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"Billy" William O. Osborn  

Many called him "Billy" and others called him "W.O."

1915 - MARCH 25 — On Monday, in the circuit court. Judge Stevens issued the official permit which admits William O. Osborn of Culver to the practice of the law

1919 - Oct 15 - W. O. Osborn has bought "Glen Ayr" the Freeman cottage, adjoining the jungle and will use it for a Summer home.

William O. Osborn, cashier of the State Exchange Bank, was in Wisconsin the first of the week addressing two district meetings of the Wisconsin Banker Association. On Monday he was in Milwaukee and on Tuesday he spoke in Madison.l His topis was "Loaning Policies In Rural Bankn", a subject on which he is qualified to speak since the local bank has received nation -wide attention on account of its large number of loans although located in a town of 15,000 pop ulation. Mr. Osborn is a Culver product and he has always been ready to lend his support in brining about civic improvemens., whether they be for the town, country,school, churches or othe local instituions. The bank's steady growth, phenomenal for a town of this size, and its sound structure and polices, as evidenced when it was one of the first in the state to open without restrictions after the bank holiday in 1933, are so well known that they do notneed to be repeated here. - Culver Citizen Profiles

The saga of William O. and Minnie Shilling Osborn spans more than 90 years. Individually as a family, their efforts are reflected in the historical developement of the Marshall County area.

W. O. Osborn's heritage skein shows a pioneer lineage dating back more than a cenutry. His grandfather, William, settled in North Bend Township, Starke county, in 1840 where his father, John Osborn, was born, in 1859.

In 1879 John Osborn moved to (Marmont) Culver , married Ora Lieurana Morris, 1884. Their son William O. Osborn was born January 27, 1885. The Osborn family included, also a daughter, Bessie Pearl Rockhill and Elijay.

Minnie, the first of six children of Schuyler and Amanda Collier Shilling, was born Feburary 16, 1887 at their Starke county home near ROund Lake. The family included in addition to Minnie: Mary Amanda, Clara (Mrs. Howard Alleman, Margaret (Mrs. Carl Adams, and a son, Oliver Shilling.

As members of the same Culver High School class, their companionship represented one of mutal understanding and interests. Upon graduation in 1905, Minnie assisted her father in the Exchange Bank fo Culver which Mr. Schilling had purchased in 1901. Her classmated,W. O., soon became associated with Armour and Company, Peoria, Illinois.

Minnie Shilling 1887-1977, ecame the bride of W. O. Osborn, 1885-1981, on APril 6, 1906 and left for Peoria, Illinois, but returned to Culver in late 1906 when W.O. Osborn joined his father-in-law in the Culver Bank. In 1907, their daughter, Frances, (Mrs. A. N. Butler) was born.

Osborn began his new bankimg role with tireless vigor and intensive personal study of banking, leading to disciplined principles and infinite capacity for understanding. Noting the need in banks for legal information, he began the study of law. He was admitted the bar in 1912.

As cashier, he led the insitution in expanding services and in 1917, under a new stat banking act the Exchange Bank became the State Exchange bank. Upon the death of Mr. Shilling, Mr. Osborn was elected president and chairman of the board, positions he held until retirement.

Under his leadership, the small town bank gained local as well as national recognition with branches in Argos, Plymouth and management of Framers State Bank, Lapaz and Bremen.

Minnie and Will contributed heavilly of their talents and efforts, both inleadership and participation, to church, education, professional and civic organizations.

Members of Wesley United Methodist Church, they were involved in church activities extending over many years. Members of the Lake Maxinkuckee Association, Mrs. Osborn was most active in local club and area charitable groups.

As a business leader, he was invited to speak at national, state and area conferences.

Over they years, Mr. Osborn received many significant and meaningf ul honors including International Business Machine Corporation, Insurance Corporations, Depauw University, Ancilla College, Culver Educational Foundation, government officials including state governors amoung others.

A past presidnet, Indian Bankers Association, he served several terms as trustee, DePauw University, The Culver Educational Fundation, and Norman Beatty Hospital.

On February 1, 1975, hundred of persons joined to celebrate "Osborn Day", convocation and dinner marking his 90th birthday. The dinning room, Culver Inn, was packed for the dinner and the "Standing Room Only" convocation program, Eppley Auditorium, climaxed a f ull day's program.

He was a member of state and national Bank Associations, and the Marshall County and American Bar Associaitions, the Indiana Society of Chicago, and Masonic Lodge.

