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Marmont and Culver City Town Board Minutes - 1900  

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Culver City In. Jan 5 1900

Be it remembered that the town board of the town of Cuover City Ind . met in special session for the consideration of bills on the docket on the 5th day of Jan 1900 at 7 Oclock P. M.

Present at said meeting O. A. Rea and D. B. Young

Minutes of previous meeting were read and approved.

On motion which was duly carried the following bills was allowed and ordered paid

E.SPencer for building man hole 2.50

S. D. Seden for labor on streets 8.25

The clerk was instructed to notify sectary of board of health one combined record of Births, Deaths and Diseases

On motion said board djourned

O. A. Rea Pres. Thomas Clifton Clerk

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