Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

Venetian Village  

The area starts at about 1090 S. Shore Dr. and bears the S. Shore address in its address line up to property of 1128 many of which are vancant lots.

This area need more work on it - listings as was from Lake directories (see sources for years consulted) and also telephone directories. I have not taken anything out just re-grouped it till I can verify it with lake directories again if possible.

The whole area of Venetian Village by what I can determine is or was the 38A; just when the offical plat was made and filed has not been determined as yet. The early ownership has been as follows:
    1837 - 30 June - James F. D. - Lanier land patent for 118 79/100A, 198 79/100A

    Another states that:
      1842 February 1842, this land was acquired by the Board of Directors of the Madison and Indianapolis Railroad. The railroad executives chose not to use the land south of the lake but rather have the route going to the north.
        Note: Lanier owned almost all the fractional sections around the lake - if the M & I RR acquired them all from Lanier they did not hold the land around Lake Maxinkuckee very long as evidenced in Section 21.
          Pages 10-11 J. F. D. and Elizabeth G. Lanier to The Madison & Indianapolis Railroad deed dated Oct 11, 1842, filed and recorded Oct. 23, 1843

          and by 1845 it seems they had resold the lands :

          pg. 11 The Madison & Indianapolis Railroad to George Plant dated Oct 12, 1845 and filed and recorded Feb 1846

          further study of the Lanier deeds are needed BUT I have not found any mention of the M & I RR having any connection to this area.

        18__ - [-?-] McMillen - also said to be the Jacob Cromley farm

        1872 Plat map; 1876 - not stated; 1880- 1908 - D. Easterday Farm [Daniel Easterday] .From One Township's YesterYear's
          Daniel was the first Easterday known that came to Indiana, to this part of the state anyway..

          The land he settled on had men previously occupied; it was the McMillien place. The McMillen family lived there when he came.

          He found a log house already located on the place, but it had rotted down and was hardly fit to live ine.

        1880- 1908 - D. Easterday Farm [ Daniel Easterday]

        In 1919, Daniel Easterday sold a part of this South Shore land, designated as lot number seven, to John Kline.

        1922- 1936 John Kline 86.48A

        1922- 1936 John Kline 86.48A

        1938 - Nov. 9 85 acre farm - with 900 feet Lake Maxikinkuckee frontage, house, barn, orchard, timber and flowing well. John Kline, Culver, Ind. - Indianapolis Star

        1948 1955 - Clarence Kline

        1956 - Clarence Kline show the 80A divided into 38A which is the north portion now Venetian Villlage area & 47A the South portion.

      from the plat map of 1961 C. Kline (Clarence Kline) owned the 38.8 acres and the 47.4 acres
      from the plat map of 1963 - The O. W. Macy's Inc. property dates from the 1963 plat map and it gave them the whole 80 acres (O. W. Macy's & 47.4).
      1967 O. W. Macy's the O. W. Macy's and Clarence Kline by a "tie symbol" the 47.4
      1968 O. W. Macy's the O. W. Macy's and Clarence Kline by a "tie symbol" the 47.4

      This from what I have researched and understand was the developement was not started until the late 1950's . The greater portion of this end of the lake is marsh land; muck. The it was said that the property was owned and developed by O. W. Macy Inc / [Oliver Wendall Macy], 415 E. Broadway Logansport, at the time

      It was thought that he had purchased the property from Clarence Kline but all the early deeds found thus far have been issued by Clarence & Ruth C. Kline; thus this proves that O. W. Macy of Logansport, Indiana was the just developer of the Villiage. If there are any abstracts that exist maybe there is some history in one of them as to its full ownership identy. Another states:
        In that same year (1958 sic), the land was sold to O.W. Macy of Cass County, Indiana. Articles of incorporation were approved on June 4,1957, by the Secretary of State of Indiana. O.W. Macy's Inc. was prepared to create the Venetian Village Subdivision

      In 1958, Clarence Kline requested approval of the Indiana Department of Conservation to construct water channels which would be open to the public.

