Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

1922 Plat Map of Lake Cottage History  

Union Township, 1922

Town of Culver & West SHore to Long Point, East shore of Lake Maxinkuckee, Maxinkuckee Village, John H Murray's Subdivision, & South Shore Drive

This is probably an incomplete listing probably of cottage lots and owners - but this is what was listed on the plat map of 1922 and what I am able to decipher of it. I hope to connect everything from the 1876 plat map forward but that will take time and much more research - in hopes of making an accurate history and genealogy of the lake and along the way gathering pictures, maps, stories, myths, legends, biographies, obitauries etc. to enhance it.

None of these listings are eteched in stone - it is probably just a pratial listing from sources during this time period - and based on known facts of 1922, that was on the plat map - everything may change if I can ever get the use of some of the abstracts or cottagers step forth with corrected data.

I am carrying this data forward to each of the plat map as notes in the backqround if I can connect from this one to the next and then when connected fully it is added to each individual cottage/buisness page so that a complete history of that parcel can be had.

Hopefully from deeds, abstracts and future research we can list the complete property owners at this time.

There are several east side shore scenes and cottages that have not been identified as yet - they are presented here.


1922 Depot - Railroad Grounds - Boathouse

    Note the backwards "L" to the far east of the Railroad grounds - This was not given on the 1908 plat map this is to be the boathouse and thus would lead one to believe that it was built sometime between 1908 and 1922 by this fact. But another source states:
      The Boat and Bath house was built in 1886 and was purchased in 1894 by the Vandalia Railroad when it took over the park. "Mont" Monton H. Foss operated the Boat and Bath house

The area of the infamous "across from the depot", "one block west of the depot"... and the business district of Lakeshore Dr. (originally Toner Ave) now it spans from State Street to the corner of State Rd. 10 and 17.

1922 - bradley's Additon to Culver City

    Lot 1
    Lot 2
    Lot 3
    Lot 4
    Lot 5
    Lot 6
    Lot 7

In 1889 packed his household effects in wagons, and drove overland to Culver, Indiana, his journey consuming five weeks and four days. At this place he purchased a place formerly owned by Celia Van Schoiack, and for two years conducted a hotel opposite the location now occupied by his son in the same line of business. He still owns a fine residence on Toner Avenue, east of Vandalia Park, where he maintains a residence.

1 Oct 1903 is found in the Culver Citizen:
    Daniel Bradley is having the old house standing on his property at Bunker Hill tore down in preparatory to building a 7 room residence this fall.
and on 8 Oct 1903 is found:
    Al Keen has the contract to build Daniel A. Bradley's new house and began work last week.

1908 Daniel A. Bradley homestead, after 1903

Lake View Club Ground

1908-1929 - Lake View Club Hotel - burned on 15 November 1929.
The 1922 Plat map gives a clear detail of this area. On both the 1908 and 1922 it is is called the "Lake View Club Grounds"

Besides the hotel and park areas there were 47 individual lots for cabins or camping tents.

1922 - Jungle Hotel

This sits behind the Lots 1-5 on the lake front - with "Street Closed"
running in between the properties

Morris Plats

The Ed Morris Lake Front
F. Morris Cont'd Plat
F. Morris Plat
The Morris Lakefront

Mc Donald states: In 1850, Isaac N. Morris, father of Capt. Ed Morris, moved to the lake, locating on the north shore, on the farm now owned by A. N. Bogardus, His land ran down to the lake, taking in all the lake front from the Lake View Hotel grounds to and including the Palmer house.
    Lots 1 building on back of lot
    Lot 2 building on back and dwelling front of lot
    Lot 3 dwelling
    Lot 4
    Lot 5
    Lot 38
    Lot 39 Mrs. Lawrence Durburrow
      This sits behind the Lot #38 above and the Morris Lots 12-15 on the lake front - with "Street Closed" which was Columbia in 1908 running in between the properties
    Lot 15
    Lot 14
    Lot 13
    Lot 12
    Lake Access or street marked as Columbia In 1922
    Lot 11
    Lot 9 -
    Lot 8 -
    Lot 7 -
    Lot 6 -

