Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

117 South Main Street  

Residence - Bayliss L. & Emma Dickson

189_ Culver Citizen

    It is said that the Culver Citizen moved from the small building refered to as "cramped photographer's building" at 115 S. Main. to above to above Hawkins Tavern (117 S. Main St.). From there it moved to a small building where the library now stands (107 N Main. ' which is refered to as the " Overman building " which is said the building was to have been moved to the back Johnson's Tire Service (202 N Main.) and then moving to the two story building on the front of the lot. Jul 26 1944- Citizen

1896 - Mr. J. K. Mawhorter, Culver City's celebrated tinner is about to erect a building just south of the Herald office, which will be used as a tin shop

1903 - Oct 15 - Chas. Bpwer has moved his barber shop to the rooms over the tine shop. He is prepared to wait on all who need anything in his line.

1906 - It is label "tin Shop" the color coding reads "Buildings colored in Green are Specials".

1906- 1909 - Gast Tin Shop
    From the Culver Citizen, July 16, 1908:
      Mrs. Emma Dickson was the guest last week of her nephew, Hon. Daniel McDonald, the “Tall Hickory of the Pottawattomie Reservation" as the Rochester Republican puts it. Mrs. Dickson is the widow of Bayliss L. Dickson, who owned the land on which Culver is situated and who laid out Uniontown in 1845 or 1847. They lived in a house on the corner now occupied by the Gast tin shop. Mrs. Dickson was accompanied by her sister, Mrs. Weimer of Argos.

Between 1914 and 1924 as evidence by the Sanborn maps the building used by Nearpass as a newspaper office at what is now - 115 S. Main st.. was moved again, to a location back of the present tin shop.

It is label "Pool" the color coding reads "Buildings colored in Yellow are Frame" Listenberger pool room - 1914

Along the side street by the corner tavern was a hitching rail of iron. We kids loved to skin the cat on it a few times as we were going home rom school. - Donna Medbourn Edgington
    The town has this week set up a long line of galvanized iron hitching rails along the north side of the M. E. church and the south side of the Listenberger pool room. - Dec -1914

'S' - 1924 Sandborn Map

1925 - Assigned 117 as postal address; onwer listeas Henry and Anna E. Percher.

'S' - 1937 Sandborn Map  

It was lovingly dubbed the "Taberbnacle" during the 1930's by an old Civil War Veteran who frequented the tavern.

? -1929, Oct. - Charles Pettis

1929, Oct-? - Jesse Crabb
    1929, Oct 2 - Jesse Crabb Purchases Pool Room of Chas. Pettis. - Last week a deal was completed whereby Jesse Crabb purchased the pool room owned by Charles Pettis on the corner of Main and Madison streets. Mrs Pettis has operated the buisness for several years but failing health compelled him to take a completer rest. He will continue to live in Culver. Mr. Crabb is will known in Culver and his genial dispostion will be a vaulable assett to the buisness. He has improved the appearance of the building by re-painitng the front.

1931 - 25 Mar. - Lloyd Hawkins sold the pool hall on the corner of Main and Madison to Elza Hawkins

1933 - Dec 31 - Building addition Elza Hawkins is building a 20X20 foot addition to his recreation room on Main streer. The building is of cement blocks finiished on the interior with insulated board

1935 - Apply for Beer Licenses - ... A. B. Long and Elza Hawkins had applied for the renewal of their licenses to sell beer. All licenses expire on November 15tth, requiring new applications and review by the county license board

1936 - Oct 14 - Hawkins Tavern to Move During Alterations
    The Warner Building is being redecorated for use by the Hawkins Tavern while extensive remodeling is being done on the present building

    The business will open in its temprorary quarters next Monday.

    It is planned to build a new floor in the Hawkins Tavern, install and attractive new front and make various other improvements.

1936 - Nov. 18 - Attrctive New Front on Hawkins Tavern
    The installation of a new front on the Hawkins Tavern has been completed and the remodeling of the interior will be completed this week.

    The front is of two-tone green glass.

    The new terrazzo floor has been laid and the refinished walls are now being completed.

    It is expected that the place will be open by the end of the week or the first of next week

    The building is owned by H. A. Heine.

