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Michael F Deery, M.D.  

1968 - March 7 – The Lake Shore Clinic announces that Dr. Michael Deery will join the staff in April 7th…

Undergraduate: Marian College, Indianapolis - 1962

Medical Education: Indiana University School of Medicine, 1965

Residency: Marion County General Hospital

Board Certification: Family Medicine / Geriatrics

Medical Interests: Encouraging patients to take control of their well-being in every aspect

School of Medicine 2003-2005 & 2005-2007 Academic Bulletin - Faculty and Personnel - Deery, Michael F., M.D. (Indiana University, 1965), Volunteer Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine

2011 - joined Saint Joseph Physician Network

South Bend Tribune
Friday, January 26, 2007

Catch the spirit
Dr. Michael Deery earns annual award from medical center

Michael Deery will receive the Catch the Spirit Award, presented annually by the Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center, Plymouth, for service to the community. Tribune Photo IDA CHIPMAN
Tribune Correspondent

Culver -- Dr. Michael Deery is a little embarrassed to be named the No. 1 reason (of the Top Ten) "to celebrate the Marshall County Health Center."...
Named the recipient of the 10th annual Catch the Spirit award by the Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center, Plymouth, Deery will be honored at the dinner-dance gala on April 20 at Swan Lake Resort...

Deery, 66, was born in Indianapolis and graduated from Scecina High School in 1958. He went to Marian College in a pre-med program, graduating from there in 1962, and from Indiana University Medical Center, Indianapolis, in 1965.

He and his wife, Judy, a Marian College nursing student, were married in 1961.

They have six children and 11 grandchildren.

After a one-year internship at Marion County (now Wishard) General Hospital in Indianapolis, Michael was commissioned as a Navy lieutenant commander in the United States Public Health Service. As a mission officer, he served two years on Indian reservations in Minnesota and North Dakota.

He and Judy lived on the reservation. In North Dakota alone, he had 10,000 potential patients...

After he finished his two-year obligation, he started looking around for a place to settle. "My family was in Indianapolis, but I wasn't interested in starting a practice there," he said.

In fact, he only looked at towns that had a lake.

"I'd been to Culver once as a young boy. I remembered riding the tour boat and seeing the academy."

Dr. Joe Howard was looking for a partner in his medical practice in Culver and in 1968, the Deerys came to town.

"He left after six months," Michael said. "I thought he wanted a partner. Guess not!"

On the reservations, he had done some surgeries, such as gall bladders, D&C's and appendectomies. When he started practice in Culver , he considered continuing minor procedures such as tonsillectomies and discussed it with a local surgeon.

"There are no minor surgeries," the fellow physician said. "Only minor doctors."

That ended that discussion.

Michael worked solo for eight years before Dr. Warren Reiss joined him. In 1976, they started treating Culver Academy students as part of their practice. Board certified, Michael also is the medical doctor for Miller's Merry Manors in Culver and Plymouth.

A member of St. Mary's of the Lake Catholic Church, Michael is a lector and minister of the Eucharist...

Plymouth Pilot
Dr. Deery honored at gala
By Tim Robertson Staff Writer
PLYMOUTH — Nearly 500 people attended the Catch the Spirit Gala at Swan Lake Resort Friday to honor Dr. Michael Deery of Culver , recipient of the 2006 Community Spirit Award.

In 1999, Deery spearheaded the effort to establish Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center-Plymouth’s Health Center...

Deery serves as the medical director of the Health Center...

Several people spoke in honor of Deery, including his daughter Deanna. “He taught us to go out into the world and help people however we could,” she said.

Deery addressed the crowd after he received the award trophy. “I’ve always felt that you sho uldn’t get too much credit for doing the right thing,” he said. “For me, starting the Health Clinic was the right thing...
“...Ten years ago, with some of you, I lit my candle and together we’ve been able to help hundreds and hundreds of the poor and the working poor in Marshall County...”

50 Years in, Deery reflects on medical Carerer in Culver, Beyond.
By Jeff Kenney, Citizen Editor, Sep 17, 2015

Dr. Michael Deery of Culver didn't see the suprise party in his honor at Miller's Merry Manor in Plymouth....

Derry,... also didn't realize the date (Sept. 8) was exactly 50 years to the day after he'd recieved his medical license...

In terms of Deery's relationship with Miller, that time is more than four decades. he began serving the very first Miller's Merry Manor, in Warsaw, Indiana. In those days, not only did Deery's Culver patients not have a nursing home in their own town, but neither did anyone in Marshall county...

Judy Deery notes that Dr. Howard, whom Deery first partnered when he came to Culver, said he had allotted land behind the present Lake Shore Clinic for just such a facility in Culver, even it it didn't end up taking shape there.

...He's overcome some major health issues this past summer - - his first ever major ones, he notes - - and appears to have beaten thhe odds in beating the illness.

...He may have retired earlier this year from his 38-year post along side D. Warren Reiss as Culver Academies physician, but he's still seeing patients three days a week at Lake Shore Clinic...

Deery will also continue as the medical director of Miller's Merry Manor in Culver and Plymouth and at the Saint Joseph Health Center in Plymouth...

As A medical student in the mid-1960's, Deery had received a military deferement, but was obligated to serve two years after he graduated. He was a commissioned officer in the U. S. Public Health Service and spent two years at the Turtle Mountain Chippewa Indian Reservation in Belcourt, North Dakota...

Hemet his wife-to-be Judy, at Marian, where she was a nursing student. She also studied at the Saint Vincent's School of Nursing in INdpianapolis. She was the business practice manager and a part-time nurse of the Lake Shore Clinic for many years...

As an Academies physician, Deery's respponsibilities involved being on the sidelines for many football games in case his services were needed...

For 25 years (1990), he has been an assistant professor of family medicine at Indiana University Medical School in Indianapolis teachin third-year medical students....

For His part, Deery has no plans to quit anytime soon, as longs as his helth holds out, and its clearly been a great ride for him.

"I don't think I could have picked a better place than Culver to live and raise my family. Many of the patients are my friends; I can't imagine any other kind of practice..."

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