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Edward Thomas Hazledine  

Buys Motor Boat for Lake—

    Edward T. Hazledine bought the Outing motor boat owned by Charles Temple for $225, a boat that originally cost Dr. Belden $550, and took it last week to Lake Maxinkuckee for the use of his family who spend the summer there. Mr. Hazledine when a lad in England loved water sports. He has a cup and many medals won as prizesin races on the river Avon and Severn. His daughters, Miss M argaret, celloist, and Miss lone, violinist, are much sought to play for entertainments at the Culver academv - Terre Haute Saturday Spectator September 2, 1911

Two Realty Deals Closed in Jig Time—
    THE T. F. GROVER home, 1120 South Fifth, has been purchased by Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Hazledine, The Hazledine home, 1019 South Center, has been sold to Michael Meyers, a scrap metal dealer, who now lives on Poplar street.

    The Grover home brought a little over $8,000. The consideration for the Hazledine home was between $6,000 and $7,000. Both sales were on a cash basis.

    The Hazledines expect to be in th e ir new home about the middle of September, which will give the Grovers time to find a house in South Bend.

    It required only a few minutes to close a deal for the Grover property. Mrs. Hazledine read in The Spectator that it was for sale. Without even waiting to finish reading the paper, Mrs. Hazledine called on Mrs. Grover. She found that John S. Ahlgren of the Buettner-Shelburne Company, and Phil Kleeman, representing a relative, had been looking a t the property.

    An offer subject to immediate acceptance was made and within a few hours after The Spectator came to the Hazledine home, negotiations had been closed for the Grover residence. Mr. Hazledine, who was consulted on the phone, did not go through the house until after an agreement of purchase had been made.

    “My wife knows more about houses than I do,” said Mr. Hazledine, “so the re would be nothing gained by me looking at residence property.” The Grover home was built by Mr. and Mrs, Scott C. Hanna. - Terre Haute Saturday Spectator September 1, 1917

Court Ruling Unmakes Long-Time Citizens
    A Supreme Court decision relative to the niaturalization of foreign-bom citizens has placed three of Terre Haute’s residents in a awkward situation. Legally, at least they are probably to be classed as being without a country, for they years ago renounced allegiance to the land of thair birth, and now under a decision of the highest legal tribunal in America , they are declared to not eo be citizens of the United States.

    These men are William and R. L. Alder and Edward T. Hazledine, all of whom have baen for many years numbered among Terre Haute’s most worthy and prominent citizens. Their present embarrasing situation comes through their failery to take out what are known as "second papers" - Terre Haute Saturday Spectator February 2, 1918

As soon as January snows make living in Indiana an unpleasant affair, the Edward T. Hazeldines plan to leave for St. Petersburg, Fla., their second home.

In fact there are as many members of their family living in that southern state as there are in Terre Haute.

The son, Kenneth, is a freshman at the University of Florida at Gainesville. He is studying to be an architect. He spent the Christmas holidays in St. Petersburg with his brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Walmsley (Margaret Hazeldine) who have recently built an attractive home on the Big Bayou of Tampa Bay.

Kenneth’s aunt, Miss Jennie Darnell, Mrs. Hazeldine’s sister, has made St. Petersburg her permanent home for years.

The Hazeldine’s daughter, lone, Mrs. Jack Thornton, and her husband and son, Jack, formerly of this city, are now living in Hollywood, 1021 North Mariposa.Terre Haute Saturday Spectator Saturday, December 31, 1927,

The E. T. Hazledines, who have been spending the winter with their son-in-law and daughter, the E. T. Walmsleys, in St. Petersburg, Fla., will arrive home next week Wednesday, April 7.

The date is an especially significant one, inasmuch as it marks the golden wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Hazledine, and the week-end following will witness a family reunion and celebration in honor of the Hazledine’s fiftieth wedding anniversary.

