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102 S. Main St.

18__ - 1895 - Saloon - C. C. Beaber

    NOTE: It seems C. C. Beaber and wife also built a building on Lakeshore Dr. thst was used as a saloon / restaurant

Gerard Saloon

1895 - 1897 Saloon - George N. Gerard
    June 1st 1895
    To the Hon. Board of the town of Marmont Marshall county, Indiana
    Gentlemen, Sirs
    You will please transfer the town liquor license issued to C. C. Beaber to Mr. Geo W. Gerard, of Marmont, and oblige

    C. C. Beaber

    Jun 17 1895 - The letter of C. C. Beaber was take from the table, and the Board decided that the license of said Beaber could not be transferred, and a motion was made and duly seconded that the clerk notify Mr. Geo W. Gerard to take out a new license. Carrried

Four doors south of the post office on Main street:
    Public Sale. The undersigned will sell at publie sale, on Saturday, Jan. 16, 1897, the following described property:
      One walnut bedroom set, bedsteads and bedding, one heating stove, one gasoline stove, canned fruits, cooking utensils, carpets, and a general line of household furniture. Also a log cabin, built last summer, suitable for a barber shop or any small business.

    Terms:— All sums of Five-Dollars and under, Cash - over that amount a note on six months time with approved security will be required. Interest from date of note will be charged if not paid when due. Sale will take place four doors south of the post office on Main street, at 1 o’clock p.m. sharp. George N. Gerard, Prop. - - 8 Jan 1897

George Gerard has retired from the saloon business in this city, and we understand will depart for the far west in the near future. He has been a resident of this place over three vears, and has been a good citizen; and we hope wherever his lot may be cast he will meet with success. He aud lrs amiable wife will leave host upon host of warm friends - 23 Jan 1897

Public Sale. The undersigned will sell at auction sale, on Saturday, January 30, 1897, the following articles:
    One heating stove, oue marble-top washstand with mirror, tables, chairs, saloon and bar glassware, cookstove, and other articles not enumerated.
Owing to parties having bought goods at the auction on Jan. 16th not being able to take them, Mrs. Gerard will also offer on the above date thy rest of her household goods Remember the place, five doors south of the Post Olhce on Main street Sale at 2 o’clock. Terms cash. - Tm. Wolfe -

The sale of household furniture,etc., advertised to take place next Saturday, January 30th, five doors south of post office on Main street, has been postponed until further notice. Tim Wolfe. - - 28 Jan 1897

Using the 1906 Sanborn Map the location was determined.

1906 Sanborn Map - Lot 31:
    it was labled as " L & G. Notions"
    2) Grocery

?-1897, Nov. 15 Masonic Lodge Hall Upstairs

Cash Store - J. Saine & Son

?-1902, March 20 - W. S. Easterday Undertaking business
    1902, March 20 - W. S. Easterday sold 102 S Main to Jake Rusell Saine

1902-? J. R. Saine & Sons Grocer
    Upstairs - "Saine's Hall"

1903- - The Cash Store - J. Saine & Son - an ad found for Nov. 1905

    1903 - Dec 10 - Earl Zechiel is now employed at Saine's Cash Store

    1906 - L & G. Notions

    1907 - Oct 31 - - Saine & Son are concreting a room in their store basement for the installation of an electic lighting plant for the building. An open stairway will be constructed in the store room, and the second story will be used as a salesroom for one or more of the departments of the business.

    1908 - Apr 2 - J. Saine & Son are installing a cash carrier system and are preparing to repaper an otherwise inprove the interior of their store room.

    1908 - September 24 The Saine store sports the first electric sign to be displayed in Culver. It advertices a brand of cigars and is the flash or disappearing kind.

    1909 - Mar 11 - Saine has removed the wood awning in front of his store and replaced it with canvas

    1909 - Jul 1 - An electric fan has been put into Saine's store - the first one in town - and a second willbe installed soon.