      Donald M Stubbs excavated the wetlands and created the channels located in Venetian Village. Glen Patton and his father and George Franz to have worked on the project also.

      Because of the muck, marsh and silt many of the sea walls and or retaining walls of this area were first of steel driven into the lake bottom.

      Another states the developement took place or was started in the fall of 1959. This was before the zoning ordinances took place - thus the small antiquated lots of an era gone by; thus requiring several lots to be used in order to build a home or have a home in this area.

      1959 - Jul. 1 - Venetian Village. Lake Maxinkuckee's newest resort development. 44 lots with lake access

      1959 - Jul 8 - Notice of Public Hearing
        Notice is hereby given that the Marshall County Plan Commission will hold a public hearing on the Proposed plan of Venetian Village Subdivision in Lot Six (6) and Seven (7) Section Thirty four (34), Township Thirty-two (32) North, Range One (1) East in Union township, Marshall county Indiana...

        Copies of said Plan of Ventian Village Subdivision will be found in the office of the Auditor of Marshall cou 1959 - Jul 15 - Ad "Venetian Village - Lake Maxinkuckee's newest resort developement with lake access - building lots available, C. W. Epley Jr., Schricker Realty, VIking 2-2081.

        1960, Aug 10 - Venetian Village affected - Several thousand of dollars added to the rolls because of the 50 choices lots in the New Venetian Village sub-division at the south end of the lake

        1961, July 26 - Commissioners Studying Lake Road Project
          Venetian Village Area Toured

          A tour of four farms and two Lake Maxinkuckee properties southeast of Culver was made recently by the Marshall county commissioners at the request of the area residents to study the possibility of extending the highway from Venetian Village thorugh to Sycamore Road and constructing a new road around the Lake.

          The Farms of Mrs Edna Rose, Dr. Ernest Norris, Clarence Kline, and Lewis Witham were toured as well as the property of O. W. Macy.

          Kline Requests Road

          Clarence Kline made a request to the commissioners at their May meeting to extend the raod from Venetian Village to Sycamore Road.

          Lewis WItham of Hammond who owns the property necessary for such a connecting road, agreed to deed the necessary land to the county provided Kline would give access for a public drive to the lake front.

          Norris Would Donate Ground

          Dr. Norris has offered to give ground along the south line of his farm to the county and hald the necessary footage along the east fence line, providing that Mrs Rose gives the same footage, for a highway that woudl start from the Venetian Village road to the south across the property of Macy.

          Macey, who is filling in the low marshland on the south east part of the Lake for a subdivision, agreed to grant any amount of ground needed for a roadway to connect with the Norris property.

          Commissioner To Study Project

          Commisioner Omer Bixel saidn that the board of county commissioners will study the project and take action on the matter during th August meeting.

          He said to construct a road across the Macey and Norris property would require considerable time and money, inasmuch on each side a channel would be ncessary to raise the highway and allow the proper drainage

          The opening of Venetian Road through to Sycamore Road would be a small project, however, since it would require only a few hundred feet of new road, and would give better fire and police protection to residents in the area according to Bixel

        1962, Sept 12 - 52 Petitioners Object to New Connecting Road.
          The Marshall county commissioners received a petition with 52 signatures from remonstrators on the porposed road construction in Union Township, last Tuesday, Sept 4.

          The petition was presented in the afternoon session.

          The proposed road construction consists of a connectin road to join South Shore Drive through Venetian Village which is located on the southeast side of Lake Maxinkuckee.

          The petitioners contend that the road would benefit only those living in the subdivision and would save less than seven-tenths of a mile in travel. THey say there has been persmission granted to polis and fire departments and other emergency viechiles to cross properties between the roads when necessary.

          Commissioner Welcom Norris stated the present South Shore Drive is a private road, by during the past winter, county highway trucks have sanded the drive and used snow plows to keep the road open for those living in the area the year around.

          Commmissioner Omer Bixel, after checking the 52 names on the petition stated he knew 37 persons sigining the petition were in favor of the road connection.

