today. The flowing well remains on the property also - but it no longer runs through the kitchen in the 'olden days'. The road also ran right up next to the house until it was moved [the map found proposing it is dated 6 Oct 1927] in the late 1920's early 1930's; to where it is located at today.

Daniel Marmon's original chicken house lives on also remaining a part of the property - tho is use has been transferred to a playhouse which has served four generations of Marmon descendants.


This area need more work as the Bliss and DIll cottage lots disaapeared and was aqcquired by others

1908 - H. Bliss - owned 3 lots. The Lot Numbers in red are today's (2015) working from both directions the Brawnell and Marmon cottage the area in between has been decipherd somewhat. The lot sizes and shape have changed some what

50 - 1900 - J. B. Dill / H. R. Bliss

1900 - H. R. Bliss, of Indianapolis, has purchased the cottage formerly owned by J. B. Dill and has taken possession. - June 1 , 1900 Culver Herald 1904 - Sep. 1912 Alfred M. Ogle 1906 - May 3 - Fred Thompson has the contract addition to H. R. Bliss; cottage


1908 - H. Bliss [Henry R. Bliss]
    Some time after 1908 they acquired the H. Bliss lot to the South (one of the three that bore "H Bliss") From the 1886 15th Annual Report to the Governor MAXINKUCKEE W. H. Thompson & S. E. Lee
      South of Mormon's place J. B. Dill has a good flow, reached at a depth of twenty feet.

1909 Jul 29 - Margaret E. Bliss to Elizabeth Marmon pt. of lot in sec 22 Union $5000

1910 - Jan 6 - The Bliss boat house, which was purchased of the Marmons by James Wilson, is being moved to Mr. Wilson's lot to be used by him as a shop

1922-56 -- Henry W. Bliss

1908 - D. W. & E. Maxmon [Daniel W. Marmon]

1908 on east side of St. Rd. 117 - D. & E. Marmon 12.27a

1908 - Oct 29 - D. W. Marmon is rebuilding his cottage on the East Side, converting it into a two-story building.He was also put down two wells and constrcuted a cistren 12 feet in diameter and 13 feet deep

1912, Oct 31 - Jane Ogle to Elizabeth Marmon, pr. Lot 2 sec 22 Union, $5000
    Same to C. C. Perry, pt. same lot, $5500

    1904 -Lot #2 - John H. Vagen.
    1904 - Sep. 1912 Alfred M. Ogle; his properties
    Sep. 1912 1/2 Lot # 2 - Charles C. Perry
    Sep. 1912 1/2 Lot # 2 Elizabeth Marmon The family sold their house to the Marmon family by 1912. Barbara E Stokely
      My mother Marjorie Ogle Home summered in Culver . Her parents Alfred M and Laura Ogle lived on the east shore north of the landing. In 1904 Alfred Ogle purchased 410 feet of shoreline property [lot 2 in section 22] from Indianapolis merchant, John H. Vagen, on the north end of the lake. It does not appear, however, that he sold his cottage in the VanSchoiack subdivision. - Barbara E Stokely

1913 - sep 12 - Mrs. D. W. Marmon has purchased the north half of the Ogle grounds, and C. C. Perry the cottage and the south half. We understand that Perry Will erect a modern cottage on his purchase in the spring. the Marmon cottage Lots 3 & 4 on the Lakefront

The lot to the north 1100 east Shore is the Daniel Mormon propery of this time period bought in 1898

1922 - Lot 2 1922 - E. Marmon [Elizabeth C. Marmon]
1922 - Elizabeth C. Marmon - Lot 3 & Lot 4

Elizabeth C. Marmon and Lee R Finney [employed both as chauffeur and as caretaker of Marmon's summer home] were in an accident resulting in his death. He was also captain of the steam boat "Carol"

Their sons Howard Carpenter Marmon and Walter Carpenter Marmon founded the Marmon Motor Car Company from their father's company Nordyke & Marmon.

Sometime before Elizabeth Marmon's death in the 1930's her daughter Caroline purchased for her mother as a surprise the field across from the cottage; which had daffodils planted along the road side. It has over the years became and remained a lush woodland area and there those golden daffodills still bloom each spring.

It became known as the "Orchard House" because of the many fruit trees that surrounded it. The house has remained inside as it was when Elizabeth (Carpenter) Marmon, last resided in it, it was her wish - and it has been granted thus far.

Mrs. E. C. Marmon, the community's friend and benefactor died at her home in Indianaolis Saturday monring - 14 Feb 1940

Orchard House - Marmon Cottage; the Orchard House actual sat across the St. Rd 117

1941 - Sep 17 - Fire At its Peak At Marmon Caretaker's House. This remarakable picture awas taken by Rodney Albright when the flames wre billowing from every side of the Marmon carettaker's house on Sunday night Sept. 7. Although considering the intensity of the fire and how the flames engulfed the whole building so that it was impossible to save and of the contents. Several trees besides the one shown at right caught on fire from the the terrific heat.

1952-1953 - Mrs. J. W. Fessler [Mrs. James W. Fessler]

1956 - Mrs. Carolyn Fessler

1958 - 1958 Lake Directory - Mrs. Caroline M. Fesler - 4035 N. Pensylvania St., Indianapolis, lnd.

1961 - Mrs. Robert Greenleaf

1979 - Dr. Robert Greenleaf/Richard Bennett

1981-2002 - Dr. & Mrs. Robert W. Greenleaf

? - Jan 1992 - Anne Amelia Greenleaf

Jan 1992 - Jan 1993 - Robert W. Greenleaf/Anne Amelia Greenleaf

Jan 1993 - Jan 1994 - Anne Amelia Greenleaf

? - 2009 - Anne Lewallen Hall Greenleaf
    From the Lake directories:
    2004 - Gary W. Lewallen
    2005 - Greenleaf-Lewallen
    2006-7 - Robert & Anne Greenleaf

? - 2015 - Anne Lewallen Hall Greenleaf; Katherine Gayle Ann Greeneleaf

2015, Sep 15 - Became Lot 2 Marmon Oaks Subdivision the Smaller North lot became Lot 1 1080 E. Shore Dr.

2015, Sep 15 -2019 Hall M. Lewallen , Katherine S Lewallen , Gayle Anne Lewallen , Gary W Lewallen

This lot was divided down into 2 lots as follows
    2018 - PETITION NO: 2018-014 p DATE OF HEARING: October 16, 2018 TIME OF HEARING 6:30PM Date: September 26, 2018

    That an application has been filed by Katherine Lewallen to approve the plat of Lewalllen Subdivision, a subdivision of one parcel into a two lot minor subdivision.

    The address of the property is 1100 East Shore Drive, Culver, Indiana, 46511, Marshall County Parcel ID # 502122000072002013. The proposed subdivision would be divided as follows:

    Lot A Approximately 1.75 acres
    Lot B Approximately .55 acres

2018, Dec. - Mark A Levett
Lot Size frontage 75' by 298. They had 1110 E. Shore
    Mark Levett is a retired executive with Cummins, Inc. He has served as chair of the College’s Board of Trustees since 2014. He joined the Hanover board in 1982 and was elected vice-chair in 1998. He was Chief Executive Officer of The Cummins Foundation from February 11, 2013 until November 30, 2015.


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