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Joseph Strong  

Joseph Strong

Prominent among the names of business men of Terre Haute stands that of Joseph Strong, proprietor of the Terre Haute Coffee and Spice Mills. He is a native of Chillicothe, Ohio, and came to this city in 1865, having for the previous five years filled a position as bookkeeper in a prominent mercantile house of Cincinnati.

On coming here Mr. Strong began business in a small way, and by his indomitable energy and enterprise he has increased it to its present large dimensions, making his business second to none in the country, and with a reputation for first-class grades of goods unexcelled anywhere. He was the first to commence business in this line in Terre Haute, and, notwithstanding there are other firms now engaged in the trade, he still maintains the first position, his business now being four times greater than when he began.

He now gives employment to fifteen hands, four of whom are traveling men, and occupies the premises Nos. 19 and 21 North Sixth street, 40x125 feet, with three floors and basement, all stored with grocers' sundries, and fitted up with the latest improved machinery. On the premises are three elevators, one large steam and two hand-power, one of the latter arranged expressly for lowering goods from the packing department on the third floor. A fine thirty horse-power engine drives all the machinery, and greatly facilitates business.

The sterling baking power, of which Mr. Strong the inventor and sole manufacturer, has received the indorsement (sic) of the whole country.

His spices, of which he manufactures but one brand of each kind, are also widely known.

Mr. Strong has devoted much time and study to the perfect roasting of coffee, and has met with complete success. He roasts by a fixed rule, and by so doing leaves the caffeine in its highest perfection, and to this, no doubt, must be ascribed the origin of the high reputation his brands of goods have obtained. - - History of Terre Haute, Vigo Co., IN - 1880 - businesses

Joseph Strong was born on June 25, 1839, in Chillicothe, Ohio died on January 10, 1929, in Terre Haute, Indiana buried Highland Lawn Cemetery Terre Haute Vigo County Indiana,son of William Y Strong and Anna Massie
    Veteran Merchant Is Called By Death

    Joseph Strong Pioneer Business Man of the City, Dies at Home Thursday Evening

    Joseph Strong, 90 years old, 423 South Sixth Street, head of Joseph Straong & Co., coffee and spice mills, one of Terre Haute's pioneers in the business world, died at his residence Thursday evening after an illness of about six weeks

    Although advanced in age, Mr. Strong's business acumen and ability never waned, and until the advent of his last illness, was actively engaged in managing the business which bears his name

    His reputation in the business world, where he was one of the city's oldest representatives, was one of honesty, integrityand abitlity, and while personally he was of a retiring nature, he made hindreds of firends who will miss his presence in the years to come.

    For 64 years the name of Joseph Strong has been known in the business world of this section of the state, 59 of which was as head of Joseph Strong & Co. He started in business here in 1865, selecting the mercantile business as fir forte. Five years later he organized the present coffe and spice business, locating in the old Dowling hall on the west side of sixth stree between Wabash and Cherry. Within a short time after this, he began specializing in coffees and spices and since that time these articles have been the leaders in the Strong business.

    Within a few years he had established himself in the present location of the company at Sixth and Ohio streets, but it was not unt__ that the present firm was organized.

    During his business career he was successiverly connected with John Ball, elder brother of WIlliam and Spencer F. Ball; A. B. Blake, and the present remaining members of the firm his son Richard B. Strong and Charles W. Balke.

    During his long career here he was also called on to serve on many executive boards, among being that of the Terre Haute National Bank and Trust company; the Citizens Mutual Heating company and the Terre Haute Savings Bank.

    In addition to this he was for may years vestryman of St. Stephen's Episcopal church, in which he was a hard worker.

    Early in life he was also called to the service of his city in a civic way and was for many years one of the besy suppporters and workers in the cold Commercial club, contributing in no small degree to the early growth of the city.

    Mr. Strong was born in Chillicothe, O., June 25, 1839, the son of WIlliam and Ann Massey Strong. Later his family moved to Cincinnati, where Mr. Strong entered the service of the First National Bank of that city. He enlisted in the Union Army in 1864 and served his country for the balance of the war, removing to Terre Haute after his discharge from the army, and starting his business career in this city.