1922 - The Morris Lake Front: Lot 5 - Palmer House

Note that in 1922 the Palmer Hotel had an annex and the manager Johm P. walter had a house/cottage in what is or was dubbed "Faculty Row"

Some of homes that were to the west and east of Palmer house were moved to the area of the NIPSCO sub station along Academy Drive and to the East Fleet Park Way and N. terrace as represented by this map and one we know was moved to West Shore Drive and others were probably just demolished in preperation for the buliding of the Eppley Auditorium about 1957

Lot 4 -
Lot Lot 3 -
Lot 2 -
Lot 1 -

In what is or was dubbed "Faculty Row" - some of the homes on are Indiana Avenue which is now Academy Drive and sits in front of the Eppley Auditorium has names attached to them some of them are still in existence to the day.
    Front (top to bottom)
    Robt. Rossow
    John P. Walter
    Adelaide F Peck
    Marg Miller
    S. J. Fleet
    F. L. Hunt
    Basil Middleton
    Ella F. Wilson
    Bertha M. Griner
    H G. Glasscock

    Back (top to bottom)
    Chas. C. Boblett
    G. H. Crandall
    Culv. Mil. Acad.
    Eli V. Bollett

    F. Morris Plat & F mrris Plat Con't 1-17 Lots - unlabled
    John P Walter
    18-35 Lots - unlabled
    Palmer House Annex - J. P. Walter

Culver Military Campus

1922 - Culver Military Academy

1898-1922 - Lot 1 - 32.80 = Main Campus - Culver Military Academy 76.46A, 32.85A, 100A 16.06A, 24.77A

East Shore

H. H. Culver Est. - Culver Place 16.06A, 24.77A

Sometime between the 1922 plat map on the far left the road in this area changed dramtically the map found proposing it is dated 6 Oct 1927 if it is read correcly in the lower right hand corner.

1922 - Laura M. Culver (Mrs. Knight K. Culver) 6.50A Non-Lakefront

1935 - Feb 27 - Maxinkuckee Inn Is Undergoing Changes
    Culver Cottage is to Be Made into Golfer's Hotel...

    Plan Fifteen Rooms

    The former K. K. Culver cottage is to be made into an inn this spring. It is located on the east side of Lake Maxinkuckee and as it will be neat the golf course it has already been named the Golf Club.

    The home will be converted into a small inn with fifteen rooms, each with a private bath. There will be a large lounge equipped with furniture in the modernistic pattern...
1922 - 1927 - A. W. & H. W. Wagner [Albert W. Wagner & Harriet W. Wagner] 1922 - Laura M. Culver 1922 - Emma Vonnegut - east side of road Non-lakefront 2 lots totaling 11.9A & 1 lot 28.10A

"Vonnegut Row"

This area was dubbed as "Vonnegut Row" as one cansee for very good reason

1922 - George Vonnegut

1922 - easement to lake & easment to East a ways.

1922 - Lot 1 - Mary B. Potts - Lake front & Non Lakefront

762 East Shore Drive House of A 1000 Candles Alfred Fremont Potts

1922 - N. Vonnegut - Non Lakefront

1922 - Lot 2 - Bernard Vonnegut

1922 - Clemons Vonnegut Jr. - Non Lakefront

1922 - Lot 3 - Emma Vonnegut - S small non Lakefront lot.

1922 - Lot 4 - Vonnegut & Mueller built 1907 Hilarity HIll

1922 - N Vonnegut - Non Lakefront

1922 - Mueller R._E & Inv. Co. / Mueller Inv. Co. - Non lakefront

1922 - Lot 6 - Maud Wolf

Peru Club

1922 - Lot 8 - Lot 8 - J. S. & Alma Kittle [ John Sloane Kittle] a part of 894 Esat Shore Dr.

