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Alfred M. Ogle  

Alfred McCartney Ogle
by Barbara Stokley

Alfred M. Ogle was born in 1856 in Washington Courthouse, Ohio in Fayette county, the youngest of Alfred McCartney Ogle and Bethia Louise Yeoman's seven children.

The senior Alfred Ogle, a local merchant, died at the age of 43, three months before Alfred was born. His mercantile business, A. M. Ogle & Company, outfitted overland wagon trains to California during the gold rush. After his father's death, an uncle, Samuel N. Yeoman, a successf ul merchant and entrepreneur, who had no children of his own, stepped in to help his sister, taking great interest in his youngest nephew. Samuel Yeoman to it that Alfred won an appointment to the United States Military Academy "in a competitive examination."

It was while a cadet at West Point that Alfred Ogle met Laura Halstead McKenzie, a year his junior. She was raised in Stamford, Connecticut, but was born in New York City, the daughter of Alexander and Jane Mather McKenzie. She was the seventh of eight children born to the couple, who both immigrated from Scotland sometime before 1844. According to their marriage write-up it was "love at first sight." He was "a most ardent lover during his cadet life, and when the happy day of graduation arrived, in June of 1879, and he 'donned the blue for the grey,' he pressed his suit and was accepted." The couple wo uld have a two year engagement, as he would be required to serve a term in the U.S. Army. He was appointed a lieutenant and assigned "frontier duty" at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. He "served with distinction during the Indian war, and won commendation from his superior officers for his bravery."

Alfred and Laura were married on October 18, 1881 in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Their first child, Alfred M. Ogle, Jr. was born the following September in Stamford. The infant was indeed the third in the family to carry the exact name, but this was the first time 'junior' was attached.

Two years later Alfred Ogle resigned his commission and moved to Indianapolis to join his uncle Samuel Yeoman, as an officer in his coal business, the Island Coal Company, "Coal miners and shippers," with mines in Linton, Indiana, in Greene County and offices in Indianapolis at 32 East Market Street. Samuel Yeoman was president and William W. Hubbard was treasurer. Although only in his mid-fifties, Yeoman wanted to turn over the reins to the next generation and move back to Washington Courthouse in semi-retirement.

By 1886 "Alfred M. Ogle, Sec'y. Island Coal Co.," appeared in Polk's City Directory. The family's first home was at 91 West Vermont. By 1889, Alfred was not only secretary of Island Coal company, but also held the same position with the Superior Coal Company, "Emmett H. Scott, president and Willard W. Hubbard, treasurer." They shared offices with the Island Coal company. The family was living at 444 N. Tennessee street and had added two more children: Jane Mather Ogle, born in 1884, and Kenneth Laurence Ogle in May of 1889.

In July of 1890, the firm suffered a terrible blow when Samuel Yeoman died at the age 62. Alfred Ogle suffered a great personal loss in the death of his mentor. In actual fact, Samuel Yeoman was the only father he ever knew. Over the next five years, with the assistance of long time secretary, Willard W. Hubbard, Alfred made every effort to uphold his uncle's memory by shaping and expanding the Island Coal Company into a successf ul business enterprise of regional repute.

Alfred and Laura's family also expanded with the addition of three more children: Edward Arthur, born in 1891, Marjorie McKenzie, on December 12, 1892 and Gilbert Eugene in December of 1894. With six children, the family moved into a new home at 755 North Pennsylvania by 1891.

In May of 1893, Alfred purchased the north 75 feet of lot 4 in the VanSchoick subdivision on the south end of Lake Maxinkuckee from John F. and Mary Wallick for $2000. I am assuming a small cottage was on site, but if not, a dwelling was indicated in a 1898 map of the lake, between D. E. Burford & J. A. Ronthaler

Alfred, along with several prominent landowners, was "conspicuously helpf ul" in forming the Maxinkuckee Lake Association in 1897. Indianapolis furniture manufacturer Otto Stechhan was the first president, hardware dealer Franklin Vonnegut, secretary, and manufacturer W. F. Kuhn, "trusty keeper of the Wampum."

By 1895, Alfred rose to president of the Island Coal Company. Within two years he was also treasurer of the Linton Supply Company. Ads in Indianapolis City Directory read, "Island Coal co. Retail dealers of all grades of coal. Large supply of all best coals under shelter in our retail yards." Principal offices were on the eleventh floor of the State Life Building. Quality was guaranteed with "light ash" and no "clinkers."

The Ogle children attended prestigious private schools in the East. Alfred, Jr. graduated from Princeton in 1904 and took a post-graduate year at Columbia in mining engineering. He then joined his father's business as chief engineer and general purchasing agent. Kenneth attended Princeton as well, while Edward was headed to Cornell. Marjorie's older sister, Jane boarded at Miss Baldwin's and Marjorie probably attended private school at May Wright Sewall's Girl's Classical in Indianapolis. The youngest son, Gilbert was enrolled at the Thatcher School in California.