Jack Thornton Jr. drove up to Chicago last week-end to bring back his mother, lone Hazledine Thornton and his little sister, Taddy. lone has been tremendously busy. all this week, opening up the Hazledine home and gètting things in spic and span order for her parents' homecoming.

Ione's husband, Jack Thornton Sr., who is now on an extended business trip in the South, will join his family here for the family, reunion asf will the Hazledines other son-rin-law and daughter, Fred and Emma-Thornton. Then there will be Kenny and Jane Hazledine, of course and the family, circle will be complete with the exertion of the Walmsleys who were unable to come up from St. Petersburg at this time. The occasion will be an especially joyous one, with Mother and Dad back from a long vacation in far-away Florida, celebrating their golden wed- ing anniversary. Mr. Hazledine is also celebrating an anniversary of another kind—his fiftieth year in business, as it was in May, 1887, that he established his own business. Fred Thornton, who was crucially ill a year ago, is now in excellent health, and Emma, who has been ill during the winter, is improved. During the long period of Fred’s illness they stored their furniture, but now have their furniture out of storage and are living in an apartment at 1337 Fargo in Chicago. lone and her husband and daughter have an apartment in the same building. - Terre Haute Saturday Spectator April 3, 1937

Name: Edward Thomas Hazledine
Birth: 3 Dec 1859 - Coalbrookdale, Co. Shropshire, England
Death: 19 Aug 1941 - Terre Haute, Vigo, Indiana
Burial: Highland Lawn Cemetery Terre Haute Vigo County Indiana,
Parents: William Lewis Hazledine, Margaretta Webb

He immigrated to America in 1881

Edward T. Hazledine
    The entire community was shocked and deeply grieved by the sudden death of Edward T. Hazledine, retired president of the E. T. Hazledine Machine company, and a most prominent citizen of Terre Haute. Mr. Hazledine died Tuesday morning at 11 o’clock at his residence, 1120 South Fifth, following a heart attack.

    Although he had retired from active business in April, turning over the management to his son Kenneth, Mr. Hazledine had been in apparent good health and Monday had visited the office and that evening worked in his rose garden.

    Born eighty-one years ago in Coal brookdale, England, Mr. Hazledine came to this country and directly to Terre Haute when he was twenty years of age.

    In April 1887 he was married to Miss Gertrude Darnell of Terre Haute and in May of the same year established his machine and blacksmith shop on the site of 231 South First, where it has continued to be operated.

    Mr. Hazledine was a man of varied hobbies. Earty in life he became a pigeon fancier and officiated as judge at many national shows. He was also interested in motorboats of various types. He was well known in local bowling circles, but tennis was the major recreation during his life time and he continued to play until April of this year. Despite his age he played a good game and could win over many of the young players. He helped to organize the local tennis club as well as the one at St. Petersburg, Fla., and in the latter organization served as president for three years.

    During the past few years he had beeu conducting a research of the early iron and steel works and in addition was an ardent student of Shakespeare. He also greatly enjoyed gardening.

    Surviving are the widow, Gertrude; the son, Kenneth; three daughters, Mrs. Margaret Jean Waimsley, Mrs. Emma Roland Thornton of Terre Haute and Mrs. lone Cosette Thornton of Chicago; one sister, Mrs. Polly Roberts, and a brother William, both of England, and three grandchildren.

    Private funeral services were held Thursday morning at the P. J. Ryan & Sons Funeral Home. One of Mr. Hazledine’s favorite passages from Shakespeare, a selection from “The Tempest”, was read at the services by Mrs. Coen Luckett.