1922 - Lot 9 - Lilla E. Ketcham - Peru Club a part of 894 East Shore Dr.

1922 - Lot 10 - Lillie Deming - Peru Club - ? Mrs. Demas Deming? a part of 894 Esat Shore Dr.
    1911, 2 Nov. - Sale of Summer Home. - C. H. Brownell of Peru has sold his lake property to Demas Demming for $10,000. There is something like 150 feet of lake frontage and the house is one of the largest on the East side, modernly fitted up and was built about 13 years ago [1898]

Bay View Club

1908-1922 - E. B. Porters Subdivision - there are six lots - No Names but was the location of the Bay View Club
1922 - Alley/Easement to lake
1922 [1000 E. Shore] G. E. Miller [George E/W / Curtis Miller]
1922 - M. M. Milligan [Millikan]
1922 - W/N. E. Wheeler - Shady Bluff
1922 - G. W. Blain [Gideon W. Blain & wife Florence]
1922 - Lot 1 - Annie Heller
1922 - James E. Heller est. - Highland House

1922 - Lot 2 Lot 2 - E. Marmon - Non Lakefront 12.27A
1922 - Lot 3 & 4 - Elizabeth C. Marmon
1922 - Lot 5 - Chas. C. & C. A. Perry
1922 - John H Vajen [John Henry Vagen] - Non-lakefront 57.5A of Lot 2

1922 - Road
1922 - Lot 6 Elizab. Crawford
    1921 -Jan 7 John L Crawford well known cottager died at his home in Terre Haute Jan. 1

1922 - M. F. Louden; W. Hunt; Sarah A Rector / Rector Hotel 22.10A; Dow Rector Lot 2 Non-lakefront
1922 - Lot 7 Lewis B. Martin est
1922 - Lot 8 - W. B. Steele [Worth B. Steele]
1922 - Julia T English non-lakefront
1922 --- Milton Shirk - 3 Lots
1922 [1346 E Shore] - Guy T Bigley/Store

Maxinkuckee Landing

The East side Historic District - the official recording of this is: Also known as Lake Maxinkuckee Historic District - - Roughly, E Shore Dr. from W. 18th Rd.,to the E turn of IN 117, including Maxinkuckee
Country Club, Culver. But a map I found expands it further north of the landing.

easement to lake - and 18th Rd. going east from St. Rd. 117

Sea Beach Place

1922 - Sea Beach Place Subdivision (1898)

Halycon - Scotts / Edward's Boathouse

1922 - Maxinkuckee Golf Course - 9.07A - Non-lakefront
1922 - Lot 3 - Chas. E. Coffin - nonlakefront
1922 - J. Schaaf [Joseph Charles Schaf]
[16640 E Sore] - Wm. W. Windslow [William Walker Winslow]
1922 - A. M. Glossbrenner [Alfred M.Glossbrenner]

H Harwood 1 [1660 E Shore "The Haws" ] !-- 1900 - F. M. Harwood

Unlabeled lot;
J & B. Bartlett ; Mitchell Burkett 12.51A - Non-lakefront Lot 4
R. A. Edwards & wife [Richard A. Edwards]

Aub-bee-naub-bee Creek noew refered to as Curtiss Ditch

1922 - (1766 E. Shore - W & K Sarber
1922 - M. L. Helms
1922 - A. B. Edwards
1922 - Charlotte Bates - 5.55a Non-lakefront

Logansport Settlement

1922 - Bates
    1903 - Dec 24 - J. L. Bartlett and wife wd to Hervey Bates, s 5 a e of jihgway in lot 4 of s22-t32-r1

