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Proposed change to East Shore Drive - 1927  

The road - as it was in the early plat maps top to botton 1876, 1880, 1898, 1908 and 1922:

Sometime between the 1922 plat map - the road in this following area - changed dramatically - the map found proposing it is dated 6 Oct 1927 if it is read correcly in the lower right hand corner. The blue is the original road and the red is the proposed change.

And here below on the enlarged map you find listed the cottage property owners at the time - mainly the Vonneguts, and also at the very bottom shows the Bay View Club lots.

1927 - NOv 2 - Porperty Owners To Pave Part of East Side Road
    Have Bought RIght of Way and Donated It to the County

    Straightens Road

    Will Go From Artillery Barn to Hollyhock Corner; To Be Finished by Summer

    Paving of the East Eide road is to vecome a reality!

    For years the lack of good roads around thelake has been bemoaned by all those who travel them, ad for years efforrs have been made to secure a hard surface road, but to no avail

    But now the ball is finally rolling and a start will be made. While this strip will be but 1149 feet in length, it is hoped that it will set a precedent that will result in the ultimate goal - a paved road around the lake.

    The stretch that is to be paved first will start at the Artillery barn of the academy where the school's new road will end, thence past K. K. Culver's property, where it begins an angle over to the Hollyhock or Vonnegut cottage.

    This will be paved with an eighteen foot surface of probably Kyrock, with a forty foot right of way.

    This land has all been donated by the property owners concerned and the cost og paving will also be paid for by them. It will propbably be the first road in the county that cost the county nothing.

    The road iwll eliminate the dangerous corner at the Kittle cottage as well as giving the cottagers along that stretch adequate property at the rear of their cottages. Traveling along the road will also be much safer to say nothing of the pleasure or riding on a hard surfaced road

    The move must come befre the county commissioners in December for official sanction and the final signing to contracts.

    It is planned to have the new road finished by the time the heavy summer traffice starts, and sooned if possible

    The property owners who have aided in his solving the East Side Road problem include
      Laura M. Culver, George Vonnegut,
      Maud F. Wolfe,
      Mrs. Bernard Vonnegut,
      Mrs. Emma S Vonnegut,
      George Mueller,
      L. V. Bergman,
      John S. Kittle,
      NOrman Perry,
      Mary H. Waterman,
      SUsan E. Perkisn,
      Walter Vonnegut
      Irene Bogardus

    The transcaction has been handled by W. O. Osborn who has been at work on the proposition for over two years, and who has spent much time in bringing about this community benefit.

1928 - May 23, - Actual work on re-routing the East Side Road has started and workmen are busy clearing away brush and trees preparatory to grading the new roadway.

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