    Following the funeral the body was taken to Indianapolis for cremation, the ashes to be returned and scattered over his beloved rose garden. - Terre Haute Saturday Spectator August 23, 1941

Marriage: 7 Apr 1887 - Terre Haute, Vigo, Indiana
Spouse: Gertrude Wyoming Darnell
Birth 4 AUG 1867 Freedom Owen county , Indiana
Death 14 FEB 1961 Terre Haute, Vigo, Indiana,
daughter of Isaac Armon Mark Darnell and Emeline (Emma) Jones Rowland

Her sister Jeannette D. "Jeannie" b. Apr. 1862 d. 1948 Burial: Highland Lawn Cemetery Terre Haute Vigo County Indiana; owned one of the Hazledine cottages Mrs. E. T. Hazeldine Succumbs at Age 93
    Mrs. Gertrude D. Hazledine, 93 years old, died at 7:55 o'clock last night at the home of a daughter, Mrs. lone Thornton of R. R. 3, Terre Haute.

    A native of Freedom, Ind., Mrs. Hazledine had been a resident of this community since 1886. She was the widow of E. T. Hazledine, founder of the E. T. Hazledine Company.

    Mrs. Hazledine was a charter member of the Woman's Department Club and a patroness of Sigma Alpha Iota.

    Surviving are two other daughters, Mrs. Margaret Walmsley of St. Petersburg, Fla., and Mrs. Emma Thornton of Terre Haute, and a son, Kenneth E. Hazledine, six grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

    The body was taken to the Martin Tearman Funeral Home and will be taken to the crematory in Indianapolis Thursday morning.

    There will be no services and no visitors. - Terre Haute Star February 15, 1961

    MRS. GERTRUDE D. HAZLEDINE - The body of Mrs. Gertrude D. Hazledine, 93 years old, of R. R. 3. who died Tuesday, will be taken to Indianapolis this morning for cremation.

    She was the widow of E. T. Hazledine, founder of the E. T. Hazledine Company.

    The body was taken to the Martin Tearman Funeral Home. - Terre Haute Star February 16, 1961

MRS E. T . HAZLEDINE Mrs. Gertrude D. Hazledine, widow of E. T. Hazledine, founder of the E. T. Hazledine company, died at 7:55 o’clock Tuesday evening at the home of her daughter , Mrs. loneThornton, R.R. 3. She was 93 years old.

A native of Freedom, Ind., Mrs. Hazledine had been a resident of the community since 1866. She was a charter member of the Woman’s Depar tment club and active in its affairs until recent years. She was also a patroness of Sigma Alpha Iota, musical f raterni ty for women.

Surviving are two other daughters, Mrs. Margaret Walmsley of St. Petersburg, Fla., and Mrs. Emma Thornton of Terre Haute and a son, Kenneth E. Hazledine, six grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.

The body was taken to the Martin Tearman Funeral Home from where it was removed to Indianapolis on Thursday morning for cremation.

No services were held.- Terre Haute Saturday Spectator February 18, 1961

Margaret Jean (Margie) Hazledine
Birth 28 JUN 1888 Terre Haute, Vigo Co., Indiana
Death 27 DEC 1988 Terre Haute, Vigo Co., Indiana
Burial: Highland Lawn Cemetery Terre Haute Vigo County Indiana
married 2 NOV 1912
Frank Walmsley
Birth 14 JAN 1880 Hamilton, Ohio
Death 1951 or 1963
    • Terre Haute Musician Weds— Miss Margaret Hazledine, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Hazledine, 1019 South Center street, will be married today to Frank Walmslev of Indianapolis. It will be a quiet affair.

    Miss Hazeldine is a very talented musician. is a very talented musician playing several instruments, but exceling as a celloist. She ha s had the best musical advantages of the country and has appeared in concerts in the east as well as the west, receiving the highest commendation from the critics. - Terre Haute Saturday Spectator September 26, 1912

    • Mr. and Mrs. Frank Walmsley are now making their home in St. Petersburg, Fla., at 6201 Sixth street, South. Mrs. Walmsley, who is the daughter of Mrs. E. T. Hazledine - Terre Haute Saturday Spectator Wednesday, December 3, 1919

