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Camp Maxinkuckee For Girls  

1954 - Jul 7 - Girls Camp and School Begins - First Season

    Camp Maxinkuckee, a summer school and camp for girls, opened itd first session June. 29.

    It is located on Long Point in what was at one time the Chadwick Hotel and more recently the Crissmond home.

    Jim Puett, formerly of Logansport is the director of the camp.

    The camp is conducted primarily for girls 14, 15 and 16 years of age.

    Courses of instruction are offered in arts, crafts, dramatics, dancing swimming and boating.

1955- Aug 17 - Camp Maxinkuckee For Girls to End Season

Camp Maxinkuckee, summer school for girls, will close its second season Saturday.

Forty-three girls have been in attendance from two to eight weeks with enrollement usually being around twenty

Nancy Nussbaum, 14 of Remingto, and Bunny Harris, 14 of Cincinnati, Ohio, Monday swan from the Camp Maxinkuckee pier on Lonf Point to the Town Park swimming pier.

Two girls earned advanced swimmer's certificates, six qualified as swimmers and six earned beginner's cards

1957 - Jul 10 - James Puett's Camp For Girls

James Puett is the Capable and successful director of Camp Maxinkuckee for Girls which opened its 4th season Sunday, June 30, on East Shore Drive near Maxinkuckee Landing.

The well qualified members of his staff are: Richard Bowman, assistant director; Rosemary Wealing and Judy Bahler, handicraft; Jane Pett and Karen Tyler, dramatics; Jackie Walaitis, swimming; and lectures on manners, Pat and Ann Barnes

Other activities are horseback riding, sailing, golf, and tennis

The summer camp is divided into two terms and the second term begins July 28 and ends Aug. 24.

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