    1909 - AUg. 5 - The Saine store building is being repainted a slate color

    1909 - Sep 16 - Saine & son will sell their horses and wagon and run an auto delivery next season

    1909 - Dec 9 - An electrical Improvement - Saine & Son are installing a set of storage batteries containing cells with which they will run the electic fans and a new electric coffee mill

    APRIL 25,1912 - The twister which swept over this section Sunday night about 8 o'clock as an accompaniment to a heavy thunderstorm left considerable wreckage in its wake. Window lights were smashed in Lem Crabb's store, The Citizen office, Saine's Store, Listenberger's Pool room. Harry Medbourn's House and Poore's building. A kitchen on N. W. Retor's house was blown off its foundations and smashed to fragments, ruining all its contents; the gable end of Burt Ralston's new cottage was blown down; and a freight car on Ferrier's switch was unroofed. Dr. Wiseman's woodshed was moved from its foundations and the chicken house was tipped over as were small outhouses by the dozen. The barn and corn crib on Ed Hatton's place southwest of town were blown to pieces...

    1912 — May 23 Saine & Son's new auto delivery wagon arrived last week. It is a 20-horse power Ford and cost $700, which is a reasonable priceas things go. It is a stylish vehicle and will doubtless give a good account of itself in economy and efficiency.

    1914 - jan 15 - Saine & Son have introduced city water into their store.

    1921 feb 23 the Saine Store is undergoing changes that will add room convenience and attractiveness to this old established business.

    1917 - Jan 25 - Sunday night's gale blew in a front window at Saine's store

    1924 - Oct 1 - J. Saine and Son Store gets a coat of Paint
      Work was begun Tuesday morning on the J. Saine and son store building getting it in readiness for a new coat of paint. The entire outside of the building will have to be gone over with brushed to remove the old covering before the painting actuall begins. When the work is finished, it will be a great improvement to the appearance of the building as well as enhancing the appearance of the entire block in whch the building is loacted.

    1926 - APRIL 21 - Work was begun Monday morning on raising the sidewalk on Main Street in front of the Saine and Goss stores. The change in grade of the sidewalk was made necessary because the grade of the walk and street were not the same and the curb was higher than the walk.

1906 Sanborn Map

1914 Sanborn Map

1924 Sanborn Map

1927 - Mar 8 - New Firm Opens up for Business in Colver
    "Culver Auto Laundry" is the name of the latest business venture in Culver and is under the direction of Bert Rector and able assistants. This firm will wash cars, as its name indicates and will also deal in second hand automobiles. The new concern is occupying the building back of Saines Store - -

1927 - Mar 30 - Saines Celebrate 26 years in Culver
    In Same Location

    Opened Present Sore on March 30, 1902, and Still Serving the Public

    Twenty-five years ago today, a new store was opened in Culver. It was the firm of J. Saine & son, and during that span of years, this store has served this community continously.

    The store at that time and until his untimely death in 1921, was managed by Jake Russell Saine.

    Since then Claude May has taken over the duties as manager, and is still acting in that capacity today.

    For about seven years another son of John Saine, Harry, was connected with the business, but is now in California.

    The firm is still occupying the building they first used. At that time it was owned and used by W. S. Easterday in his undertaking business, but was purchased by the new buisness house.

    While not the oldest J. Saine & Sone ranks among the pioneer firms of the town and the length of time that this store has been doing business indicates tis success in serving the public.

    As a celebration of this quarter century birthday anniversary sale is being held at the store Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sturday of this week.

1928 - Nov. 28 - John Saine and wife wd Claude May S und 1-2 int.of lot 31 Houghton's cor plat palt Culver $1.00

1929 - Aug. 21 - John Saine and wife wd Claude May und 1-2 int. in n hf lot 31 orig. plat Culver $1.00

1929 - Oct 9 - H. G. Shafer Completes Deal for Saine Corner
    A deal that has been "hanging fire" since last May was finally completed last week when H. G. Shafer purchased the store building and two lots known as the J. Saine & Son property on the corner of Main and Jefferson streets. Mr. Shafer has not announced plans at present regarding the propery

Linco Petroleum Company / Marathon

1929 - October 11. H. G. Shafer purchased the store building and two lots known as the J. Saine and Son property on the corner of Main and Jefferson Sts.

1932 - Linco Petroleum Company - 1932
    May 25 1932 Culver Citizen – Gas Station to Go Up On Saine Site
      Modern Building Planned for Main Street Corner

      Start Work at Once

      Harvey Shafer Corner, Oppositce Bank, to be Site of Linco Service Station

      One of the oldest buildings in Culver has been torn down to give away to the march of time. The Saine building, opposite the bank, estimated to be at least fifty years old, has been demolished and the land, owned by Harvey G. Shafer for the past four years, has been leased for a long term to the Linco Oil and Petroleum Ciompany.