These are many facets of the individual as well as the marital careers of W.O. and Minnie Osborn, and all of them impart a sucess story with significant relationship to the developement of the area. - Frances Butler

History of Marshall County Indiana Sesquicentennial 1836 - 1986 (Taylor Publishing Co., 1986, Publication # 357 of 1422) Marshall County Historical Society

W. O. Osborn Mrmed Outstanding Citizen By Jaycees

Over 100 Culver citizens braved drifting snow Friday night as the Culver Jaycees named W. O. Osborn their Outstanding Citizen for 1966. Dr. Otis. Bowen. Bremen, Speaker of the House in the Indiana Legislature, was the keynote speaker at the combination award dinner and bosses night.

Mr. Osborn, president of the State Exchange Bank in Culver -Plymouth-Argos, was ill with the flu and Fred Adams, executive vice president of the bank, accepted the plaque in Osborn's absence. A direct telephone line was connected between the speaker's table at the Inn and Osborn's home, where he conversed with Jerry Wolfe, Program Chairman; Eddie Amond, master of ceremonies; Fred Adams; and Dr. Bowen. The audience also serenaded Mr. Osborn with a chorus of "Happy Birthday," which by coincidence was celebrated Saturday.

When questioned Mr. Osborn replied "I'm 39 years old. Just like Jack Benny." In hearing the applause that he had been named the 1966 Outstanding Citizen, Osborn added a comment to Dr. Bowen, " It sounds like I won that precinct!"... Culver citizen THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 2, 1967

OCTOBER 29, 1975, THE Culver CITIZEN W. O. Osborn honored by Ancilla College
    Culver 's favorite son, W. 0. Osborn, was presented the first Ancilla College Distinguished Service Award Tuesday evening at a special trustee's dinner on the Donaldson campus.

    Indiana Governor Otis R. Bowen, president of the board, made the presentation to the "country banker," who is known throughout Marshall County and the United States as president, chairman of the board of directors of the State Exchange Bank, Culver , Plymouth and Argos; State Exchange Finance Company; Farmers State Bank, LaPaz and the State Exchange Bank Building Corporation.

    Osborn was selected by the board for the honor in recognition of his service to the community and interest in Ancilla College. He is a trustee of the Culver Educational Foundation, and in the past served as a trustee of DePauw University and Norman Beatty Memorial Hospital, State of Indiana. He is a member of the United Methodist Church and is affiliated with many churchrelated organizations and civic groups.

    Purdue University study in 1950 complimented Osborn for the agric ultural policies and practices of the State Exchange Bank. Farmers of the area profited from his crop and feed loans in the 1920's, 30's and 40's and in 1972 the bank ranked in the top 100 nationally in offering loans to farmers. He pioneered in offering benefits for his employees by providing for a dividend bonus beginning in 1941; group life insurance in 1947; major medical hospitalization pension trust, 1955; and breadfast and lunch in the 1950 s.

    Osborn has shown a keen interest in youth and through the bank has initiated youth programs, supported youth projects and educational tours for high school senior classes in the 1950's. He has given active support to 4-H, FFA projects, scouting and other activities from the early 1940's. A college scholarship program for high school seniors assists several students each year.

    Community industrial development has been of concern to Osborn. He has supported government agencies, education and municipal developmental projects. In many instances he was the only bidder on urgently needed community institutional loans for development—for schools, sewage systems to name two.

    The State Exchange Bank and its affiliates have been benefactors to individuals and many institutions.

    Ancilla College, in a special statement, announced it is a "privilege to have the opportunity to give special recognition, through its Ancilla Award, to Mr. Osborn for his distinguished service to the community."

Friday, October 28, 1977
Rochester Sentinel
Minnie Osborn

Services were Thursday afternoon at the Wesley United Methodist church in Culver for Mrs. Minnie L. OSBORN, 90, who died at her home Tuesday after an extended illness.

Mrs. Osborn was the wife of William O. OSBORN, president of the State Exchange Bank in Culver and also of banks in Plymouth, Argos and Lapaz.

Burial was in the Culver Masonic cemetery. The Bonine funeral home was in charge of arrangements.

A native of Starke county, she was born Feb. 16, 1887, to Schuyler and Amanda SHILLING. For many years, beginning in 1901 she was actively associated with her father, Schuyler SHILLING, and her husband in the opertion of the State Exchange Bank.

An association which began in high school days at Culver , became lifelong when she and Mr. Osborn were married soon after graduating in 1905. She was active in civic, social, and church activities for many years.

In addition to her husband, she is survived by a daughter, Mrs. A. N. (Frances) BUTLER; two sisters, Mrs. C. M. (Margaret) ADAMS and Mrs. Howard (Clara) ALLEMAN; and a brother, Oliver C. SHILLING, Culver . Two sisters preceded her in death, Mary Amanda SHILLING and Mrs. Marion (Sue) JONES.

Memorial contributions will be accepted for the Minnie L. Osborn Memorial Fund of the Wesley United Methodist Church, Culver .

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