1936 - Nov. 18 - Theives broke into the Hawkins Tavern about 10:00 p.m. Sunday and took about $200 in merchadise and the contents of two slot machines

1937 From the Firemans benifit film

1937 - Oct 13 - Crouch Buys Tavern - C. C. Crouch has purchased Hawkins Tavern effective November 15th, when it will be known as Crouch's Tavern and will be operated by his son, Robert

? - 1937 - Robert Crouch

1937 - Nov 17 - Tavern to Hawkins - Elza Hawkins became owner of the tavern on Mains street this morning after the business has been operated for several years by Robert Crouch

Corner Tavern & Culver City Tavern existed side by side

1962 - Oct 17 - El-Ray Inc. by Bernard F. Scheetz, Pres., 809 Michigan St. Plymouth Indiana (Resturant) Beer & Wine Retailors 115 S. Main, Culver, Ind. - - El-Ray Inc. (Resturant) TRANSFER Beer & Wine Retailers permit from 115 S. Main St. to 117 S. Main St. Culver, Indiana
    Assumed with this that the Culver City Tavern was absorbed by the Corner Tavern and became one.

Corner Tavern - 1983 - 199?

The Corndance??????? Excuse me I can't comphrend the name where it came from - tho it is very UNIQUE I must say!!!!!! and it has stuck!

No it will never be the same - not without Bernie & Dick...Jeff & Willie... and the old name "Corner Tavern"

Corndance Cafe 1999 - George & Tamera J. Pesek
    Corn Dance Cafe Annex Upstairs (banquet room) and 2 half bathrooms added in 2000

2015 - Sep 10 - Culver's Corndance - Evil Czech to close by end of September -
    George Pesek, who opened Corndance in 1999 with wife Tammy, told The Culver Citizen he made the announcement to his staff Thursday afternoon that Corndance (located on Main Street) will close after Saturday, Sept. 26, and Evil Czech after the 27th.

    Staff members were offered jobs "up north," he dded, referring to the Corndance Tavern on Grape Road in Mishawaka, which the Peseks opened five years ago, and the Evil Czech Mishawaka, which opened more recently.

    "The huge success in Mishawaka is the reason we have to close in Culver," says Pesek. "The volume there just doesn't allow me any time to come to Culver and operate it properly. I never wanted to be an absentee owner, and...since we opened in Mishawaka I've been in Culver less and less."

    George Pesek earned his reputation as a chef (he's the "Evil Czech" of the brewery’s namesake, a joking reference to his high-pressure approach in the kitchen) on Navy Pier in Chicago before moving his family to Culver.

    Evil Czech opened in subsequent years after Pesek took over the former Pinder's Restaurant site on Main and Davis Streets , trying two prior approaches to menu and ambience before opening a microbrewery at the site. Doing so had made Culver the smallest town in the US with a microbrewery...

2015, Sep - ? - - Again its sites empty.

Oct 1 - staple Culver business also closed its doors for the last time after Saturday night when Corndance Cafe (and sister entity Evil Czech Brewery) bid customers farewell after 16 years as one of Culver's premiere restaurant

z September 26 at 11:31am - Lucrezia Chesterton - We are so excited to announce that we will be opening our THIRD Culver! Approximate opening date is November 21.
    Lucrezia provides innovative Northern Italian specialties at value prices in a relaxed and eclectic atmosphere in Chesterton and Crown Point.

    We opened our first Lucrezia restaurant in Chesterton in 1998 and 5 years later expanded to Crown Point ((opened on November 24, 2003)

    Lucrezia's sister company, Good to Go by Lucrezia also has two great locations - Chesterton & Valparaiso.

    Owners are Michael "Mike" Karas and Nada Radovan Karas. Nada is a restaurant consultant and the co-owner of award winning restaurants Lucrezia Cafe in Chesterton and Lucrezia Italian Ristorante in Crown Point (Karavan Restaurants, Inc. in Indiana ). She also is co-owner of Good to Go by Lucrezia, an Italian Specialty Market, Wine & Olive Oil Store in Chesterton

    Nada Karas started a career in research laboratories before quickly realizing that sales and marketing were her passion. After spending 15 years traveling for work and spending time in Europe, Nada and her husband, Michael Karas, moved to Chesterton with new careers. Having always had a passion for culinary arts and being true foodies, Nada and Michael opened Lucrezia in 1998.

2016 - Nov 16 - The council then turned to a request by new Culver arrival Lucrezia Trattoria, which is opening Monday, Nov. 21 in the former Comdance location, to temporarily obstruct the sidewalk on the south side of the restaurant in order to construct a stairway to a future outdoor dining deck. The stairway would not only provide access to the deck, which would be where the first floor roof is now, but would also, as Fire Chief Terry Wakefield noted, bring the building up to fire code. The council approved this as long as the designated 48" sidewalk for ADA compliance was maintained.

    OP LOT 4 S 25'