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115 South Main Street / Warner Building

Culver City Herald - ?-1896=? George Nearpass
    On the 13th of July, 1894, appeared the first issue, Vol. I, No. 1, of the "Marmont Herald," George Nearpass, editor and publisher.

    Culver's newspaper was begun in restricted space, in a small one-story frame building, located on the west side of Main Street between Jefferson and Madison streets. The property is now owned by Harvey Warner, who has another building on the site.

    The building used by Nearpass was an old photograph gallery, which at one time stood somewhere nearly west of the present "66" gas station on Lake Shore Drive. The building was moved by John Osborn, the banker who financed Nearpass, to the location south of the present Mitchell & Stabenow store. The Nearpass newspaper building stood long side, or "broadside," to the street, because it had been built to accommodate the photograph gallery. Later, after the newspaper had used it, the building was moved again, to a location back of the present tin shop (117 S. Main ).

The statement Later, after the newspaper had used it, the building was moved again, to a location back of the present tin shop maybe errornous in comparing the Sanborn maps it seems likely that the building was pushed direcly to the back of the lot

1897 - watch and repair shop -
    John Campbell has moved his watch and repair shop into the building formerly occupied by the Herald office, first door south of VanSchoiack's store. 29 Jan 1897

. It is label "Harness Shop" - ice Ho. 1906 sitting on very back of lot on alley. It is label "tin Shop" the color coding reads "Buildings colored in Yellow are Frame".

Some time between 1906 and 1914 there was either an addition added onto the building or a seperate very small building erected as evidenced below.

It is label "Vacant - Off. 1914 - Auto 1914" the color coding reads "Buildings colored in Yellow are Frame"

Between 1914 and 1924 as evidence by the Sanborn maps the building used by Nearpass as a newspaper office at what is now - was moved again, to a location back of the present tin shop. and the concrete block building was erected. The 1924 map is marked with 'S' and (C.B.)

1915 - Sep 2 - Harvey Warner has bought the Mont Foss business lot 30X60, and one-story Frame building for $1,500. The building will be moved to the rear of the lot and a one-story cement block or brick building will be erected. Mrs. Warner expects to occupy it with a stock of goods, the nature of which is not reveled. Mr. Foss is contemplating a move to Bourbon, but does not expect to go before next spring.

? -1916 -1922 - Warner Variety Store (Grocery and Novelty Line)

1922 - Koontz Variety Store
    1922 - Aprl 6 - To the Public - We have purchased the Warner Variety Store and will continue a cash and carry business. Assuring you courteous treatment and lowerst prices possible commensurate with high quality, we respectfully solicit a share of your patronage - Koontz's Variety Store.

1925 - American Legion Room
    Johnson moves to the American Legion Room. [ 202 N Main]. The Post will move to the Warner building which has been occupied by the Koontz Variety Store until recently.

1926 - Mar 25- Oct 28 - Culver Post Office.

1926 - Dec 15 - Parkview Bakery
    1926 - Dec 1 - To My Customers, As I am moving from the present locaction opposite the depot to the Warner building next to the Werner's Jewler Store. I will be force fo discontinue my baking after tonight until Dec. 15th.

    On that date I will open up a first class bakery and will be prepared to take care of all my old Cutomser as well as new ones. - Parkview Bakery, J. Anderson, Prop

1936 - May 27 - An Ad by Ferrier Lumber Co. advertising an exhibt by Clelotex - at 115 South Main St. "Warner building

'S' - 1937 Sandborn Map map is marked with 'S' and (C.B.)

1930 - Waite's Plumbing Shop - Cifford Waite
    1930 - Sep 8 - Waite Moves shop - C. C. Waite has mover his heating. nad plumbing shop from the Schweidler building in the north end of town the the Wanrner building on Main street

    1938 - March 28, Clifford C. Waite has opened his own plumbing shop in the rear of the Schweidler Cafe building across the street from the Lake Shore Garage

? 1932 - A. M. Roberts Plumbing Shop

1932 - July 13 - Sipeman Buys Roberts Plumbing Shop Business
    Emil Sipeman has purchased the A. M. Roberts Plumbing Shop and is now operating it under his own name. Mr Sipeman is a trained plumber and general mechanic of many years practical expeirence

1933 - Mar 22 - Emil Siepman is enlarging the garage at the rear of his home to accomodate his plumbing shop and two cars. Henry Listenberger will operate the present Siepman Shop as a restaurant

1933 - Nov. 26 - Culver Cafe -
    1933 - Nov. 22 - New Resturant to Open in Warner Building

    Another new buisness in Culver will be launched when a restaurant opens Saturday, November 26 , the in Warner Building on Main Street.

    The cafe will be operated by Albert Gross and Jack Jeffress of Winamac.<

    Mr. Gross has been in the restaurant business all of his life and was connected with the Sanders Cafe here eight years ago.

    The owners of the new cafe promise the public delcious food at reasonable prices, served in an attractrive manner.

1936 - Oct 14 - Hawkins Tavern to Move During Alterations
    The Warner Building s being redecorated for use by the Hawkins Tavern while extensive remodeling is being done on the present buildingbr>
    The business will open in its temprorary quarters next Monday.

    It is planned to build a new floor in the Hawkins Tavern, install and attractive new front and make various other improvements.

1937 - Jul 10 - The Culver Style Shop -
    1937 - July 7 - TO OPEN DRESS SHOP Mrs. M. C. Dimmick announces the opening of a dress shop, "The Culver Style Shop," in the Warner building next Saturday. She will feature dresses, slips, and hosiery.

    1937 - Jul 7 - Announcment - On Sautrday , Jul 10th I will open in the Warner Building on Main Street a dress shop to be known as "The Culver Style Shop" Feautring the latest styles in Dresses, Slips, Gotham Gold Stripe Hosiery. I invite you to come in and inspect the attractive merchandise Mrs M. C. Dimick, prop.

    1937 - Sep 1 - Dress Shop to Open in Helen's Beaty Shop - The purchase of the dress shop operated by Mrs. M. C. Dimmink by Rebecca Joens and Helen Calhoun has been announced The shop, to be known as the "Gay Frock Shop", has been moved from the Warner building to the Helen's Beauty Shop, and was opened of buiness this morning

1937, Nov. 17 - 1962 - Long Tavern Moves - Culver City Tavern operated by A. B. Long, has moverd from it former quarters to the Warner building across the street. As soon as all installations have been completed Mr. Long plans to serve regular meals featuring home cooking.

1965 - ?? Al's Radio & TV (Al Systma)
    The Al Sytsmas Open Radio, TV, Appliance Store

    A new business establishment to our Culver community is Al's Radio and TV store located at 115 South Main Street, operated by Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Sytsma.

    The newly-decorated shop offers Emerson radios, televisions, tape recorders, record players, hi-fi sets, and Easy washers and dryers for sale. Appliance servicing and repair is also available.

    Mr. Sytsma is a graduate of the DeVry Technical Institute of Chicago and has had four years experience in the line of servicing and repairing.

    The Sytsmas, both Culver High School graduates, have three sons, Richard, age 10, and twin sons, Donald and Ronald, age 7, and are members of Culver 's Grace United Church of Christ.

    Al's Radio and TV will hold a Grand opening at the South Main Street address on Saturday, April 4, at which time a radio will be given for a door prize. Cake and coffee will be served at the grand opening. The telephone number of his new Culver business firm is Viking 2-2982. THURSDAY, APRIL 22, 1965

    Al's TV & Appliance (Al Systma) ? - 1999
    Cafe Max expananded to in 2000's - JD-ONE JD-TWO INC 1999 - 2010
      remodeled in 2000 and completed in March of 2001