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Gold Coast Industries

1961 - Jun 28 - Amond, Father and Son, Head New Culver Manufacturing Firm

    picture & underneath) Captain Frank E. Amond, owner and operator of the Lake Maxinkuckee excursion boats for the past 20 years, has branched out again in his business interests.

    He and his super - salesman son, Eddie Amond, one of the few persons able to swim across the Lake, have formally launched Gold Coast Industries in Culver, manufacturers of aluminum and "Fiberglas " awnings. A display room of their outstanding product s is located downtown at 110 South Main Street.

    Gold Coast Industries Launched Here

    Frank Amond takes pride in announcing the expansion of a new Culver business, Gold Coast Industries, manufacturers of aluminum and fiberglass awnings.

    In August of 1960, Mr. Amond purchased the Midwestern franchise from Orion, Inc., of Bay City, Mich. The main office and factory are located in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

    During the past 10 months Mr. Amond has been selling on a wholesale dealer basis throughout the Midwest, along with a limited retail operation. Now he 'plans to penetrate the retail markets within a 50-mile radius of Culver .

    His son, Edward, has recently returned from a 6-month retail training program with Hoosier Homes, Inc., Kitchens, Inc., and Kohler-Craft Homes, Inc., all of Elwood, Ind.

    Local Display Room

    A temporary assembly shop has been set up in the Amond Building located at 110 S. Main St. A display room may also be seen at the street level.

    Frederick Warner, president of Gold Coast Industries in Fort Lauderdale, has been in the awning manufacturing; business since 1941 and has operated his own company since 1953. Mr. Warner is a frequent Lake Maxinkuckee visitor, being a half-brother of George Warner and Mrs. Clyde L. Shively of Culver .

    In 1960, Mr. Warner introduced the all new, one-piece, molded fiberglass awning to United States markets. The awning has gained popularity throughout the South. It is made of the same material and to specifications used in world famous fiberglass boats.

    The aluminum and fiberglass awnings are the modern adjustable folddown type with a tear drop design. They are referred to as "Hurricane Shutters" throughout the Southland and are engineered to withstand a load test of 45 pounds per square foot.

    Frank Amond, popu1arly known as "Captain," arrived in Culver in 1939 and previously worked for 20 years in the variety store business, gaining experience with Kresge, Murphy, and Newberry stores along the Eastern seaboard.

    Frank purchased the Ben Franklin Store in 1939 and later sold it to the present owner, Wilber (Bob) Taylor.

    Operates Excursion Boats

    Immediately Franik bought the excursion boats at the Culver Park and along with his energetic wife, Emma, has operated the "Maxinkuckee Cruiser" for the past 20 years.

    Mr. and Mrs. Amond plan to continue operating the boats, with their son, Eddie, being sales manager of G.C.I.

    They also have a daughter, Joanne, who is now Mrs. Daniel Kennedy and a registered nurse at the Osteopathic Hospital in South Bend. Mr. Kennedy is a clinical psychologist for the South Bend School system.

    Eddie Amond is a graduate of Culver High School, where he participated in varsity athletics. He has a B.S. degree in marketing and salesmanship from St. Joseph's College at Rensselaer. While in college, he was active in varsity athletics and social activities, being among other things, secretary of the Debate Society.

    Eddie has gained business experience ib y working with Youngstown Sheet and Tube Co. of East Chicago, Kingsbury Ordnance near LaPorte, Studebaker Packard Corp., National CashRegister Co., Victor Adding Machine Co., and Tiffin Art Metal, all in South Bend.

    Eddie Amond Sets Record

    While at Victor, in September, 1958, Eddie was the 20th top salesman in North America, besides leading, branch salesman for 10 months. He won top honors in May of 1959 with Tiffin Art Metal Co.

    In December, 1960, Eddie graduated in the first spot of the South Bend Dale Carnegie Public Speaking and Human Relations Course.

    On June 10 he married the former Shirley Drews Tucker of Knox, who will continue to teach this Fall as speech correctionist n the Culver School system. The new Mrs. Amond attended Ball State, Indiana University, and is a graduate of Valparaiso Universitv.

It is unknown when exactly the business cease to exist but think it operated into the early 1970's