Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

1380 East Shore Drive  

Section 22 - ? acres
    Nesswagh-ee Reservation

Section 22
    Section 22 Lot 1 - 37.70A; 40
    Section: 22 Lot 2 - 45.45A
    Section 22 Lot 3 - 32.00A
    Section 22 Lot 4 - 35.70A

ACTROIS, JU-BE 10/26/1836 Full Section, Indian Allotement

The following were issued but cancelled:
    GRIFFIN, LYMAN 9/2/1839 Patent 10951 SE¼SE¼ 22 JULIAN, NATHAN 9/2/1839 Patent 10956 SW¼ 22 SIGERSON, JAMES 9/2/1839 Patent 10955 NW¼ 22 SIGERSON, JAMES 9/2/1839 Patent 10957 NE¼ 22

Henry J Brown 1845 - Jul 1 - Patent 14572 SE¼ 2

John London 1845 - Jul 1 - Patent 14411 W½NE¼ & E½SW¼

1872 Plat Map Section 22
    Lot 1 - 37.32 - G. Peeples
    Lot 2 - 45.45A S & J. W Rector
      Lot Two (2) heretofore sold and conveyed by one Lewis Rector and wife, Sarah A., and James E. Thomas, to Milo Smith and which subsequently became the property of one W. E. Leonard at the water line on the East Shore of Lake Maxinkuckee, and running thence on the meander line of said Lake Maxinkuckee

    Lot 3 32A - S. Rector
    S & J W Rector - 40A A Smith - 80A 3.90A - A W B
    .97? - D J
    159A - J. C. Miles a part in Sec. 23-
    A Bartholomew 35.70A

1876 Plat Map Section 22
    J C Miles - 158A

1880 Plat Map Section 22 Platted cottage lots
G. Peeples 35.5A Rector & Thomas 85A & 32A H. B. Scott 34.50A

1880 - L. T. Van Shoiack [Louden T. Van Shoiak] 105.80

    The Van Schoiack Farmhouse is incorporated in the present Miller cottage. Part of the Van Schoiack farm was subdivided as “Sea Beach Place” around 1900.


1898 - W. C. Vagin [Willis C. Vajen] - Sea Beach Place Subdivision (1898)

1898 - Aug. 19 - Judge Capron has purchased a lot near Maxinkuckee landing, and lumber has been placed upon the grounds for a handsome cottage.

1898 Aug 26 - Judge Capron is busily engaged in directing the erection of buildings on his lot adjacent to the Maxenkuckee landing; The judge has a fine location, and when he erects his commodious cottage in the spring will have one of the finest pieces of property around the lake.

1899 - May 12 - Mr. Willis C. Vagen has sold lot No. 4, the corner lot in Sea Beach place, to John C. Capron, of Plymouth, who will construct a new cottage upon plans considered during the past winter.


1904 - Sep 8 - Mr. C. H. Carson of Muncie has purchased on the the Capron cottages and will spen his summers at the lake

1906 - Apr 26 - Central Trust Co. to Clarence H. Carson Lots 1 and 2 Sea Beach Place, Maxinkuckee. $400.
    Clarence H Carson BIRTH 1867 Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana DEATH 27 Mar 1939 Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana BURIAL Beech Grove Cemetery Muncie, Delaware County, Indiana PLOT Section 4 Lot 14- son of William J. Carson & Deborah J Conn He never married lived in Indianapolis and was an organist for St. Paul's Episcopal Church for 40 years.

1908 Sea Beach Place

1909 - Dec. 2 - J. C. Capron to Jennie Capron lot 4 and n 20 ft lot 5, Sea Beach Place, Maxinkuckee, $1

1912 - Dec 5 - C H Carson of Eliza Capron pt lots 4 and 2, Vajen's plat Sea Beach Sec. 22, Union $1


1925 - June 24 - Capron Cottage Narrowly Escapes Destruction by Fire
    Fire of the roof of the Capron cottage on the East Side was discorvered soon enough last Saturday to save the entire building from being destroyed.

    As it was, only the roof was damaged in a spot about ten feet wide and minor damge was done to the interior by water. The shingles were very dry and it the blaze had not been discorded whe it was, it is doubtful whether the building could have been saved not to mention the danger to the surrounding cottages.

    The Culver Fire Department made the run to the cottage but the fire had been extingusihed by a bucket brigade early in the game.

    It has been estimated that fifty dollars will cover the loss. It is thought that sparks from the chimney caused the fire.

1929 - Jun 5 - H. R. Lanning of Chicago has completed and is occupying his new residence of Maxinkuckee Landing. He purchased the Capron property

1942 - 18 Feb - Ruby L and Jay Crackel WD to Herbert A Lanning, Lot 4 traiangle tract in Vajin Plat 22-32-1

1942 - May 20 - Jay T. and Ruby Bell Crackell QCD to William H. Bales Trustee, 20 f. off N end Lot 5, portions of Lots 1,2,3,4 Sea Beach Place, Lake Maxinkuckee

1944 - May 3 For Sale or Rent
    Summer home, 300 East Side Road, Lake Maxinkuckee, Culver, Indiana.

    Nine rooms - finve bedroosm, two baths, tile shower, larfe glassed sun porch, three car garage, servants quarters and bath above.

    Laundry house with electric washer and mangle; e;ec. automatic hot water heater, electric refrigeratior, oiil heater, fireplace, 73 ft lake frontage, riparian rights; 60 ft pier, flowing artesian well in kitchen.

    House completely furnished, high class in every respect. Beautiful trees, shrubbery, well kept yard.

    Cost $30,000, will sell for $20,000 cash.

    Will rent this season, subjet to sale.

    Contact owner - H. R. Lanning, 5510 Sheridan Road. Chicago, Illlinois. Phone Longbeach 7845 between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. or Caretaker - Roscoe Stevens Culver, Indiana.

1945 - Aug 15 - Paul Cullom of F... whose cottage is next... burn's measured the....

1952-8 - - Paul C. Cullom
    1958 Lake Directory - Paul C. Cullom - 911 Eastwood Drive, Frankfort. lnd.

1960 - - J. Thomas Heckle Jr. / Clifton Griener

1979-Jun 1981 - - John W. & Violet L. Terpstra

Jun 1981 - 2010, Apr. Calumet National Bank As Trustee

2010, Apr - 2020 - Lake Country Trust Company as Trustee

Still presents as 3 seperate lots with the "triangle: 1908, 2017, 2019

SEA BEACH PL N59' LOT 1&2 EX S 40'

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