    1904 - May 19 - Hervey Bates and wife to ALbert P. Smith, trustee, tract in Union tp. $1; Albert P SMith, trustee to Charlotte C Bates $1>nr?>nr? 1929 - January 30 - The community lost one of the lovers of Lake Maxinkuckee when Hervey Bates, 97 died last week in Pasadena, Calif. Mr. Bates had been coming to the Lake every year for a long time and only sold his two cottages about a year ago. 1908 - no name
1922 - Logansport Settlement 1922 Hervey Bates - 5A Non-lakefront
1922 Alley/easement to lake??
1922 - S. L. Purcell
1922 - Mary S Judah
1922 - H/M. Schroyer - Logansport
1922 - J. D. Ferguson - Logansport
1922 - Vaughan Logansport
1922 - 1922 - Henry W. Mordhurst
    Henry W. Mordhurst and wife of Fort Wayne the latter of whom was formerly Miss Vaughn of this city have taken charge of their elegant new cottage which was built at the lake last winter, and will practically make their residence there this summer - Logansport Pharos-Reporter Thursday, June 12, 1913 Logansport, Indiana

    October 24, 1928 Henry W. Mordhurst, 78 years old, one the the pioneer cottage on Lake Maxinkuckee, and well known nationally as grand recorder of the general council Royal and Select Masons in the, United States, died -at his cottage here Oct. 19.
1922 -
1922 H W. Mordhurst Lot 1 58A - Non-lakefront

VanShoiack Subdivision

1922 - VanShoiack Subdivision 2nd Add.
1922- Wm. VanShoiack
1922 - B McQ [McQuat]
1922 - Easement to Lake?
1922 - VanShoiack Sub [division 2nd Add.]
1922 - Mary T Taylor possibly 2296 East Shore dr.

VanShoiack Subdivision - East Shore Lane

1922 - VanShoiack Subdivision No. 3
Lot 25 -
Chester Edwards 10A &2A ; Cordelia Edwards 32.83;
Thos. Monesmith/ Bide-a-wee
; Geo. N. & Effie Crabb 33.50 - Lot 3 Non-lakefront

1922 - Ed J. Craig
1922 - Eva S. & G. M. Sherman [George Sherman] Hickory Crest
1922 - H H.& N. M. Shafer
1922 - C. Edward 12'
1922 - N J London [M T Loudon}- 12' 1922 - C Edwards
1922 - Cordelia Edwards 32.83A
1922 - Otis C. Hann - 2 Lots indicated by a Tie mark
1922 - M T Landon [M T Loudon}
1922 - Chester Edwards 2 lots indicated by a tie mark
1922 - Mary Taylor [Mary Lyon Taylor, Mrs Edward Taylor]
1922 - Lake easement

1922 - Isabell Fulton 3 lots
1922 - Hammewold H. Heywood
1922 - Wm. J. & Anna L Wood - Woodbank Cottage - demolished
1922 H. R. Norris - 38A Lot 4 - Maple Grove Norris Family
1922 - W. G. Norris; Emma Zechiel; 4 possible unlabeled lots


No defintie locaton to date has been pinned down as the the location as yet. It has been assumed that the camping area was in the southwest corner or in the general area a large campground began just south of the Walker boathouse and ran along the south shore of the lake for quite a ways - in the area known as "Farrar's Wood's" "Dinner Point"

Reading from west to east

The first section of land was more than often refered to as "Farrar's Wood's" & "Dinner Point" it contained 120 acres in all 1922 - Ada F. Daughtery & Wm. C. Farrar

At sometime after 1922 this property was divided up into lots, part of which are as follows:
1922, Apr 19 - up for sale property known as the Col Farrar cottage grounds:
    Being a part of the southeast quarter (SE1/4) of Section twenty-eight(28), township thirty-two (32) north, range one (1) east, being described as follows

