Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

2306 East Shore Lane - Windy Waters  

Section 27 - 264.35 acres - Aub-be-naub-ee's Reservation - a part of

Section 27
    Section 27 Lot 1 - 49.70A
    Section 27 Lot 2 - 34.31A
    Sect 27 Lot 3 _.31A
    Section 27 Lot 4 - 40A

James F. D. Lanier of Jefferson county, Indiana on 30 June 1837 was issued the certificate #7339 the East halfof Section twenty; Fractional Section of Twenty One; Fractional Section of Twenty Seven and Fractional section of Twenty eight containing 793 32/100 acres.

1872 - Section 27
    L. T. VanSchoiack Lot 1 - 49.70A (Res. & Barn noted)
    L. T. VanSchoiack Lot 2 - 60.10A; also 120A non lake front
    F. Edwards - 70.30A (Res. & Barn noted)
    J. Bozarth 68.40A
    L Foss 40 A non lake front


1880 - L. T. Van Shoiack [Louden T. Van Shoiak] 105.80. The Van Schoiack Farmhouse is incorporated in the present Miller cottage. Part of the Van Schoiack farm was subdivided as "Sea Beach Place"

This is map is given as being 1898 BUT I believe because of the section of the Vanschoiak property it is a MUCH LATER date at least AFTER 1908 as the farm land is labeled J. T. Vanshoiak; and the lake front property has been sub-divided off and sold By this a J. T. Vanshoiak had: 45.70 +59.98 +80.00 = 185.68 in 1911 the Vanschoiak farm of 207 was to be sold a 21.32 is unaccounted for for is the Vanschoiak subdivisions/additions to the lake




Wilbur Johnson Cottage

1932, Jaunary 5 - Relocation of East Shore Lane.
    H. H . Rice and Edith B. Rice bought farm land from Marvin T, Loudon and Clara L. Loudon which was evetually used to relocate East Shore Lane and give Rice Woods to the East Shore Lane Association, dated October 4,1927. Subsequenly, Rice by quit claim deed acquired all the properties in the attached plat, on January 5, 1932, recorded the plat on the same date. Rice then by quit claim reconveyed the properties to their original owners
Wlater Clark Johnson - owned the property as noted on the plat map; the second is annotaed with current addresses.

1943 - Jul 7 - Jan P. and Elmer S Doriot WD to Grace P. Johnson etal, lot 14, Vanschoiack's Sub. No. 3 and tract adjacent. Lot 5 Rice's Sub. 27-32-1

> 1947 - Aug. 27 - Ruth P Johnson to Joan Johnson Doriot lot 14, Vanschoiack's division No. 3 in 27-31-1 and Also triangular tract on meander line of Lake Maxinkuckee and also Lot 5 Rice's Sub. 27-32-1

19__ E. E. Doriot & H. E. Todd
    1949 - Jun 15 - Mr. & Mrs. Henry Todd and son Paul have taken the Doriot cottage on the East Shore.

1956-61 - Elmer E. Doriot

1961 - Jun 14 - Mrs. Elmer E. Doriot, Former Resident, Visits Here
    Mrs. Elmer S. Doriot, formerly of Culver and Indianapolis, has arrived from her Arizona home in Phoeonix at 6145 North Central to open her Lake Maxinkuckee cottage, "Windy Waters" at 2306 East Shore Lane which will be occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Ronald of Louisville...

    1979-Aug. 1983 - Charles F. Roth Jr. & Lee Carmel

    Aug. 1983 - 2018, Apr - E. P. Jr. [Edmond P. Jr.] & Virginia P. Severns

    2018, Apr.-2019 - E. P. Severns

      RICE SUB LOT 5

      Lot No. Fourteen (14) in Vanschoiack's Subdivision No. Three (3) located in Lot No.Two (2) of Section Thrity-two (32) North, Range One (1) East ALSO a triangle tract, North of and adjoining Lort No fourteen (14) of Vanschoiack's Subdivision NO Three (3) in Lot No two (2) of Section 27, Township 32 North, Range 1 East described as commencing at a point Ninety (90) feet South Three degrees (3 degrees) West from Angle No 5 on the meander line of Lake Maxinkuckee; thence South Three degrees (3 degrees) West Nine (9) feet; thence South Twenty-one degrees (21 degrees) West One (1) foot to the Northwest corner of Lot No. 14 of Vanschoiack's Subdivision No. 3; thence East alongt the North line of said Lot 14 to the northeast corner thereof, on the West Line of a Twenty (20) foot alley; thence Northwesterly a distance of 140 feet or to the place of beginning; being a triang ular tract fronting 10 feet on the meander line of lake Maxinkuckee, off the South side of waht is known as the Daggert Lots. ALSO Lot Five (5) in Rice's SUbdivision of Lot Two (2) in Section Twenty-seven (27) Township Thirty-two (32) North, Range One (1) East. Situaute in Marshall county, Indiana.

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