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Lewis B. Martin  

Lewis B. Martin BIRTH 1841 DEATH 1902 BURIAL Highland Lawn Cemetery Terre Haute, Vigo County, Indiana PLOT Section 3

LEWIS BROWN MARTIN - The two most strongly marked characteristics of both the East and the West are combined in the residents of Indiana The enthusiastic enterprise which overleaps all obstacles and makes possible almost any undertaking in the comparatively new and vigorous Western states is here tempered by the stable and more careful policy that we have borrowed from our Eastern neighbors and the combination is one of peculiar force and power It has been the means of placing this section of the country on a par with the older East at the same time producing a reliability and certainty in business affairs which is frequently lacking in the West This happy combination of characteristics was possessed to a notable degree by the subject of this review Lewis Brown Martin late a well known citizen and successful business man of Terre Haute Equally noted as a citizen whose useful career conferred credit on his city and whose marked abilities and sterling qualities won for him high local repute he held distinctive precedence as one of the most enterprising and progressive men of his community Strong mental powers invincible courage and a determined purpose so entered into his composition as to render him an important factor in the business world and a leader of men He was essentially a man of affairs of sound judgment keen discernment and every institution to which he gave his services was indebted to him for much of the success which attended them

Lewis Brown Martin was born in Philadelphia Pennsylvania on June 26 1841 and was the son of James S and Charlotte These parents were both of English ancestry the father a native of Virginia and he was the last survivor but one a family of ten children The father was a manufacturing and hatter in Philadelphia where his death occurred many ago

T T he subject of this sketch attended the common completing his educational training in Newark Academy 1864 he came to Terre Haute Indiana at which time his Rev Thomas Mills Martin an eminent clergyman of great ability was rector of St Stephen's Protestant Episcopal church Lewis Martin first accepted a position in the Terre Haute postoflice under Postmaster J. O. Jones but subsequently he went to Mobile Alabama where for a time he was engaged in business with a brother

Returning to Terre Haute he accepted a clerkship in the insurance office of Wharton & Beach but was soon transferred to the Prairie City Bank of John S Beach as assistant cashier In 1869 on the establishment of the Terre Haute Savings Bank of which Thomas Dowling was the first president and John S Beach secretary and treasurer Mr Martin became connected with the new institution which occupied the Prairie City Bank building In 1882 Mr Martin was made cashier of the bank the duties of which responsible position he discharged with the utmost satisfaction to all concerned for twenty years In 1893 he succeeded Mr Beach as secretary and treasurer

Referring to his career in connection with the banks to one who knew him well said Mr Martin was qualified for his duties as a banker in an institution which received and protected the savings of the people Conscientious a fault exact conservative and kindly the important factor in business he saw the bank grow into a great financial with a million in money

The basic principle by which Mr Martin strove and conquered was loyalty when he recognized a duty the service gave him joy that was second only to the consciousness of work well done He was universally recognized as a splendid citizen a man of lofty character sturdy integrity and unswerving honesty and his record is one of tireless and unselfish devotion

Mr Martin's high character and innate ability were recognized outside his immediate home city or community On February 20 1894 Governor Matthews appointed him a member of the board of trustees of the State Normal School at Terre Haute and two years later he was re appointed to this position by Governor Mount He proved to be one of the most useful and eflicient members of the board and for a number of years he served as the secretary of the board His sound judgment keen discrimination and interest in educational matters made him especially competent for this position and he acquitted himself with honor to himself and to the advantage of the school Mr Martin enjoyed a personal friendship with Governor Matthews who appointed him as a member of his staff and ever afterwards he known as Colonel Martin

Fraternally Mr Martin was a Mason belonging to Haute Lodge No 19 and had attained to degrees of Knight Religiously he was a member of St Stephen's Episcopal church in the success of which he was ever deeply having been junior warden of the parish for twenty years or until 1902 treasurer of the Indiana diocese and a attendant at its conventions He was not only a regular on all the services of his church but his interest still farther for every rector found in him a warm supporter every phase of the church's activities for he gave liberally of his time and his money that the church's interests might conserved

His death which occurred on April 18 1902 regarded as a distinct loss to the community which had honored by his citizenship for in every position occupied by he was faithful to his trust and commanded universal and regard

On October 15 1877 Colonel Martin was united in marriage with Adeline P Fowler the daughter of Capt WH Fowler and to them were born two children Margaret E and Thomas Mills Martin The son a noble boy died on August 19 1900 at Baltimore where he was preparing to enter the Annapolis Naval Academy This bereavement was a terrible blow to Colonel Martin who was a devoted father and he never recovered from the shock

Mrs Martin traces her paternal ancestry to the days Madame Hancock wife of Governor John Hancock Massachusetts one of the signers of the Declaration of was her great great great great aunt Mrs WH Mrs Martin's mother is in many respects a most woman She is now living with her daughter at the family No 671 Eagle street and though past ninety three years her mind is perfectly clear Three years ago she fell and her hip which has made her an invalid but prior to that she had enjoyed splendid health for her years She possesses splendid recollection of the early days and is a most conversationalist her reminiscences being interesting and as throwing light on the early history of this section

Capt W H Fowler father of Mrs Martin was born in Baltimore Maryland and died in 1851 at the early age of thirtysix years He was a veteran of the Mexican war and had also served in the Florida war against the Indians He was sent to Fort Meyer Florida and afterwards died of fever He was a graduate of West Point Military Academy where two of his most intimate classmates were Gen Joseph Hooker a noted Northern general during the Civil war and Gen Braxton Bragg who was equally noted as an officer in the Confederate army Captain Fowler married Margaret Watson the daughter of Col SE Watson a veteran of the Mexican war and under whose command the United States marines raised the Stars and Stripes in the city of Mexico after its capture Soon after this event Colonel Watson was taken sick and died at Vera Cruz while being brought home - Memorial and Genealogical Record of Representative Citizens of Indiana Jacob Piatt Dunn B.F. Bowen, 1912

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