Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

1290 East Shore Drive  

Also had the address of 204 East Side road during the 1930's

Section 22 - ? acres
    Nesswagh-ee Reservation

Section 22
    Section 22 Lot 1 - 37.70A; 40
    Section: 22 Lot 2 - 45.45A
    Section 22 Lot 3 - 32.00A
    Section 22 Lot 4 - 35.70A

1872 Plat Map Section 22
    Lot 1 - 37.32 - G. Peeples
    Lot 2 - 45.45A S & J. W Rector
      Lot Two (2) heretofore sold and conveyed by one Lewis Rector and wife, Sarah A., and James E. Thomas, to Milo Smith and which subsequently became the property of one W. E. Leonard at the water line on the East Shore of Lake Maxinkuckee, and running thence on the meander line of said Lake Maxinkuckee

    Lot 3 32A - S. Rector
    S & J W Rector - 40A A Smith - 80A 3.90A - A W B
    .97? - D J
    159A - J. C. Miles a part in Sec. 23-
    A Bartholomew 35.70A

1876 Plat Map Section 22
    J C Miles - 158A

1880 Plat Map Section 22 Platted cottage lots
G. Peeples 35.5A Rector & Thomas 85A & 32A H. B. Scott 34.50A





1922 - Subdivided and no lot Nos.This appears to be possibly
    Lot 8 - W. B. Steele [Worth B. Steele]
      1907 - Jun 20 - Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Steele of Terre Haite are occupying the John Shoemaker cottage this season

      1908 - May 21 - W. B. Steele and family of Terre Haute are spending a few days at their cottage (recenty purchased of J. A. Shoemaker [John A. Schumacher]) making some improvements.

??1915??-1945 - Frank Robert Hale and Hattie Alice (wise) Hale
1930 - Gives address of of 204 East Side road The Sign of the Lantern ad that appeared on June 23, 193 Culver Citizen; and and on 25 July 1930 announced the opening date as July 1st.

1953-61 - Mrs. Frank (Hattie Alice) Hale
    1958 - listed as Hale (Rental) also had 1268 East Shore Dr. - Hale (Rental) and 1274 East Shore Dr. - Mrs. Hattie Alice Hale

    her obit states that "They returned to Culver in 1915 and she has resided here since. Her husband died in 1945."

1964 - House being moved From Frank Hale Site
    The roadside dweilling, located on the property known as the Frank Hale property, East Shore Drive was moved this week to a new location. It is being moved to a lot just west of the Maxinkuckee Church by Cleo Wynn. [16600 18B RD ]

    It is understood that extensive remodeling and additions will be built after the dwelling is placed on a new foundation.

    Note: In the report "Maxinkuckee Preservation" by Kurt West - it is described as: American Four Square c. 1925

1977-1978, 1980 - Susan Dunn (telephone Directory)

1984 - Jan 1986 - Randolph P. & Rae Wilson

Jan 1986 - 2020 Steck Julie T Steck & John M Thompson etal
    Listed in Lake directories as: 2004-2007 - Thompson/Steck Cottage

    #2 264.5' N NW COR L2 N210' RD ELY300

They also own acreage across the road -

[1301] - ? Jul 1998 - Robert D. Jr. Robinson, Jay Douglas Robinson, Jeanne Robinson McFall (non-lakefront)
Jul 1998 - 2019 - Julie Thompson Steck; Jane Thompson Stephns; John Merritt (non-lakefront)

was a part of the Rector property - History of this section:
    1880 - Rector & Thomas ?32A? Lake side & 85A east of road
    1898 - B. A. Rector [S. A. Rector] 22.40A
    1908 - M. F. Louden
      H Hunt

      Hotel, Sarah A. Rector 22.10A, Livery Barn
    1922 - M. F. Louden
      H Hunt
      Hotel, Sarah A. Rector 22.10A
      Dow Rector - Livery Barn

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