      The Linco company announces that oneof the finest super service stations in this end of the state will be erected on this prominent corner and that work is to start at once so that the station will be in use by the middle of July.

      The details of the project will be announced as soon as the company's engineers have complered the specifications.

      The old structure, oneof the landmarks of the town, has not been in use for five years, and was formerly occupied by the J. Saine & Son firm, dealing in general merchandise.

      For Many years this was one of the leading stores in Culver and attracted trade from a wide radius.

1932 - July 13 - Culver Citizen – Linco Starts Work on $15,000 Station
    Up In SIx Weeks

    WHite Glazed brick Building to be Erected on Prominent Main Street Corner

    Work has been started by the Ohio Oil Company, which handles Linco products, on a new $15,000 super service station to be erected on the corner of Main and Jefferson Streets.

    The building will be 24X50 and the outside will be faced with white glazed brick, while the interior will be of terra cotta glazed tile, maiking it as fireproof as possible.

    One of the features of the new building will be its lighting system, which will flood the exterior with a battery of indirect lamps. Refllected on the white building the lights will be so bright that a newspaper could be read while standing on the opposit side of the street.

    Officials of the company sttate that their plans call for a building which the community will be proud to have on one of its most prominent corners

    The construction is under the direction of A. V. Stackhouse, of Indianapolis, who plans to have the building completed within six weeks. In keeping with its usual policy the Ohio Oil Company will employ local labor as much as is practical and well buy as much local material is possible.

    The local linco station will be operated under the Plymouth division. No local agent has been appointed as yet, according to officials of the company.

1932 - Aug 3 - To Operate Linco Station - Howard E. Mikesell has been notified that he has been appointed manager of the new Linco service station that is being hult at the corner of Main and Jefferson streets. It is excpected that the new station will be opened for use in about two or three weeks

1932 - August 31-April 1933 - Linco Service Station to Open This Saturday
    1932 - Aug. 31 - With most of the construction work finished the Linco Oil Refining Company will open its beautiful new station here Saturday. The white glazed brick super service station is located opposite the bank with Howard Mikesell in Charge.

    1932 - Nov. 30 - Pat Shaw is employed in the Linco Service Station in Culver.

1933 - 5 Alumbaugh Now Linco Manager; Berglaund at Standerd Gas Station (401 Lakeshore)
    Bert ALumbaugh, former Manager of the Standard Oil service statuon on Lake SHore Drive has taken over management of the Linco station and Charles Berglund has become manager of the station formerly handled by Alumbaugh. Howard Mikesell, former Linco station manager is devoting his full time now to his chicken and egg business.

1934 - Jan — Alumbugh BUYS BUSINESS - Bert Alumbaugh has purchased the Charles White Recreation Hall , taking possession last Friday. He expects to check out of the Linco service station, where he has been manager for several months, although his successor has not been names as yet.

1934 - Feb 7 - Named Linco Manager - Harold Robinson has been appointed manager of the local Linco Service station, succeeding Bert Alumbaugh, who resigned recently to enter another line of business. Gordon A. Cultice has been named station assistant.

1935 - May 15 - Cultice and Robinson Lease Linco Station
    Harold Robinson and Gordon Cultice have leased the Linco Service Station, effective May 7. They have been managing the station for some time for the Linco Company, but will now operate the buisness for themselves

1937 Sanborn map

1937 from the fireman's benifit film

1938 - Oct 12 - Linco Gasoline - Marathon Oils. The Ohio Oil Company in the 1930's marketed gsoline under the Linco brand in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucy and Michigan.

1939 - Aug. 20 - Ohio Oil Co. Introduces New Marathon Gasoline
    Friday September 1, marks the official date when local dealers of the Ohio Oil Company will introduce an improved gasoline under the trade name "Marathon".

    While car owners here have enjoyed Marathon Motor Oil for several years, this is their first chance to buy Marathon Gasoline in this territory.

    The Ohio Oil Company dealers, who formerly marketed Lino Gasoline, will no dispence this improved Marathon Gasoline exculsively. This is the only change in the local set-up - the marketing of Marathon Gasoline instead of Liner.

    Marathon outlets are easily identified by the trade-mark of the Marathon Runner, with the accompanying slogan, "Best in the long run"....

194_ - Gordon Cultice operated the Marathon for 10 years before resigning when inducted into the service

1944 - Feb. 2 - Opens CMC Office - Frank Brooke, district manager of the Chicago Motor Club, has opened an office in the Matathon Service Station.

