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Magdalena (Dietrich) Maus  

Indianapolis City Directory, 1889. Indianapolis, IN: R.L. Polk and Co., 1889 & 1890

Name: Magdalene Maus (widow Casper)
City: Indianapolis
State: IN
Year: 1889 & 1890
Location 2: 296 W New York

Name: Brewery Maus
Location 1: northwest corner New York and Agnes
City: Indianapolis
State: IN
Year: 1889

Name: Mary A Maus (widow Albert)
City: Indianapolis
State: IN
Year: 1889
Location 2: 19 Agnes

Name: Mathias A Maus
City: Indianapolis
State: IN
Year: 1889
Location 2: b 20 Agnes

Name: Mary A Maus (widow Albert)
City: Indianapolis
State: IN
Year: 1890
Location 2: 434 W New York

The Casper Maus brewery was located at the corner of West New York St & Agnes (now University Boulevard) and was torn down in 1958 to make a parking lot.

It's known that they made " C. Maus's Bock Beer". Joseph Maus was listed as the brewer in 1870.

The first artificial ice plant in Indianapolis was installed at the Maus Brewery in 1881.

It is possible C. Maus beer was bottled by C. Habich & Co. Before ?1870? it was normal to have another firm bottle the beer that was delivered in casks with tax stamps applied at the brewery.

Maus died in 1876 and the family still owned the brewery when it was sold to the merger. The plant continued brewing under the merger with Indianapolis Brewing Company; until it was converted into a distillery in early 1900.

Casper Maus was born in Ebebach, near the city of Metc, in Lorraine, France, and his wife was born near the city of Kohlmer, in the adjoining procinve of Alsace.

He came to Amewrica in 1835, and his wife came with her parents about two years later, their marriage having been solemnized in the city of Cincinnati.

Capser Maus was a miller by trade, and the family name has been identified with this important line of infustry for many centuries. Athuthenitc data determine that an ancestor in the direct line erected a mill at Eberbach, Lorraine France in the year 1550, and the property remained in possession of the family until its representatives left their native land to come to America.

Jacob Maus, father of Casper was a gallant soldier under the great Napoleon and was wounded in the battle of Eckmuhl, from the effects of which injury he died, in the early '20s. His wife later joined her son Casper in America and she passed the closing years of her life in Indiana.

Casper Maus merits recognition as having been one of the sterling pioneers of Dearborn county Indiana and he had the distinction of there erecting, in 1842, the first steam grist-mill in the eastern part of the state. He was a man of inflexible integrity and honor in all the relations of life and ever evinced the utmost loyalty to the land of his adoption.

In 1863 he rendered effective service as enrolling officer for the drafting of soldiers for service in the Union armies, and in the same year his mill was destoryed by fire. it is practically an historical certainty that the propeerty was burned by the organization which was known as the Knights of the Golden Circle and which was in sympathy with the Confederte casue, or at least, radically opposed to drafting men for the Union Service.

In 1864 Casper Maus removed with his family to Indianapolis, where he continued to reside until his death, in 1876, at the age of sixty years.

His wife survived him by many years and was eight-two years of age at the time of her death, which occured in 1900.

Casper Maus erected in Indianapolis the Maus Brewer, and the same was operated by him until his death, after which the buisness was continued by members of the family until 1889, when the property and business were sold

Since that time the family name has not been identified with that line of industry.

Casper Maus was a man of much business acumen and of indefatifable energy, and he attained to a large measure of success through his own well directed efforts after comins as a stranger to a strange land. He was generous and hospitable, tolerant and kindly in his relations with his fellow men, and he left the heritage of a good name.

His wife came with her father, Jacob Deitrich, to America about the year 1837 and the family established their home in Cincinnati, Ohio, where she continued to reside until her marriage. ...

Greater Indianapolis : the history, the industries, the institutions, and the people of a city of homes Chicago: Lewis Pub. Co., 1910, Dunn, Jacob Piatt pg. 697-8

Another biographical sketch:
    Casper Maus

    Mr. Maus is a native of Sunny France, born in the department of Mosel on the 11th day of Feburary, 1816.

    In 1837 he bid adieu to his natice land and saile for the United States and landed in New Orleans, where he remained two years.