    In 1866 he was married to Mary B. Blake, daughter of Richard Blake, at that time one of the most prominent physicians of the city, and this helpmeet remained with him untill 1912, in which years she died.

    The firm of Joseph Strong and company will long remember its founder and even the younger of its employess, as well as its patrons, will regret the passing of Mr. Strong

    He is survived by six children: Mrs. Benjamin McKeen of St. Louis, Mo.; Richard B. Strong of this city; Mrs. Grant H. Fairbanks, of Haverhill, Mas..; Mrs. James A. Cooper and Mrs. John L. Crawford both of Terre Haute.

    The funeral will be held Saturday afternoon at 2:30 o''clock and will be private.

married Mary Bourne Blake on December 3, 1867 Vigo County, Indiana born 1842 in Indiana died January 10, 1912, in Terre Haute, Indiana buried Highland Lawn Cemetery Terre Haute Vigo County Indiana

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Name Title Age Year Month Day Page Paper

Year: 1880; Census Place: Terre Haute, Vigo, Indiana; Roll: 319; Family History Film: 1254319; Page: 392B; Enumeration District: 212
Household Members: Name Age
Joseph Strong 45
Mary Strong 38
Anna Strong 12
Richard Strong 9
Etta Strong 8
William Strong 4
Fransca Strong 2
Susa Strong 1

Year: 1900; Census Place: Harrison, Vigo, Indiana; Roll: 409; Page: 2A; Enumeration District: 108
Joseph Strong 60
Mary R Strong 57
Susan M Strong 21
Franceska G Strong 22
Elizabeth R Strong 19

Their childen:
    Anna Massie Strong was born October 1867 Indiana October 13, 1943, St Louis County, Missouri Burial: Bellefontaine Cemetery Saint Louis St. Louis City Missouri married October 20, 1891 Vigo County, Indiana Benjamin McKeen born January 1864 in Indiana died December 16, 1947, St Louis County, Missouri Burial: Bellefontaine Cemetery Saint Louis St. Louis City Missouri son of William Riley McKeen and Ann Forbes Crawford
    They had:
      Mary Josephine McKeen born 24 January 1900 Indiana married Thomas K. Niedringhaus Jr. and Birth: August 16, 1898 Death: June 8, 1941 married also Neal Crieghton Birth: July 4 1898
        Thomas K Niedringhaus, III Mary Niedringhaus married --- Kayser

    Richard B Strong was born in November 1870 in Indiana died on February 4, 1937, in Terre Haute, Indiana Burial: Highland Lawn Cemetery Terre Haute Vigo County Indiana married November 11, 1895, in Vigo County, Indiana Catherine Carlton born in July 1872 in New Albany, Indiana died on February 17, 1962, in Indianapolis, Indiana dau. of Ambrose Boliver Carlton and Mary Rose Clements

    Henrietta Delius Strong was born on February 20, 1873, in Terre Haute, Indiana. married November 9, 1896 Vigo County, Indiana Samuel Crawford McKeen was born on 7 Dec 1862 Vigo county Indiana died October 28, 1937 Burial: Highland Lawn Cemetery Terre Haute Vigo County Indiana son of William Riley McKeenand Ann Forbes Crawford
      William Riley McKeen born July 29, 1897 Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana died June 28, 1977 Burial: Highland Lawn Cemetery Terre Haute Vigo County Indiana married September 24, 1925 Vigo County, Indiana Henrietta Frances Gilchrist born June 17, 1906 Terre Haute, Indiana died February 2000 daughter of Robert A Gilcrhrist and Virginia Harrison.
        Virginia D Mckeen
        William R Mckeen, Jr

      Joseph Strong McKeen born May 21, 1899 Vigo County, Indiana died October 1934 Terre Haute, Indiana; Burial: Highland Lawn Cemetery Terre Haute Vigo County Indiana
        TWICE within a few months Terre Haute has been shocked by the untimely passing of young men, prominent in their own right as well as in their families. The death this week of Joseph S. McKeen struck the same note of tragedy as that associated with the death of John F. Rawley in the late summer. It is hard for the family and friends to adjust them selves to the passing of these two who were in the youthful stage of life.

