Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

2450 East Shore Lane - Trail's End  

Section 27 - 264.35 acres - Aub-be-naub-ee's Reservation

Section 27
    Section 27 Lot 1 - 49.70A
    Section 27 Lot 2 - 34.31A
    Sect 27 Lot 3 _.31A
    Section 27 Lot 4 - 40A

James F. D. Lanier of Jefferson county, Indiana on 30 June 1837 was issued the certificate #7339 the East half of Section twenty; Fractional Section of Twenty One; Fractional Section of Twenty Seven and Fractional section of Twenty eight containing 793 32/100 acres.
1872 - Section 27
    L. T. VanSchoiack Lot 1 - 49.70A (Res. & Barn noted)
    L. T. VanSchoiack Lot 2 - 60.10A; also 120A non lake front
    F. Edwards - 70.30A (Res. & Barn noted)
    J. Bozarth 68.40A
    L Foss 40 A non lake front


1880 - L. T. Van Shoiack [Louden T. Van Shoiak] 105.80. The Van Schoiack Farmhouse is incorporated in the present Miller cottage. Part of the Van Schoiack farm was subdivided as "Sea Beach Place"

1880 - S Edwards 78.30A

1898 - J. M. Dosser [ Jasper Marion Dresser Sr



1906, May 17 - Stephen Edwards to Richard T and Mary H Irwin Lot in Lot No3 Maxinkuckee 27-31-1- $600/800 (blurred

1907 - May 9 - R. T. Irwin a traveling salesman for an Eastern firm will build a $2,500 cottage near Edward's on the southeast side of the lake. E. J. Craig of Indianapolis was the contract.

1907 - May 30 - Mr. Irwin of Indianapolis has the foundation completed for his new cottage at the south of the lake. 1907 - Jul 11 - R. T. Irwin expects to complete his cottage next week. He has one of the nicest and most substantial cottages around the lake. The first story is veneered with cobble stones, and the second is stucco. To see it is to admire it.

1908 - Jun 11 - For Rent - New large eight room cottage, furnished complete, for season. Address R. T. Irwin, Culver, Ind.,


1908 - Irwia ?Irwin?

1918 - Sep 25 - The George H. Doans of Chicago who have been occuping the Irwin cottage all summer, whent home last week

1919 - Jul 30 - J. Hout Davis of Indianapolis was at the lake over Sunday. The Davises have hte Irwin cottage with the L. D. Killikans fo the season.

1920 - Jul 14 - Mr. and Mrs Harvey Shaffer of Indianapolis are occupying the Irwin cottage this season. D.r and Mrs. Hover of Indianapolis were weekend guests at the cottage.
    1920 - Jul 21 - Dr. and Mrs. H. G. Shafer are entertaining their mother, Mrs. L. E. Stephens of Indianapolis, and aunt, Mrs. A. T. Miller of Peru, and Mrs. M. S. Shafer of Indianapois for two weeks at their East Side cottage the former Irwin cottage.

1922 - H.& N. M. Shafer

Irwin-Shafer-Wilkinson Cottage
    This house, built in 1908, is a two-story, American four-square style house. The first floor is faced in cobblestones and the second floor in wood clapboards. The roof is hipped. A wide front porch with a cobblestone base has been enclosed. Windows on the first story are double hung, wood. Second story windows are vinyl casement replacements.

1933, Dec. Nettie M. Shafer etal [Mrs. Harvey G. Shaffer]

1938 - Jun 29 - Nettie M. Shafer etal to Chas. and and Ethel Pearl Wilkinson Tract on Lake Maxinkuckee in Sec. 27-31-1- WD $1

1938 - 1945 Charles Wilkinson
1953 - W. A. Sharts

1956-61 - Dwight G. Wildermuth
    1958 Lake Directory - wight C. Wildermuth - 2620 E. Broadway, Logansport,

1979 - Feb. 1993 - E. Allen Becker

Feb 1993- Aug. 2005 - Edwin Allen & Judith Ann "Judy" (Furry) Becker

Aug. 2004 -2019 - Edwin Allen & Judith Ann "Judy" (Furry) Becker Rev Trust

    This was one of the last jobs David had done around the lake - in the early or late spring of 1990 he had laid some stone on the front of the house or had done some repairing of the stone wall.

    56.2' S 26-44 W ALG MEAN LN LAKE NW C

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