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Andrew J. Murdock  

Andrew J. Murdock.

In ability as a fianancier and in general business affairs, Cass county had no stronger character or one better known among all classes than the late Andrew J. Murdock, for many years president of the First National Bank of Logansport. In the broader fields of citizenship, was well as in buisness, he performed a large scope of useful sevice which has properly identified him for all time with the history of this locality. Mr. Murdock was a type and example of one who succeeds in life, though his youth was parred in comparative proverty, and with only such advantages as he could proocure by his won labors and ambitions.

The late Andrew J. Murdock was born in Livingston county, New York, November 19, 1827. The first eight years of his life were spent in his native state, and he then accompanied the family to Michigan. Michigan, during the thirties, was almost on the frontier, and the best settled regions were but a field for hardships and privatious of pioneer existence. It was amid such scenes and with such limitations in advantages of education and otherwise that Andrew J. Murdock was reared. At the age of thirteen he was thrown upon his own resources, and from that forward depeneded entirely upon his own exertions for his advanvement.

In 1853, Mr. Murdock became a resident of Logansport, so that he had identified himself with this city at an early period in its growth, and at a time when his vigorous enterprise and honorable character were important elements in the developement as a city along the lines which have made it conspicuous among the larger centers in northern Indiana. A year after his arrival in this city, he engaged in business on his own account, opening a store, with which his name was connected for twenty-for years. He had a trade which few other merchants in the city and county could equal, and throughout his lifetime, enjoyed the confidence and good will of all with whom he came in contact. His business interests gradually extended, by investments and toherwise, and in 1878 was made director of the Logansport National Bank, and in 1878 was ele cted its president. Five years later this bank was consolifated with the First National Bank, of which Mr. Murdock was chosen president, and this postionn he filled with splended executine ability up to the time of his death, May 3, 1905. In the field of practical finance, as well as in his judgement of men, which is an element just as essential to the success of a fianacier as his more technical expertness in financial operation. Mr. Murdock was recoogonized as one of the stongest representatives in Cass county. Among the varied interests owned by Mr. Murdock was the fine tract of land, consisting of more than three hundred acres lying between Logansport and the park on either side of the Electrie railway.

Though a man whose influence in business and civic affairs of Logansport, was for many years conspicuous, Mr. Murdock was a citizen who was never in the public eye, as the general sense of that term is inderstood, and modesty was his chief characteristic. He was always a Republican in good standing, and supported the party candidates and principles, though never seeking office for himself. His contributions and support were accorded to nearly every important enterprise of public nature in Logansport for thrity or forty years, yet his name appeared less frequently that that of many whose active support was less.

On August 4, 1862, Mr. Murdock was married, and his home and family always represented the cheif sphere of his leisure activities. He wedded Maggie C. Chadwick, of Newark, New Jersey, daughter of Thomas and Margaret (Pickles) Chadwick. Their three children are: May, wife of Samuel Patterson, Flora, wife of Samuel Emmet Mulholland; Gertrude wife of Edward H. Donovan. Mr. Murdock attended the First Presbyterian church, being a prominent contributor thereto, and he built the Murdock Hotel. The Murdock home was one of the social centers of Logansport, and the family have always been among the most representative of this city.

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