Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

1880 Plat Map  

By clicking on some of the images it will take you to a larger on of each - the smaller individual properties will not enlarge for now but the sections of North, East, South and West will. I need to find a copy to re-scan of both the 1880 and 1881 maps so I can possibly get clear crops of the smaller property sections.

There is another map that looks the same as this one labeled 1881 myself I can not see much difference - tho it may be there.

This is probably an incomplete listing probably of cottage lots and owners - but this is what was listed on the plat map of 1880 and what I am able to decipher of it. I hope to connect everything from the 1876 plat map forward but that will take time and much more research - in hopes of making an accurate history and genealogy of the lake and along the way gathering pictures, maps, stories, myths, legends, biographies, obitauries etc. to enhance it.

None of these listings are eteched in stone - it is probably just a pratial listing from sources during this time period - and based on known facts of 1880, that was on the plat map - everything may change if I can ever get the use of some of the abstracts or cottagers step forth with corrected data.

I am carrying this data forward to each of the plat map as notes in the backqround if I can connect from this one to the next and then when connected fully it is added to each individual cottage/buisness page so that a complete history of that parcel can be had.

Hopefully from deeds, abstracts and future research we can list the complete property owners at this time.

NOTE the black solid square represents an actucal building on the acerage or lot and its approximate location

North Section 16 - 500.90 Acres Town

Here is some interesting facts stated about the orginial property owners of the north side of the lake:

    Zina and Emma Duddleson

    ...The grandfather of Zina was a Civil War veteran and a farmer. His later years were lived in the Argos vicinity.

    The great-granfather originally owned the Thomas Houghton farm to the Maxinkuckee Lake on the west side of Burr Oak ROad. The land now occupied by the Vandalia Park, was part of this farm and was given to Dr. Durr in payment for medical services. The consideration was $50., as great-grandfather Duddleson considered it of little farming value. .....

    History of Marshall County Indiana Sesquicentenial 1836 - 1986 -, Taylor Publishing Co., 1986, Publication # 357 of 1422, Marshall County Historical Society pg. 153 - Marcella White.

1880 - E. Parker 27A [Eli Parker] - 77A (?)

    It is known if the picture below is in Marmont now Culver or Maxinkuckee Village as he owned property both places.


Section. 15 - 504.76 acres North/East Academy

1880 - Lake View Club - 15A

1880 - R. W. Watt - 15a - In back of Lake View club

1880 - I. N. Morris 185A [ Isaac N. Morris]

    Mc Donald States: In 1850, Isaac N. Morris, father of Capt. Ed Morris, moved to the lake, locating on the north shore, on the farm now owned by A. N. Bogardus, His land ran down to the lake, taking in all the lake front from the Lake View Hotel grounds to and including the Palmer house.

    By 1880 he had sold 15A off to the Lake View Culb and another 15 A off to R. W. Watt.; leaving him with probably 155a

1872-1880 - A. T. Benedict Aubbenaubbee Bay Farm 44.75; 58.35; & north of these both is 80A [Aaron Benedict]

    1872 – Landmark “Pine Tree House” built by A.T. Benedict, Maxinkuckee. Benedict ran sawmill on dammed creek running through Bigley property, ---also Grist Mill.

Section. 15 - 504.76 acres North/East Academy

1880 - J. Hissong - 38.40A

1876 - 1880 - G. Peeples [George Peeples/Peoples] Note in Section 15 & 22

Here begins several sub-divided lots they are listed below as best as possible

Hilarity Hill 1880 - J. M. Mahfield/Muhlfield

Section 22 - ? acres East East

1880 - J. S. Hale etal ?

1880 - H. Wheeler

1880 - [note stated - Peru Club] one can see the black square on the lot

1880 - Boggs & Co. ?

1880 - J. H. & Alice Vafen [John Henry & Alice Vagen]

1880 - Rector & Thomas - 85A - Rector Hotel

Maxinkuckee Landing

    The East side Historic District - the official recording of this is: Also known as Lake Maxinkuckee Historic District - - Roughly, E Shore Dr. from W. 18th Rd.,to the E turn of IN 117, including Maxinkuckee Country Club, Culver. But a map I found expands it further north of the landing.

1880 - Rector & Thomas - 32A

1880 - Halycon Club - H. B. Scott 34.50A
    In the article: Map of Maxinkuckee Lake Culver Citizen July 16, 1903 D. McDonald ... Aub-bee-naub-bee creek named on the map which runs into the lake at the Halcyon boat house, ...

Aub-bee-naub-bee creek

Here again begins several of sub-divided lots they are listed below as best as possible

1880 - ? G. B. Foroy etal [Forgy]

Section 27 - 264.35 acres

1880 - R. Mc Quat [Robert L Mc Quat]

VanSoiak Farm

1880 - L. T. Van Shoiack [Louden T. Van Shoiak] - Wind Pump   105.90 A

1880 - S. Edwards 98.80A [Stephen Edwards]

1880 - J. Bozarth - 68.40A [Joesph Bozarth /Joseph Bozart/Joesph Busart]

Section 34 - 264.35 acres East/South

1880 - D. Easterday 133.06A [Daniel Easterday]

    Daniel's consisted of 133.06 acres at the extreme southeast corner of the lake. It bordered on that body of water The land he settled on had been previously occupied; it was the MC MILLEN place. The MC MILLEN family lived there when he came. He found a log house already located on the place, but it had rotted down and was hardly fit to live in.

1878 - 1880 B. Easterday 89.29/118.29 acres [Benjamin Easterday]

1880 - Thos. Mc Donald [Thomas Mc Donald]
    A small "triangle" on the parcel lines to the northwest

Section 28 - 316.73 Acres South/West

1880 - J. Farrar - 36.95A [Josiah Farrar]
    From One Township Yesterday's: "There were 120 acres, known as the FARRAR lands now."

    Also refered to as Farrar's Woods"

Section 21 - 155.32 acres West

Reading from North to South.

1880 - L. D. Wiseman ? on lake; & 35.55A & 25.66A & 8._A
    By this L. D. Wiseman had three properties two off the lake and on small of uncertain amount all are tethered by a slanted "z"

1880 - W. J. Myers 17.85A - Note this could be the Myers Gardens that is referenced to in the 1890's

This is the area on the East side fo main street from Davis down to west shore dr.

1880 - M. G. Gould 38.83A & 56.67
1880 - E. Parker 27.42A

1880 - J. Filer 10A

Looking from the South northward

1880 . A__ert ? Lot 3?

1880 A. C. Shepherd etal ?2? had a small lot subdivided off of the Green farm

    In 1878-9 ...About the same time several Rochester people formed a club and erected a clubhouse on Long point, on the west side of the lake, and occupied it with considerable irregularity for several years. The club went out of existence many years ago, but the club house still stands and has been remodeled into a double cottage, which is occupied by private families during... - - History of Marshall County Indiana (1908) Daniel Mc Donald pg. 100

1880 - J. Green - 20A [James Green]

Section 28 - 316.73 Acres South/West

1880 - J. Green 83.47A [James Green]

1880 - A. J. Harris 154.52A (corner of plat may touch lake edge)

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