In 1904 Alfred Ogle purchased 410 feet of shoreline property [lot 2 in section 22] from Indianapolis merchant, John H. Vagen, on the north end of the lake. It does not appear, however, that he sold his cottage in the VanSchoiack subdivision.
    My grandmother Marjorie Ogle Home summered in Culver . Her parents Alfred M and Laura Ogle lived on the east shore north of the landing.

    Views of the area. The family sold their house to the Marmon family by 1912..

    The lot to the north 1100 east Shoreis the Danuiel Mormon propery of this time period bought in 1898

In 1906 Alfred organized the Vandalia Coal Company, "Retail Dealers of All Grades of Coal," with offices on East Washington street in the State Life Building. He had organized the venture after purchasing the Linton Coal Company and "about twenty other coal mining concerns." In a matter of twenty years he had become a man of considerable means and a leader in the community.

Laura M. Ogle died on July 5, 1909 at the age of 52. According to her obituary in the Indianapolis News, she died at St. Vincent's hospital "following an operation for abdominal trouble." She most likely died from complications from her surgery. She was "well know in this city, where she lived of more than twenty years," but had been "ill for several years and sought relief in sanatoriums in the east and this city, recovering sufficiently each time to return to her home and family for a few months." Her six children ranged in age from 27 to 14. On August 12, 1909, the Culver Citizen reported that the Maxinkuckee Association, "on motion of Mr. Herz the secretary" was instructed to draft a resolution of sympathy on the death of Mrs. A. M. Ogle.

Unfortunately, Alfred Ogle Sr.'s health was also by this time quite fragile. His son Alfred, who had married Charlotte Bushnell Williams in 1908, had taken up the reins of the Vandalia Coal Company as chief engineer and general purchasing agent. Kenneth wo uld soon drop out of Princeton to lighten his brother's work load, but was able to graduate in 1910. Edward wo uld likewise leave Cornell.

On July 23, 1911, Alfred McCartney Ogle, "Pioneer Coal Operator," died at the age of fifty-six at the family home. According to the lengthy obituary that appeared on the front page of the Indianapolis Star the next morning, he had been confined to his home on account of illness for the last two months," his death due to "a general breakdown." He was survived by six children, two sisters and one grandchild. The members of his family were: A. M. Ogle Jr., Terre Haute, Miss Jane M. Ogle, Kenneth L. Ogle, Edward A. Ogle, Miss Marjorie Ogle and Gilbert E. Ogle of Indianapolis. A grandson, A. M. Ogle, son of A. M. Ogle, Jr. and two sisters, Miss Florence Ogle and Miss Alfaretta L. Ogle of Wash Crt House, Ohio also survive."

The next day the board of directors of the Security Trust Company, of which he was a member, took out a large ad in the newspaper announcing the adoption of the following resolutions praising his Life and Deeds:
    Whereas Death has removed from our councils, Alfred M. Ogle, who was one of this company's first directors; and

    Whereas, During the many years of Mr. Ogle's association with the directors of this company he at all times was faithful to his trust and by his kindness and gentle qualities endeared himself to the individual members of the board and in general to the stockholders; therefore be it

    Resolved, That in the death of Alfred M. Ogle the city and general public have lost an honest and upright and public spirited citizen, and the loss of such a man especially who has but recently passed the meridian of life will be greatly felt by all; and be it further

    Resolved, That these resolutions be entered upon the minute book of this company and a copy thereof be delivered the family of Mr. Ogle.

The funeral was held the next afternoon "at the home." Although he was a member of the First Presbyterian church, his pastor, the Rev. M. L. Haines, was absent and the services were conducted by the Rev. Lewis Brown, of St. Paul's Episcopal Church. The pall bearers were John N. Carey, J. K. Lilly, John J. Appel, Harry M. Ohr, John A. George and Charles E. Barrett, "all of whom were intimate friends of Mr. Ogle."

Friends were invited to attend the service at the home, the burial at Crown Hill Cemetery was private.

According to the account in the afternoon newspaper, Alfred's ailment was a "valvular affliction of the heart."

He was a Scottish Rite Mason, a member of the Columbia and Country Clubs, of this city, and of the Union League Club of Chicago. He was member of the Indiana commandry of the Loyal Legion, inheriting the right of his uncle, Yeoman, who died fifteen years ago."

By the end of July, his two oldest children, Alfred and Jane Ogle, filed their father's estate for probate. Although the family continued to use the cottage through the summer of 1911, they did not return the following summer, except as houseguests of friends.