          Those who are in favor of the new connection road, which according to them will only be approximately 150 feet long, gave these reasons for its construction:
            1, It would eliminate the need for mail carriedm school buses and other service vechile from having to back-track at two dead end roads

            2. The new road would allow convenient access to that part of the area, which would increase the desire to develop the residential sites.

            3. Police, fire and emergency vechiles would be benefited by the new road, in as much they would not have to go through gates, over rough terrain and through fences to reach the area of Venetian Viillage.

        1962, Sep. 26 - 100 Petitioners Favor Propesed Shore Road
          A pettion, signed by 100 Union twonship persons, favoring the proposed road connection between South Shore Dr. and Driftwood Drive in Venetian Village on Lake Maxinkuckee, was presented to the county commissioners at their speical meeting held on Monday, Sept 17.

          The petition maintained that the proposed road will add additional fire protection and in general add to the value of the property in the area.

          Presented at the same meeting, was a petition signed by three people, who had originally signed a petition against the road, and now have changed their minds and want their names off the opposition petition

          The coomissioners had asked for a study to be made on scool bus and mail routes in the area. Eugene Chipman, a Plymouth attorney, presented such a study . The study pointed our that the proposed road would have no effect on school bus or mail routes. He showed that mail routes had to be changed by Washington and this is unlikely for a road as small as the one proposed. Also the school bus doesn't make any stops along the present road. The bus does make pickups in Venetian Village and will still have to turn around and backtrack. The new road would give a choice of exit, however.

          The commissioner decided to make a final decision on the road at their next meeting, which will be the regular meeting held on the first Monday of the month. The date is October 1.

        1962 -Oct 3 - Venetian Village Road Approved By Commissioners
          The highly controversial road, measuring roughly 120 feet, which would connect South Shore Drive to Driftwood Drive in Venetian Village, was approved Monday by the Marshall County Commissioners at their regular monthly meeting. Petitions, pro and con, had been presented to the commissioners over the past few weeks.

          Those opposed to the building of the road contended the cost of construction would exceed the benefits, and that the road would only benefit those living in Venetion Village. Those in favor of the road construction contended it would provide better service for school buses and mail carriers as, well s better fire and police protection. There were no remonstrators at the commissioner's meeting Monday.

          The dedications of two parcels of land needed for the road were given to the commissioners. Plans will now proceed for the roadconstruction.

        1963, Jan 9 - The Marshall County commissioners received a petition with 52 signatures from remonstrators on the proposed road construction in Union Twonship which consistd of a connecting road to join South Shore Drive and Driftwood Drive through Venetian Village which is located on the the southeast side of Lake Maxinkuckee.

        By the 1995-6 plat map was owned by Thomas Johnson total acreage of 52.25 that and additonal 5.21 acres was added

        Macy named the streets Village Lake Road, Driftwood Drive (South Shore Drive) and Venetian Drive Road

        The subdivision was divided into 48 lots, most of them 70 feet wide with some variation, All lots were to be for residential., single family homes. Tho a scribe found says
          Several thousand of dollars were added to the rolls because of the 50 choice lots in the ne Venetian Village sub-division at the south enf of the lake - 10 Aug. 1960

        Everyone was required to have a Sea wall. Several years later they were required to put rocks in front of the seawalls. This helped to clean the channels as well as to encourage the spawning of fish.

        Charles "Ted" Wildes loved living on the channels amd bacame protector of the area. Many if not all called him "Mayor" of Venetian Village as he watched over the well being of the cottages and the people who lived in them. Soon a sign appeared on South Shore Drive with the message, "Welcome to Venetian Village, Charles T. Wildes, Mayor."

        Surrounding it to the east is the Norris Inlet or Maxinkuckee Wetlandsbr>
        2016 - Nov 8 - Venetian Village Cul-De-Sac Vacated - The Reinkes own the four pieces of land that surround the cul-de-sac. In the center of the four lots there is a cul-de-sac that is 80 feet in diameter.