Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

2100 East Shore Dr. - Westwind - Roach-Rockwood Cottage  

Section 27 - 264.35 acres - Aub-be-naub-ee's Reservation

Section 27
    Section 27 Lot 1 - 49.70A
    Section 27 Lot 2 - 34.31A
    Sect 27 Lot 3 _.31A
    Section 27 Lot 4 - 40A

James F. D. Lanier of Jefferson county, Indiana on 30 June 1837 was issued the certificate #7339 the East half of Section twenty; Fractional Section of Twenty One; Fractional Section of Twenty Seven and Fractional section of Twenty eight containing 793 32/100 acres.
1872 - Section 27
    L. T. VanSchoiack Lot 1 - 49.70A (Res. & Barn noted)
    L. T. VanSchoiack Lot 2 - 60.10A; also 120A non lake front
    F. Edwards - 70.30A (Res. & Barn noted)
    J. Bozarth 68.40A
    L Foss 40 A non lake front

1876 - L. T. Van Shoiack [Louden T. Van Shoiak]

1880 - L. T. Van Shoiack [Louden T. Van Shoiak] 105.80. The Van Schoiack Farmhouse is incorporated in the present Miller cottage. Part of the Van Schoiack farm was subdivided as "Sea Beach Place"

1880 - L. T. Van Shoiack [Louden T. Van Shoiak] 105.80. The Van Schoiack Farmhouse is incorporated in the present Miller cottage. Part of the Van Schoiack farm was subdivided as "Sea Beach Place"

This is map is given as being 1898 BUT I believe because of the section of the Vanschoiak property it is a MUCH LATER date at least AFTER 1908 as the farm land is labeled J. T. Vanshoiak; and the lake front property has been sub-divided off and sold By this a J. T. Vanshoiak had: 45.70 +59.98 +80.00 = 185.68 in 1911 the Vanschoiak farm of 207 was to be sold a 21.32 is unaccounted for for is the Vanschoiak subdivisions/additions to the lake






1911 - Sep 7 - The Van Schoiack farm of 207 acres is to be sold on Sept. 16 in whole or in parcels. The property includes 24 lake fronts lots.


1907 - Jan 31 - E. J. Craig of Indianapolis was here the latter part of the week making arrangements to errect a cottage on the East side on the lot recently purchased of Stepehen Edwards.

1907 - Mar 28 - E. J. Craig of Indianapolis is building a cottage on the East Side.

1907 - Oct 24 - E. J. Craig of Indianapolis sold his new lake cottage to W. J. Graham of Terre Haute former manager of the Lake View hotel for between $2,500 and $2,800

1908 - Jun 18 - W. J. Graham of Terre Haute who has purchased the E. J. Craig cottage took possession Monday Mr Graham will be remembered as the genial landlord of the Lake View prior to Capt. McCoy

1907 - Oct 3 - Arminta Craig to W. J. Graham lot on Maxinkuckee Lake, $2600.
    1909 - May 20 - M. R. Cline has just completed for the W J Graham cottoage on the East side a 10X24 boat house and has repainted the cottage and built a cistern. The improvements add $300 to the value of the place.

1916 - Apr 6 - W J Graham to C. J. Roach and R K Smith in lot 3, sec. 27 Union $3000
    R. K. Smith to Eva and Sherman lot 3 sec 27 Union tp. $3500

1923 - Built c. 1923, it is an outstanding example of Colonial Revival architecture. The house is a two-story, wood-frame structure with a roof and clapboard siding. There is a central section which is three bays wide, with the entry in the center bay. This consists of a columned pediment surrounding a door with sidelights. On either side of the door are large, pairedow openings. The sash has been replaced. On the second story are original, double hung, woodows with multi-light upper sash. The central part of the house has receding wings to the north and south. In front of these wings and projecting from the main part of the house are, on the north, a sun room, and, on the south, an enclosed porch.

1930- - C. J. Roach [Clyde Jefferson Roach Roach]

1936 - May 6 - Dean H. and Lillian Dresser to Martha Werner, Trustee, S 1-2 lot 7 Van Schoiack's add and tract adjsame W.D. $1
    Martha Werner, Trustee to Dean H. and Lillian Dresser , S 1-2 lot 7 Van Schoiack's add and tract adjsame W.D. $1

1952-1953 - Mrs. C. J. Roach [Clyde Jefferson Roach, Maud Roach]

1956-61 - Mrs. Clyde J. Roach/Charles A. Rockwood

    Charles A. Rockwood, Jr., MD ?

1953-61 - Not listed -
    1958 Lake Directory - 2080 East Shore Dr. Mrs. Clyde R. Roach /Charles A. Rockwood - Mrs. Clyde J. Roach (East 2080) (See Charles A. Rovkwood, East 2080).; Charles A. Rockwood (East 2080). 1739 N. Pennsylvania St., Indianapolis, Ind.

This is one of David Burns working there in 1987-9

1979-9 Jun 2005 - James A. Baker & Jeannine L. Baker
    In 1988 the old cabin and garage was torn down and a new gargae was built
    Jim is an interior decorator - J. Baker Interiors, Inc

    J. Baker Interiors, LLC - Jim is owner and principal designer of J. Baker Interiors, LLC. He holds an interior design license from Illinois, an NCIDQ Certificate and is also a registered interior designer with the State of Indiana. Jim is a professional member of ASID, has served numerous positions within the chapter, including president twice. He is a member of IIDC the Indiana Interior Design Coalition.

    James A Baker married Jeannine Leeson McIntosh daughter of Jesse Eschol McIntosh& Vivian Era Leeson

Pictures of the lake front view before it is tore down anyone? To preserve the history of the cottage as it was -

9 Jun 2005-2007 - Maxinkuckee Land Trust

2007 - Not listed in lake directory/Maxinkuckee Land Trust
    5 June 2008 petition published reads:...a variance to remove a non-conforming residence and rebuild a primary residence entirely ...and to remodel a non-conforming structure...

    .... asked that a variance be granted to remodel an existing guest/house/ garage. The footprint would not change. The primary residence that is non-conforming will be removed and will be rebuilt to ordinance setback requirements. The present zoning ordinance requires one dwelling unit per parcel.

    .... said they would build a portico to connect the new home with the existing guesthouse & garage. Remodeling of the garage area is primarily windows and siding and the owners would live there while the new main residence was being built.

    ... a portico arrangement was not acceptable to avert the zoning ordinance requirements. They also noted that presently, the guesthouse was grand fathered, but once the main structure was removed, it couldn't be rebuilt as a separate unit... altered sketch showing a one-story connection of the present garage/guesthouse and new residence. The connection will be a solid structure essentially making one residence on the parcel...

2007-2018, Aug.- Maxinkuckee Land Trust

Was to be completed in 2010.

2018, Aug - 2019 - Laurelwood Re Holdings LLC

Today is