Emeline (Emma) Rowland Hazledine
Birth: 2 Nov 1891 - Terre Haute Vigo County Indiana
Death: 5 Jul 1982 - Terre Haute Vigo County Indiana
Burial: Highland Lawn Cemetery Terre Haute Vigo County Indiana
married 12 Jun 1918 Terre Haute, Vigo Co., Indiana
Fred William Thornton
Birth 10 OCT 1889 Ashmore, Coles Co., Illinois
Death 5 MAR 1966 Terre Haute, Vigo Co., Indiana
Burial: Highland Lawn Cemetery Terre Haute Vigo County Indiana
son of John T Thornton and Adelea Childress
    Wedding Announced for Next Week— Miss Emma Hazledine, second daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. T. Hazle dine, will be marri next week to Fred W. Thornton.

    It will be a quiet day wedding at the home on South Fifth. Miss Jennie Daraell, an aunt, will arrive tomorrow from St. Petersburg to be present at the wedding.

    The groom to be is secretary and general manager of the Charles W. Bauermeister Company, wholesale grocers.

    Miss Hazledine’s sister, Mrst John Thornton, will not come for the wedding. She is with her husband who iswith his company at Newport News and may be ordered to France any day. - Terre Haute Saturday Spectator June 1, 1918

Ione Cosette (Tad, Taddy) Hazledine Thornton
Birth: Jul. 1, 1894 - Terre Haute Vigo County Indiana
Death: Apr. 3, 1968 - Terre Haute Vigo County Indiana
Burial: Highland Lawn Cemetery Terre Haute Vigo County Indiana
married 1 Feb 1917 Terre Haute, Vigo, Indiana
John Carleton (Jack) Thornton Sr.
Birth 4 AUG 1891 Illinois
Death APR 1969 Terre Haute, Vigo Co., Indiana
son of John T Thornton and Adelea Childress

Kenneth Edward Darnell (Kenny) Hazledine
Birth 18 DEC 1908 Terre Haute, Vigo Co., Indiana
Death 1 DEC 1993 Grand Canyon, Coconino Co., Arizona
Jane Elizabeth Cunningham
Birth 7 FEB 1915 Terre Haute, Vigo Co., Indiana
Death 12 AUG 2002 Grand Lake, Grand Co., Colorado
Burial: Highland Lawn Cemetery Terre Haute Vigo County Indiana
daughter of Arthur Cunningham & Bess ---
    Hazledine-Cunningham - PERSONAL, written invitationshave been issued by Jane Cunningham to her wedding to Kenneth Hazledine which is to take place Saturday morning, July 27, at 11 o’clock at the home o f her parents, the Arthur Cunninghams of South Center.

    The wedding will be private with only the families and close friends in attendance.

    The many friends of the yoiing couple have been anxiously awaiting the announcement of the date of the wedding for when they became engaged in the spring it was stated that the ceremony would take place some time this summer - Terre Haute Saturday Spectator July 13, 1935

Name Edward T Hazledine
Gender Male
Residence Year 1929
Street Address 20 S 5th
Residence Place Terre Haute; West Terre Haute; Taylorville, Indiana, USA
Occupation President
Publication Title Terre Haute, Indiana, City Directory, 1929

Maxinkuckee Snipets Culver Citzen:
    1 September 1904 Mr. E. T. Hazeldine and daughters Emma and Ionia returned to Terre Haute

    14 Jun 1918 - E. T, Hazeldine was at Weekweetonsing for the week end. Mrs. Hazledine's sister, Miss Jennie Darnell of St. Perersburg, Fl. will spind the rest of the summer with her.

When the city of Terre Haute, desiring to create a new municipal cemetery, purchased 139 acres east of town ... Highland Lawn Cemetery is Indiana’s second largest burial ground... The Bedford limestone Romanesque Revival Bell Tower — built in 1894 and renovated in 1990 — and the attached gateway arch were conceived by Paul S. Leitz of Chicago. Edward T. Hazeldine of Terre Haute installed the wrought-iron gates...