    In 1839 he went to Cincinnati and engaged in milling and the manffacture of flour.

    In 1842 he married to Miss Magdalina M. Beitrich, who was also a native of France born near Strasuburg.

    In 1846 he came to Indiana and settled at New Alsace, Dearborn county, and built a flouring and saw-ill, and for seventeen years successfully carried on the mulling buisness. During the war of the Rebellion he was commissioned an enrolling officer; this postiion rendered him obnoxious to persons opposing the war, and his mills and stables were fired by incendiaries and together with their whole contents were destroyed. It was said at the time that an organization known as the Sons of Liberty, or Knights of the Golden circle, instigated the crime, which was confirmed seven years afterwards by the death bed conffessuon of one of the parties. At that time it was very difficult to get insurance, especially on that class of property, hence he had to bear the entire loss, which amounted in appregate to eight thousand dollars.

    In 1864, with his family he came to Indianapoilis.

    In 1870 he built the brewery on the corner of New York and Agness streets, and was successfully carrying on the breweing buisness at the time of his death, which occured on the 26th of January, 1876, after a lingering and painful illness of several months.

    Mr. Maus left a family consisting of a wife and seven children, five sons and two daughters Albert, JOseph H., Fank A., Mathias A., Casper J., Madalena M. and Josphine M.; Martin B. and Louisa A. being dead.

    The business in which he was engaged at the time of his death is carred on by his sons for the benefit of the family, in like manner as when he was alive.

    During Mr. Maus' eleven years residence in Indianapolis he mad many warm and valued friends, who will long remember his kind generous disposition, his polite and gentlemanly bearing, so peculiar to the native frenchman.

    Whe he left his native home he thought he was coming to the "land of the free and the home of the brave", but his espereince in Dearborn county was a severe lesson to the contrary, but it is to be hoped that such a state of things will never again occur in out governement.

    Since the above was written Joseph H;., died in September, 1876 - pg. 338-9; Sketches of prominent citizens of 1876 : with a few of the pioneers of the city and county who have passed away, y Nowland, John H. B, 1877, Indianapolis : Tilford & Carlon, printers

Casper Maus and Magdalena Dietrich children:
Frank M. Fauver was born in the town of New Alsace, Dearborn county, Indiana on the 24th of January, 1851. Frank Maus Fauvre, was married to Lillian Schnull of the Vonnegut and Lieber families.

Frank studied law before joining the family brewery business.

After the brewery was sold, Frank became an investor with numerous interests (including the Indianapolis Brewing Co., the Broad Ripple Natural Gas Co., and an interurban running from Indianapolis to Greenfield.)

The Maus family name was legally changed to Maus Fauvre (another family name) 1911, due to a combination of anti-German sentiment at the time and the fact that Maus is pronounced and means mouse in German.

Indiana, Wills and Probate Records, 1798-1999
Name: Casper Maus
Probate Date: 29 Jul 1875
Probate Place: Marion, Indiana, USA
Inferred Death Year: Abt 1875
Inferred Death Place: Indiana, USA
Item Description: Wills, 1865-1876

Name: Caspar Maus
Death Date: 16 Jan 1876
Cemetery: Holy Cross and Saint Joseph Cemetery
Burial or Cremation Place: Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana

Children of Casper and Magdalena Dietrich born Jul 1819 France

C. Albert Maus born 1843 Indiana Marriage: 5 Feb 1884 - Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana Mary Or M. Anna Counselman Or Councilman

Frank Maus Fauver was born in the town of New Alsace, Dearborn county, Indiana on the 24th of January, 1851..

Joseph Maus born circa 1848 - Indiana

1 sons unknown

Casper Maus

Mathias A. Maus born 1854 - Indiana

1 daugher unknown

Magdaleine Maus born born May 1855; un married 1900 census

Josepheine Maus Apr 1857 - Indiana Death 1927 - Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana; married 11 May 1887 - Marion county Indiana Joseph Charles Schaff (Shaf, Schauf) Birth 14 JAN 1859 Franklin County, Indiana Death: 1934 - Marion county , Indiana son of Peter Nickolaus Schaf, Catharine Schol l

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