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Aub-Bee-Naub-Bees Village  

extended South of Quash-Quas and on into Fulton county. His reservation coverd some thirty odd sections of land. His residence was in Fulton county.

In the 'The Band Affiliation of Potawatomi Treaty Signatories' by Dr. David A. Baerreis pg. 13 is found:

    Aubenaube- The subsequent Treaty of Tippecanoe (Oct. 26, 1832) made provision in Article II "for the band of Aub-be-naub-bee, thirty-six sections, to include his village," thus implying his status as eader of a band. (7 Stat. 394.) An 1827 census of Potawatomi Indians listed 45 individuals in his village (or band?) but only 40 were listed on an 1828 payroll which also gave his village location as the Tippecanoe.61 The 1829 payroll was more specific on village location, indicating that it was on the prairie north of the Tippecanoe River and that the population had increased to 60.62 That this location was reasonably constant is suggested by the fact that Lewis Cass' list (June 2, 1825) of approved trading posts lists one at "Aubinaubees village, Tippecanoe River."63

In the History of Marshall County Indiana (1908) Daniel Mc Donald pgs. 8-11 is found:

    There was also what was called Au-be-nau-be village, in Fulton County, on or near the southern line of Marshall County, and about two miles to the "rest of the Michigan road. It was on what was the known as Man- ke-kose's reserve, not far from the present town of Walnut. Au-be-nau-be presided as chief over several bands of Pottawattomies, in this and Fulton County, but made his permanent home at what was Au-be-nau-be village in Fulton County, a few miles south of Maxinkuckee Lake. A large allotment of land was ceded to him and his band, which was called " Au-be-nau-be reserve." It extended half way up the east shore of Maxinkuckee Lake, thence east a mile or so, and then south several miles into Fulton County.

and from the Early Settlement of Kosciusko County by Greybeard AKA Isaiah J. Morris Northern Indianian March 19, 1874:

    Aubbeenaubee's village was on the banks of the Tippecanoe, in Fulton County, ...

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