1920 United States Federal Census
Name Edward T Hazledine
Age 59
Birth Year abt 1861
Birthplace England
Home in 1920 Terre Haute Ward 1, Vigo, Indiana
Street South Fifth Street
House Number 1120
Race White
Gender Male
Immigration Year 1879
Relation to Head of House Head
Marital Status Married
Spouse's Name Gertrude Hazledine
Father's Birthplace England
Mother's Birthplace England
Native Tongue English
Able to Speak English Yes
Occupation Engine Smith
Industry Structural Bond
Employment Field Wage or Salary
Home Free or Mortgaged Free
Naturalization Status Naturalized
Household Members Name Age
Edward T Hazledine 59
Gertrude Hazledine 52
Kenneth Hazledine 11
Eva Zeigler 45

1940 United States Federal Census
Name Edward J Hazledine
Age 80
Estimated Birth Year abt 1860
Gender Male
Race White
Birthplace England
Marital Status Married
Relation to Head of House Head
Home in 1940 Terre Haute, Vigo, Indiana
Street South Ave South Fifthe
House Number 1120
Inferred Residence in 1935 Terre Haute, Vigo, Indiana
Residence in 1935 Same Place
Citizenship Naturalized
Sheet Number 61A
Occupation Blacksmith
Attended School or College No
Class of Worker Employer
Weeks Worked in 1939 0
Income 4000
Income Other Sources No
Household Members Name Age
Edward J Hazledine 80
Gertrude Hazledine 73

    “It was probably preordained that I would pursue a career in some form of metalworking,” says Ted Hazledine, president of Benchmark Fabricated Steel.

    “My namesake grandfather emigrated to the U.S. in 1880 after serving an apprenticeship as a blacksmith in the forges and furnaces of the Severn River Valley of Shropshire County in West Central England. This area is regarded as one of the birthplaces of the Industrial Revolution and Coalbrookdale, my grandfather’s hometown, is the site of the first cast iron bridge in the world (now simply called the Iron Bridge), constructed in 1779. There is some evidence that my ancestors worked in the Darby Ironworks that built the bridge.”

    Edward T. Hazledine went on to found his own metal shop, the E.T. Hazledine Company in Terre Haute, Ind., in 1887. By the time Ted’s father, Kenneth, was born in 1908, the company had acquired several pieces of machinery, as well as the forges and trip hammers of the blacksmith trade.

    After his grandfather died in 1941, his father assumed ownership of the business...

E. T. Hazeldine - Oil and Gas Well Work, Architectural Iron and Machine Work,

Corner First and Poplar Streets.

The use of iron for building purposes is annually becoming more important, and this branch of trade is well represented in this ciy by E. T. Hazledine, who established his enterprise in 1887, and has since built up a trade for his products, which extends throughout a large part of Indiana and Illinois, and is annually increasing in volume. The works are embraced in the ground flor of the building located as above indicated, and are equipped with all necessay machinery, operated by a 6-horse power engine, employement being given to a number of skilled mechanics, all of whose operations are conoducted under the personal supervision of the proprietor, who is a practical and expert iron worker. The products of the house consiste of all kinds of architectural iron work, castings, balconies, iron fencing, and blacksmithing and jobbing of all kinds. Specialties are made in oil and gess well work, repairing machinery, etcl., and in the manufacture of Hawkin's patent Nail Puller, the latter being a very simple and useful device for withdrawing aniles from boxes, cases, etc. without marring the cases or endangering the breaking og contents. Those contemplating building contracts or requiring fencing, railings, or other iron work, should not over look the fact that Mr. Hazledin is prepared with all facilities for suppying everything in this line, and in conclusion, we can assure our readers that relations entered into with this house are sure to prove pleasant and satisfactory. - pg. 90 The Industrial Advantages of Terre Haute, Ind, Together with an Account of Her Material Development and Progress, and a Series of Comprehensive Sketches of Her Representative Business Enterprises. Terre Haute: Jas. McKinney, Publisher, 1890.

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