    Beginning at a corner No. 5 on the west line of said quarter section, one thousand and seventy (1070) feet north of the south west corner of said quarter section; thence north on the west line of said quarter section line, twelve hundred and six and seventy-five hundreths (1206.75) feet to a stake on the southwest shore of Lake Maxinkuckee; thence in a southeasterly direction along the shore of said lake as it meanders to the east line of said southeast quarter section; thence south on the east line of said quarter section three hundred and thirty=three (333) feet to t corner marked "6"; thence north seventy-one (71) degrees thrity (30) minutes west twenty-eight hundred and fifteen and fifty hundreths 2815.50) feet to the place of begining consisting of forty (40) acres, more or less.
1922 - Jun 21 - One Peace of Lake Land on South Shore Aquired by Medbourn
    The 40 acres at the south end of the lake known as the Col Farrar porper was sold last week to S. E. Medbourn for $61,000. A portion of the tract is north of the highway running down to the lake with a frontage of 2800 feet. The remainder is farm land. The property has been held by heirs for a good many years abd has not been productive. Under Mr. Medbourn's ownership it is probable that some desirable cottage site will be platted and that the tillable portion will be carefully farmed.

Farrar' Point or Dinner Point - range is todays cottages of 290 - 343 South Shore Dr. An ad found on 21 May 1947 reads:
    For Sale - Restricted building area, first time offered for sale: Farrar Point, located directly across lake from Culver Military Academy, approx. 5 acres with 350 ft. lake frontage, excellent beach, large trees. Suitable for hotel site or small lake estate. This it the only point left on Lake Maxinkuckee bor building site. Shown by appointment only. Phone 248 or 218-R

1922 - April 26 - Commissioners Sale
    Being a part of the Southeast quarter (SE 14/) of section twenty-eight (28), township thrity-two (32) north, rainge one (1) east, being described as follows:
      Beginiing at a corner No. 5 on the west line of said quarter section, one thousand and seventy (1070) feet north of the southwest corner of said quarter section; thence north on the west line of said quarter section line, twelve hundred and six and seventy-five hundreths (1206.75) feet to a stake on the southwest shore of Lake Maxkinkuckee; thence in a southeasterly direction along the shore of said lake as it meanders to the east line of said southeast quarter section; thence south on the east line of said quarter section three hundred and thirty-three (333) feet to a corner marked "6"; thence north seventy-one (71) degrees thirty (30) minutes west twenty-rihgt hundred and fifteen and fifty hundredths (2815.50) feet to the place of beginning, consisting of forty (40) acres more or less
    Said real estate fronts on the southern end of Lake Maxinkuckee, the the north part thereof being about two miles south of the south corporation line of Culver, and this property is known as the Col Farrar cottage grounds, and comprises a little more than one-half mile of lake front, with good beach, which is all avaiable for platting into lake resort lots.

1922 - june 21 - The 40 acres at the south end of the lake known as the Col. Farrar property was sold last week to S. W. Medbourn.

1926 - Jan 28 - Maxinkuckee Land Case Is Under Advisement
    Special Judge Walter Brubaker of Warsaw, after hearing the final arguements in the partition suit of Mrs. Ada Daugherty of LaPorte against her brother, William Farrar, of Peru, announced Wednesday evening from the bench in the FUlton Circuit court that he would take the case under advisement for several weeks

    The suit has been one of the hardest fought cases in the history of the local court, two weeks of the court's time being taken for introduction of the evidence. The land invovled is 40 acres on the south bank of Lake Maxinkuckee, vauled at $75,000 - ROchester News Sentinel

This cottage was directly in line with what is now S. Sycamore Rd.