1944 - Feb. 2 - Opens Service Station - Wilbert Sausman has taken over the management of the Marathon Service Station and opened for business on Yuesday. Until recently he was connected with the construction of the Alaskan highway..

1945 - Jan 31 - Buys Service Station
    George Crutchfield purchased last week the interest of W. A. Sausman in the in the Marathon Service Station. Mr. Crutchfield is no stranger to the business as he has managed the Standard Service Station and Lake Shore Garage. Mr. Sausman's plans for the futhre are not definite.

1946 - Aug 14 - Station Not Sold - George Crutchfield has not sold his interest in the Marathon Service Station, although he is planning to spend the winter in Flordia. His brother, Glavis Crutchfield will manage the business during his absence.

1946 - Sep 4 - New Station Manager Robert D. Powell of Connersville was succeeded George Cructhfield as manager of the Marathion Service Station. He took over his duties Friday

1947 - Oct 1 - The front of the Marathon Service Station is being remodeled. The canopy is being removed and the front will be modernized and a new lighting arrangement installed

1948 - September 8 - Henry Hinkle New Marathon Manager
    Henry Hinkle has purchased the management of the Marathon Service Station of Robert Powell, the ransaction taking effect Spet.

    Powell, who operated the station for over two years, has returnede to his former home in Connersville

    Hinkle needs no introduction to the community as he has lived here all his life. For the past few years he was been conneced with the Charles VanMeter Implement store.

1949 - July 27 - Buy Service Station
    Bryon Studebaker, former Culver resident, has purchased the Marathon Service station from Jack Kowatch

    Mr. Studebaker, who resigned from his postion with the Plastice Division of the General Electric Corporation at Decatur, Ill., took over the operstion of the service station laast Friday.

    Mr. and Mrs. Studebaker and sons, Richard, recently moved from Decatur, Ill. to Culver.

1949 - November 23 - Byron Studebaker, proprietor of the Marathon Service Station, announced today the completion of work started several days ago toward the complete modernization of the Service station

Marathon - ? - 1951- Byron Studebaker

1951 - Apr. 11 - Marathon - Bob Sanders
    1951 - apr. 11 Bob Sanders - has purchased the Marathon Service Station from Byron Studebaker it has been announced. The transger of owneship was evvested last thursday.

1953 - Jul 29 - Closed for Remodeling - The Maration service station on Main Street was closed Thursday for remodelign and alterations.

1953 - Dec 2 - The Marathon Service Station Prepares for Reopening
    The appreance of a marketing department truck at the Marathon service station at the corner of Main and Jefferson on Monday was the signal that the Ohio Oil Company intends an early reopening of the establishment which has been colsed since mid-summer.

    A steel desk and other office equipment was unloaded and construction work on the interior is beginning. The restrooms are being enlarfed amonf other improvements.

    The Ohio Oil Company spent more than $7.500 beautifing and modernizing the exterior early this year.

    The service station apparently has everything - excpt a new manager and lessee.

1954 - Jun 16 - Omer H. Hall is New Manager of Marathon Station
    Walkertonian Reopens Establishment at Town's Busiest Corner

    Culver's buisness district got a much needed shot in the arm this past week when the Marathon service station at the southeast corner of Main and Jefferson streets, idle and unoccupied since last falll, reopened under the aggressive management of Omerh H. Ball.

    Mr. Ball was born near Leiters ford and is a braduate of the Rochhester High School

    For the past 20 years he has been the owner and operator of the Chrysler-Plymouth agency at Walkerton.

    Mr. and Mrs Ball have four children: Sharon 6; Karen 8; David 20; and Thomas 22. Thomas has bee stationed in Korea for almost a year.

    Mr. Ball became a Methodist during his early residence in Leiters Ford. He is an active Mason, beinf a member of the Blue Lodge in Walkerton, the Scottish Rite in South Bend, and of Orak Temple of the Shrine in Hammond.

    Mrs.Ball and their four children are of the Roman Catholic faith. he family will move from Walkerton to Culver before the school year begins.

    Meanwhile David is assisting his father at the Marathon station and today is celebrating his brithday.

1954 - Oct 13 - Bob Mohr New Lesse of Marathon Station
    Bob Mohr's Marathon is the new name of the Ohio Oil Company's beautiful service station at the busy corner of Main and Jefferson streets.