Jane Mather Ogle, as executrix of her father's estate, sold the Ogle property in Maxinkuckee on September 12, 1912. Part of lot 2 in section 22 was deeded to Elizabeth M. Marmon, widow of Daniel Marmon, president of Nordyke & Marmon Company and the other part to Charles C. Perry, president of the Indianapolis Light and Heat Company. I do not know what happened to the south cottage, but presumably it was also sold.

Alfred Ogle, Jr. and his family moved to Terre Haute sometime in 1911, where he served as general manager of the Monon Coal company.

He and his wife Charlotte, took in the two youngest Ogle siblings, Marjorie and Gilbert, to live with him.

obituary of Alfred M Ogle, Sr.

July 23, 1911, Indianapolis Star (Front Page w/ picture)

Well-Known Coal Operator Dies
Pioneer Coal Operator Entered Indiana Field in 1884-Served formerly in Army

Alfred McCartney Ogle, Sr., 56 years old, one of the best known coal operators in Indiana, died at 10 O'clock last night at his home 1423 N. Pennsylvania street

Mr. Ogle had been confined to his home on account of illness for the last two months. His death was due to a general breakdown.

He was president of the Vandalia Company, one of the largest coal companies in Indiana.

He was a member of the First Presbyterian church, the Columbia, the Country Club, the Commercial Club, The Board of Trade and the Loyal Legion. He was also a directors of the Security Trust Company.

He was born at Washington Court House, Fayette county, Ohio, Aug. 31, 1856. He received a common school education and won an appointment to Westpoint in a competitive examination. He was graduated from the military school in 1879, after which he was stationed at Fort Leavenworth, Kas.; Fort Brown, Tex., and other posts.

He and Miss Laura McKenzie of New York married in 1881 at Fort Leavenworth, Mrs. Ogle died two years ago.


Mr. Ogle left the army in 1884, when he came to Indianapolis. He was instrumental in organizing the Island Coal Company, of which he was treasurer. The company was the pioneer coal company in the Linton #4 field. He later was chosen president of the company, a position he held until 1905, when he accepted the presidency of the Vandalia Coal Company, a new company composed of eighteen companies. The company has offices in the State Life building.

Mr. Ogle is survived by six children, two sisters and one grandchild. The members of his family are A. M. Ogle Jr., Terre Haute, Miss Jane M. Ogle, Kenneth L. Ogle, Edward A. Ogle, Miss Marjorie Ogle and Gilbert E. Ogle of Indianapolis. A grandson, are A. M. Ogle, son of are A. M. Ogle, Jr. and two sisters, Miss Florence Ogle and Miss Alfaretta L. Ogle of Wash Crt House, Ohio also survive.

Funeral arrangements have not been made

Indianapolis City Directory, 1889. Indianapolis, IN: R.L. Polk and Co., 1889 & 1890.
Name: Alfred M Ogle
City: Indianapolis
State: IN
Occupation: secretary
Year: 1889 & 1890
Business Name: Island Coal Co
Location 2: 444 N Tennessee

Name: Emmett H Scott; Alfred M Ogle; Willard W Hubbard
Location 1: 32 E Market
City: Indianapolis
State: IN
Occupation: president; secretary; treasurer, coal miners and shippers
Year: 1889 & 1890
Business Name: Superior Coal Co
Indianapolis City Directory, 1889. Indianapolis, IN: R.L. Polk and Co., 1889 & 1890.

Alfred Mccartney Ogle Sr. married Laura Halstead McKenzie

They had:
    Alfred McCartney Ogle Jr/III Birth 28 Sep 1882 in Stamford, Fairfield, Connecticut Death 05 May 1944 in Washington, District of Columbia married Charlotte B. Williams

    Jane Mather Ogle Birth: 11 Aug 1884 - Hamilton, Indiana, Death: Dec 1949 - Indianapolis, Hamilton, Indiana daughter of married may 1915 Marion county, Indiana Thomas Desales Sheerin Birth 25 Aug 1884 in Indiana Death 5 Mar 1950 in Indianapolis, Hamilton, Indiana son of Simon P. Sheerin

    John Ogle born & Death 1887 in Indianapolis, Hamilton, Indiana

    Kenneth Laurance Ogle Birth 10 May 1889 in Indianapolis, Hamilton, Indiana Death 06 May 1943 in Washington City, District Of Columbia, District of Columbia married Vera Kathryn Strickland

    Edward A. Ogle Birth 04 Aug 1891 in Indianapolis, Hamilton, Indiana Death Jun 1957 in Indianapolis, Hamilton, Indiana married Elizabeth Iles

    Marjorie McKenzie Ogle Birth 10 Dec 1892 in Indianapolis, Hamilton, Indiana, Death Mar 1965 married George E Home

    Gilbert E. Ogle Birth 08 Dec 1894 in Indianapolis, Hamilton, Indiana Death May 1954 in Indianapolis, Hamilton, Indiana

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