1922 - D. McDonald - Pottawattomie Wigwam [Daniel Mc Donald]

1919, Feb 19 - Sam Medbourn has bought of John. W. Cromley 400 feet of lake frontage extending back 200 feet, at the south end of the lake adjoining the property on which his summer cottage stands. This frontage will be platted into lots

Samuel E. Medbourn - In middle of is 2 small lots possibly #2, #6

    Sometime after 1922 more lots were added to this subdivision as follows:
    Lot 11 & 10
    Lot 9 & 8 E1/2
Saml E Medbourn's Addition Lots 1-8
W. N. Rankin
Mary L Thayer
    Lot 1
    Lot 2
    Lot 3
    Lot 4
    Lot 5
S. E. Medbourn 648.50 ft?
Lot 4
Lot 3
Schuyle C. Overmyer 118.79 Spanning in back of this lakefront plat

1922 - John Kline 35.30A


reading south to North

1922 Chloe V. Livingston 86.64A

1922 John H. Murray's Murray Subdivision:

1922 - Anna Bushart 26.08A
1922 - Wm. O'Keefe Addition 55.60A
1922 - Jas. Bardsley [James Beardsley]
1922 - Jas. L. Barnes [James L/I Barnes]

the following post card was labeled "a peaceful pond near Lake Maxinkuckee"; which is a part of Hawk Lake, Lost Lake or Little Maxinkuckee as it is called by people. Some maps show it as an area on the south end of the litttle lake.

Long Point

Reading from the South going North

Long Point - also known as Rochester Point J. Green [James Green] was to have owned all of Long Point at one time]

In 1903 Long Point in its entirety was offered for sale at $2,500 for development! In the 23 July 1903 Culver Citizen was found this ad:
    Long Point for Sale

    Long Point, the most beautiful and desireable for residences, hotel or educational institution on Maxinkuckee Lake is for sale at a bargin. Enquire of Daniel McDonald at his cottage south end of lake or to the owner.

    Milo R. Smith
    Rochester, In.

1922 - Green's Long - These are recorded as: LOT ?? S LONG PT SUB:
1922 - Camden Club - some time after 1922 it had been subdivided into 10 lots: with only 2 of the six original lots not being subdivided. 1922 - Rochester Club Grounds

Chadwick Hotel triangle - riangle shaped piece of ground that was bounded by the Rochester Club and Chadwicks ? Am'd and the road to the west - The lot or lots behind the point changed from plat map to plat map in size and shape. It is the where the Chadwick Shores Townhouses sits in today:

1922 - it was subdivided this way:
    Lot 16 [labeld as 19]
    Hotel - .
    Lot 17
    Lot 18
    Lot 21/or 22
    Lot 20
    Lot 19

"Hotel" - Chadwick - hotel, 1004 Wwat Shore

Chadwicks Am'd Plat. Reading from South to around the Point and back West:

1922 - East of the Railroad - Subdivided as follows:
    J. H. Reitemeier - 10.94A
    Harriet Allen - Lot in back of Lots 1 & 2

Outlet Area

1922 - Susan Postlewaite - Lot 3 - 36.46 1922 - Lester LaBounty
1922 - Mary Grubb
1922 - Sarah Clemmons
1922 - Wm. Osborn
1922 - Sarah McKee
1922 - Ben Easterday' Sub.
    Lot 1
    Lot 2
    Lot 3
    Lot 4
    Lot 5
    Lot 6
1922 - unlabeled 3.90A

Outlet to Lake Maxinkuckee - flows into Little lake and then on down through farm ground and drains into the Tippecanoe River in Fulton county

West Town

Main Street
    Union Township Cemetery
      Masonic Cemetery
      Charles G A. & Augusta Gansch (cemetery property today)
    Sarah Blanchard
    Ira McLane & wife - former Greenhouse
    Wm. Cavender
    Lucinda Kinsey
South Street - Today
    S. E. Medbourn - Ice Houses
    Wm. R. York's Sub.
      Lot 21
      Lot 24
      Lot 21
      Lot 20
      Lot 19

The above lakefront area is South Street now and sometime after this date the old S. E. Medbourn Ice Houses area was plated out as the Medbourn & Phillips Add. for 14 lots at least by today's records:

The developement of this area did not start until about 1950. Of this area it is said that one could possibly picked up a lot for $150, if one had the cash. There were squatters there who used the land. With the elimination of the railroad in the late 1970's this opened up the developement of what one could possible call the 'last frontier' of Lake Maxinkuckee. This was basicially the last large un-inhabited area of lake frontage on Lake Maxinkuckee.