        “Joe" McKeen died early Tuesday morning, following a lingering illness of more than a year's duration. He never fully recovered from an operiation performed at that time.

        He was buried Thursday morning from the residence, 428 South Sixth, the Rev. W. T. Capers of St. Stephen's church officiating.

        Interment was in the McKeen mausoleum at Highland Lawn. His pal! bearers were Frederick Reckert, James Black, Warren Hussey, David Bronson, Harold Whitney, and Hamill Baker.

        He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. S. Crawford McKeen, one of the most prominent and influential families in the city. His father has long been connected with banking circles here.

        The young man attended several Eastern colleges before completing his education in the University of Illinois.

        He had been a partner in the McKeen-Boyer company and had been associated with the McKeen National bank. In addition to his prominence in the business world he took an active part in the city’s social activities. He w as a member of the Elks, the Aero club, and the Delta Tau Delta fraternity

        Besides his parents, he is survived by the widow, Mrs. Aurie McKeen, two daughters, Aurie Meredith and Henrietta, and one brother, William R. McKeen. - Terre Haute Saturday Spectator - Nov 3 1934
      married Aurie Meredith Bernreuter born May 26, 1906 Jacksonville, Florida August 6, 1968, Pompano Beach, Florida Burial: Pompano Beach South Lawn Cemetery Pompano Beach Broward County Florida married 2nd -- Bacon daughter of David Walker Bernreuer and Aurie M. Hall.
        Aurie Meredith McKeen Birth: May 8, 1927 Terre Haute Vigo County Indiana Death: May 13, 1977 Broward County Florida Burial: Pompano Beach South Lawn Cemetery Pompano Beach Broward County Florida married Feb 1949 William Sanders Lake Sr. Birth: Aug 8 1923 - Brooke County, WV Death: June 18 1991 - Broward County, Pompano Bealch, FL aon of William Henry Lake, & Helen Alberta Sanders. Children:
          William Sanders Lake Jt
          Joseph Mckeen Lake

        Henrietta Delius McKeen Birth: Oct 10 1929 - Terre Haute, Vigo, Indiana married Robert Edward McClellan Sr Death: Jan 10 1991 - Pompano Beach, FL son of George Sterling Mcclellan, Md, Novice Ruth Collier
          Robert Edward McCellan II

    William Bond Strong Birth: Oct. 22, 1875 Indiana Death: Jan. 24, 1889 Burial: Highland Lawn Cemetery Terre Haute Vigo County Indiana

    Franceska Groverman Strong was born on November 7, 1877, in Indiana died on March 26, 1935, in Miami, Florida married April 11, 1901, in Vigo County, Indiana Grant Henry Fairbanks born February 18, 1877 Joplin, Missouri died December 27, 1945, Manhattan, New York, son of WIlliam Henry Fairbanks and Ella Peters

    Susan Meade Strong was born on February 5, 1879, in Terre Haute, Indiana. She died on November 7, 1963, Terre Haute, Indiana Burial: Highland Lawn Cemetery Terre Haute Vigo County Indiana married June 12, 1907, in Vigo County, Indiana. James Athenian Cooper Jr. on December 27, 1874, in New Harmony, Indiana died on November 12, 1931, in Terre Haute, Indiana Burial: Highland Lawn Cemetery Terre Haute Vigo County Indiana son of James Athenian Cooper Sr. and Emma Stweart
      James A Cooper, Jr., a prominent corporation attorney of Terre Haute, and member of the law firm of Cooper, Royse, Bogart and Gambill, was born in New Harmony, Posey county, Ind., on December 27, 1874. He is the son of James A. and Emma W.(Stewart) Cooper, the former of whom was born in Posey county, and the latter in Washington, D. C., her father having been a surgeon in the United States Army. The paternal g randparents of James, A. Cooper, Jr., were both members of the Robert Owen community experiment, which was conducted in Posey county in 1825. Mr. Cooper received his preliminary education in the public schools of Terre Haute, and was awarded degrees from DePauw University in 1895, Harvard University in 1897 and from Harvard Law School in 1900. In 1901, he began practicing law in Terre Haute, he having moved hither in 1888, and almost immediately won recogntion as a lawyer of exceptional ability. In 1904, he was elected prosecuting attorney of Vigo on the Republican ticket, and was re-elected in 1906. During the time in which he held this office he won considerable mention on account of his rigid prosecution of gambling cases and defaulting public officials. His achievements in the prosecution of such offenders brought about the movement which finally abolished gambling, and was one of the direct causes for the enactment of the depository law governing office holders. As a member of the well-known law firm mentioned above, Mr. Cooper is specializing in corporation law, and has built up a large and profitable practice. In 1907, he married Miss Susan Strong, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Strong, of Terre Haute, and to this union one son, David, has been born. Their children:
        David Meade Cooper Birth: January 23, 1914 Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana, United States Death: October 15, 1996 Hampton, Virginia married Almira Rose Stimmel