    Mr. Mohr succeeds Omer Ball as the lessee of this popular business establishment. For the past two years Bob has been with Dale's D-X service station.

    Ohio's headquarters are at Findlay, Ohio, but Culver is served by the SOuth Bend markieting office.

    The Citizen congratulate bob Mohr on getting into business for himself and wishes him unbounded success

1955 - AUg 31 - Lester C. Snyder Buys Marathon Service Station
    Lester C . Snyder, head of Snyder Chevrolet Sales, has purchased Bob Mohr's interest in the attractive and modern Marathon Service Station at the southeast corner of Main and Jefferson Streets and has already taken possession.

    R. G. Mathioudakisi of the SOuth Bend marketing division of the Ohio Oil Comapany was in Culver on Tuesday to complete the negotiations.

    To be operated under the name of Snyder's Marathon Service, the establishment was purchased mainly to provide more lubrication and car washing facilities for the growning Snyder Chevrolet Sales at 211 E. Jefferson St.

    B. F. Goodrich tires, batteries and accessories will be handled in addition to the well known Marathon prodcuts.

    Mr. Smyder's staff has increased from three to 12 since he came to Culver a little over a year agai.

1956 - Sep 26 - Herman Knoerzer Leases Marathon Service Station
    Herman Knoerzer, who has been in charge of the Marathon Service Station for Lester C. Synder since January, has taken over the full management which be known as the Knoezer Marathon Service Station.

    R. G. Mathioudakis of the SOuth Bend markieting division of the Ohio Oil Company was in CUlver on Thesday to complete the negotiations.

    The station will specialize in complete lubnrication and has car washing and polishing facilities and battery and tire service , B. F. Goodrich tires, batteries and accessories will be handled in addition to the wel known Marathon products.

    Ther Herman Knoerzers have lives at 618 School street in Culver since January and prior to that time resided in Hibbard. Ther two sons Nicholas Arthur 11 and Richard Allan 10 attend the Culver schools.

    Mr. Knoerze worked as a mechanic at Snyder Chevrolet Sales before taking over the management of the station early this year.

1959 - Jun 17 - Herman Knoerzer Closes Marathon Service Station
    With regret the Citizen has noted the closing of Herman Knoerser's Marathon service station at the southeast corner of Main and Jefferson.

    Herman and his staff have rendered excellent and courteous service to many customers.

    It is under stood that the service station, owned byu the Ohio Oil Company, is seeking another lessee. The operation of the station has changed hands at least six times duing the past 10 years.

    Mr. Knoeser will shortly disclose his future business plans. We wish him well

1959 - Aug. 19 - Kenneth Tasch is New Manager of Marathon Service Station
    Kenneth Tasch of Culver has taken over the management of the Marathon Service Station, formerly operated by Herman Knoerzer for the Ohio Oil Company.

    It is located at the southeast corner of Main and Jefferson streets.

    Mr. Tasch was born in Chicago and moved to Starke county when a small boy. SInce his marriage 12 years ago to the former Lois Peterson has has resided near Culver, where he became assistan manager of the Culver elevator.

    After serving 2 1/2 years in the Seasbees during World War II, re received his honorable discharge in 1945 and continued to work at the elevatory intil 1951 when he took over the Sunray hog farm for Sam Medbourn intil the present time.

    Mrs Tasch, a graduate of St. Luke's Hospital School of Nursing in Chicago is employed at the Culver Military Academy infirmary.

    Mr. and Mrs Tasch hade a son, Kenneth Paul, age 9 1/2 and a daughter, Kathryn Lynn age 8. They aare all members of the Grace United Church. Mr. Tash is also a member of the Collins-Tasch Legion Post at Monterey, and a past commander of the V.F.W. Post 6929.

1959-1965 - Ken's Marathon Kenneth Tasch

?- 1974-1983 - Bob's Marathon - Bob Measles

    28 Sep 1983 Culver Citizen - Culver buisnessman Robert F. Measles, age 45, died unexpectedly Sept. 23. Having lived in the area for the past 27 years, he was owner and operator of Bob's Marathon Service in Culver and a member of the Culver Eagles Lodge.

?-? - Marathon - 'Doc' Greshem Monty Lough

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Culver Academy Museum

2007- 2017 - Culver Academies Museum & Gift Shop / Culver Educational Foundation
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    2013 - Culver Eductional Foundation has purchased the Wickhieser building and will be expanding their museum into it from 108 S. Main.

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