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Arthur Reyburn Baxter 

ARTHHR R. BAXTER, manufacturer, president and general manager of the Keyless Lock Company, and associated in many Indianapolis industries, was born at Indianapolis, Indiana, December 8,1876, son of Emory and Alary Alice (Jordan) Baxter.

He received his education in the public schools of Washington, When twenty-two years of age, Mr. Baxter became a partner m the Keyless Lock Company, then a small concern. He was made manager at that time, and under his supervision the company has continuously grown to a place of more than passing importance in the industrial life of Indianapolis. The chief product of the Keyless Lock Company in the early days of its formation was the manufacture of keyless lock boxes and fixtures for post-offices.

In addition to the keyless lock boxes and postoffice fixtures the company now manufactures steel furniture in large yolume for commercial and industrial offices as well as for post office purposes. In fact, during the last decade this branch of the company's business has become, in itself, an important industry.

Mr. Baxter is the principal owner of the Furnace Office Furniture Company, the Wilbur Johnson Company, distributors of Hupmobile automobiles in Indiana, and the Loco Light Company, manufacturing locomotive head lights. In 1920 he was elected State Senator from Marion County, his term to expire in January, 1925. For twenty years Mr. Baxter has been active in the civic and industrial affairs of Indianapolis. From 1912 to 1922, inclusive, he was a director in the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, he is a past president of the Indianapolis Trades Association, and is also a past president of the Associated Employers of Indianapolis.

Mr. Baxter has devoted many years of service to the Masonic orders of which he is a member. In 1912 he was elected a 33d degree Mason, during which year he was Master of Mystic Tie Lodge No. 398, F. and A. M., and in 1913 was a Most Wise and Perfect Master of Rose Croix, Scottish Rite Masonry. He is a member of the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce, the Indianapolis Athletic Club, the Columbia Club, the Highland Golf and Country Club, and the Rotary Club.

On February 18, 1901, Mr. Baxter married Miss Frances D. Doyle at Indianapolis.

They have three sons and a daughter- Emory R. Baxter, R. Norman Baxter, Frederick Baxter and Miss Marion Delight Baxter.

The family home is at 892 Middle Drive, Woodruff Place. pg 51 Indianapolis men of affairs, 1923; a volume in which appears a compilation of portraits and biographies of men of achievement of the great Indiana capital , 1923, Paul Donald Brown American Biographical Society

Arthur R. Baxter Dies at 81 at Indianapolis

Prominent Lake Summer Resident

(The Indianapolis Star)

Arthur Reyburn Baxter, a dominant figure in Indianapolis industrial and civic life for more than 50 years died Saturday.
,br> He was 81 years old and had been in poor health for some time

Death occured in the family home at 5110 North Meridain Street.

(Editor's note: FOr nearly 40 years Mr. Baxter was one of the most prominent and substantial members of the Lake Maxinkuckee summer colony, residing at 1470 East Shore Driver. Members of the Baxter family own and occupy the thee adjoining summer homes and through the years have been active in the social live of the summer months particularly in the Maxinkuckee Country Club and the Macinkuckee Yachet Club. Mr. Baxter was an early president of the Maxinkuckee Country Club and at one time was the leader in the movement to underwrite its ailing finances, according to Col Walker W. Winslow.)

Mr. Baxcter was born in Indianapolis, Dec. 8, 1876 and his lifetime covered the period oc the city's greatest grogress. It was progress achieved with the constant help of Mr. Baxter.

He was graduated from high school in Washington and entered business as a sales representative for the Keyless Lock Company of Indianapolis and represented the company in New York City and Baltimore

In 1895 he returned to Indianapolis and at the age of 22, became a partner and manager of the company. In 1927 he bought it.

He maintained active control of the business unteil 1942 when the retired. But while he retired from business, he did not retire from an active intrest in the affairs of Indianapolis

A 33rd Degree Mason

A 33d degree Scottish Rite Mason, he and Mrs Baxter presented the Scottish Rite Cathedral with its "singing bells", one of the largest and finest carillons in the world

Mr. Baxter was prominent in raising funds for the James Whitcomb Rilery Hospital for Chirldren and was long affiliated with the work of the James Whitcomb RIley Memoiral Association

He headed the Rotary Club for the erection of a convalescent winf of the hospital, serving asl as chairman of the finance committee of the memorial assoication.

Boy Scout Leader

Mr. Baxter's interst in children and yyouth further was demonstrated in his work for the boy scouts. He was president of the Indiana Central Boy Scouts Council of 1940 and was a member of the YMCA and the Red Cross

Served As State Senator

He carred his love for his city into politcal fields, being lected a State Senator in 1920 and serving in the 1921 and 123 sessions, where he was a leader in supporting legisltation to improvve the city and state

A member of the Central Avenue Methoudist Church, Mr. Baxter gave much time to religious affairs and served as a member of its board

Meanwhile he maintained a constant interst in buisness and its development for the benefit of Indianapolis. He was a director of the Indianapolis Chamber of Commerice from 1912 to 1922 and again from 1935 to 1937.

He served four years as president of the State Library and Historical Building Commision beginning in 1930.

He was chairman of the Community Fund in 1933 and 1936 and in 1942 was president of the United War and COmmunity Fund.

Mr. Baxter likewise found time to serve as a director of the Untied Trust Company and to be a member of the Postwwar Plannign Commission.

He PLayed a prominent role in Masonry as both a Knight Templar and a Scottish Rite member. He was past master of Mystic Tie Masonic Lodge and of the Rose Croix chapter of the Scottish Rite

He was a member of the Columbia Club, Rotary Club., Meridian Hills Country Club, and Indianapolis Athletic Club.

Golfing Enthusiast

His favorite recreation was golf

On Feb. 18, 1901, Mr. Baxter married Frances D. DOyle a native of Grant county. She survives him.

Other survivors are three sons EMory R. Baxter and R. Norman Baxter of Indianapolis and Frederic L Baxter of Leesburg, Va.; a daughter, Mrs. Delight Baxter Bailey of RIverside, Calif.; a sister, Mrs. George D. Thornton of Indianapolis, and 18 grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Citizen 18 Dec 1957

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