        Stewart Blake Cooper Birth: May 11, 1908 Vigo County Indiana Death: Mar. 6, 1914 Terre Haute Vigo County Indiana, Burial: Highland Lawn Cemetery Terre HauteVigo County Indiana

    Elizabeth Ann Blake Strong was born on October 27, 1880, in Terre Haute, Indiana. born October 27, 1880, Terre Haute, Indiana died on November 21, 1959, in Vigo County, Indiana Burial: Highland Lawn Cemetery Terre Haute Vigo County Indiana
      Illness is Fatal To Mrs. Crawford

      Mrs. ELizabeth B. Crawford, 79, widow of John Crawford, died at 8 o'clck Saturday night at the residence, 1521 South Center Street

      A member of St. Stephen Episcopla Church, she is survived by two daughters, Mrs. Alfred H. Caffee of Terre Huate and Mrs. RObert Hogue of Los Angles, Calif.; one son , Richard S. Crawford of Kirwood, Mo.; one sister, Mrs. James. A Cooper of Terre Haute; three grandchildren and four great grandchildren.

      The body was taken to the Frank M. Patrick J Ryan Funeral Home.
    married October 27, 1904, in Vigo County, Indiana. John List Crawford born on November 24, 1874, in Terre Haute Indiana died on January 9, 1921 Terre Haute, Indiana Burial: Highland Lawn Cemetery Terre Haute Vigo County Indiana son of Andrew Jefferson Crawford and Ann E. Ivenson
      Elizabeth Crawford Birth: Apr. 5, 1912 Vigo County Indiana Death: Aug. 15, 1982 Terre Haute Vigo County Indiana, Burial: Highland Lawn Cemetery Terre Haute Vigo County Indiana married Alfred Hofer Caffee Birth: 1893 Death: 1971 Burial: Highland Lawn Cemetery Terre Haute Vigo County Indiana

      Mary Crawford Birth: Dec. 9, 1914 Vigo County Indiana Death: May 15, 1978 Terre Haute Vigo County Indiana Burial: Highland Lawn Cemetery Terre Haute Vigo County Indiana married Robert Burton Houge Birth: Aug. 7, 1909 Death: Mar. 29, 1970 Burial: Highland Lawn Cemetery Terre Haute Vigo County Indiana

      Richard Strong Crawford born on May 12, 1907, in Terre Haute, Indiana, died in May 1968 married June 22, 1927, in Vigo County, Indiana Elizabeth Davis born on June 22, 1907, in Vigo County, Indiana died on July 22, 1950, in St Louis County, Missouri daughter of Gabriel Davis and Evelyn G Richardson They had:
        1 Susan Meade Crawford was born on December 25, 1932, in Terre Haute, Indiana, died on February 13, 1978, in Illinois, at the age of 45, and was buried in Columbia, Missouri She married Robert Howard Cone on June 18, 1955, in Vigo County, Indiana. born on May 13, 1933, in Los Angeles County, California died on December 23, 1957 son of Virgil Kingdon Cone

        2 Patrica Ann Crawford

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