David Burns also refered to this area as "Corn Cob Hill" the name deriving from the material used to fill in the marshy area - just how true the story is one only knows.

Ferrier's Addition - Peru court

Ferrier's Addition Daviess - Wabash Street

Daviess Street
E. Duddleson's Add to Culver City
    Emma A Davis - 550 Peru St
E & J Zechiel ??Lot 22 Lot 23??
Lot 21 -
    516 Peru Court
    520 Peru Court
Winfield St

Daviess Street
Barnhisel's Addition
    Lot 17 S132' Town of Culver Water Plant 535 S Ohio St
    Lot 9 & 10 Restaurant/Business 530 S. Main
Garn's Add
    LOT 6 535 S. Main St. Business
419 S. Main - Ezra Hawkins Residence
401 Main St - Emmanuel Church
Country Road ( Mill Street)

Mill Street
Hawkins Add South Plymouth Street
Lot 7 - 401 S Plymouth St
    Was some type of business or depot at one time and in the late 1970's eary' 1980's Athurhultz bought it and transforned it into a residence.

    June (Garn) Napier Sirus rememebers that it was one large room when the Arthurhultz's bought it, there was two pillars of possibly cement block or stone in front that were were square a portico [porch leading to the entrance of a building, or extended as a colonnade, with a roof structure over a walkway, supported by columns]; and there were only three steps from the ground into the building. It had a canopy and it had a hedge that ran all the way around the edge of the property line. It had large windows in the front and was a stucco (with black, grey and white speck in it) type finish on the outside. It sat empty for many years until in the late 1970's when Charlene Garn)& "Ray" Raymond Arthurhultz and her husband bought it and remolded it and made it into a home. The Arthurhultz's bought it off Charlie Weaver or the estate. Just when this depot is in operation is not known or if it had a name is unknown - but it sat empty in the 1960's and into the 1970's also as I remember.
Elev(avator) - The Grist Mill - Mill Street
Winfield Street

Mill St.

Willow Point

1922 - T.B. Hamilton
1922 - Willow Point/Cherry Villa Judge Maurice Winfield

Cromley's Add. to Culver City

South Plymouth Street

1922 [S. Plymouth St.] Daniel Wolf (See Wolf Family)
1922 [S. Plymouth St.] - M. R. Cline [Milon Reno Cline] Oak Knoll
1922 - Jennie Nutt
1922[S. Plymouth St.] - M. R. Cline [Milon Reno Cline]
Sam'l Medbourn - (Medbourn & Son's Ices Houses - Ice Chanel from lake

The curve would be the just in front of the Kruezberger Park starting just about Ferrier's lumber yard going into Washington Street and the viaduct; the 1880 plat map shows that W. J. Myers had 17.35 acres, reached to lake edge before the arrival of the railroad

T. B. Harris Addition

Jefferson St
1922 - Ferrier's T. B. Harris Addition - Divided as follows (Lots facing Jefferson St. reading from Lake to West:
    Lot 10 - Ferrier Lumberyard
      Cement House
    Lot 11 - Ferrier Building Lumberyard
    Lot 12 - Ferrier Building Lumberyard
    Lot 13 -
    Lot 14 - Lumber Shed
    Lot 15 -
    Lot 16 -
1922 - Hawkins & Osborn
1922 - O.L. 1 Sam'l Medbourn

    On Jefferson St. there is:
      Culver Lumber & Cement Co. Office -
      Gargage In back is:
        Un-labeled building
        Lumber Shed
        Products Yard
      Ice House with Ice Chanel to lake
    Sally Medbourn writes: When Samuel Ezra Medbourn died, his son (my grandfather),Harry Edward Medbourn took over the ice business and started the Culver City Grain & Coal Company (where The Cove now is).

Today is