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Coffin - Ogle Scrapbooks  

The biography of Alfred M Ogle on your site is actually that of my grandmother's brother, Alfred M Ogle, Jr. Although the data is by and large accurate, he was not the Maxinkuckee pioneer. The picture is of his father, my great grandfather, who was also in the coal business and the individual who first came to Culver ca. 1892, I will send you his bio.

Will send Alfred M Ogle, Sr.'s bio and other tidbits soon. I love your web site. I have sent a lot of the pages to my uncle George E Home who lives in Rome, GA and is 95. Not too computer literate but has such great memories of Culver . My grandmother and grandfather never had their own cottage but often visited her sister, Jane Ogle Sheerin, as well as the Bradleys and the Ingrams. My uncle taught sailing at Culver one summer.

The following is an explaination of the early Culver pictures I sent.

They are from the scrap books of Charles E Coffin and Marjorie McKenzie Ogle and date from 1904-1909.

Charles E Coffin's step-daughter Jean Fletcher Coffin was the best friend of my grandmother, Marjorie Ogle . Her half-sister was Carolyn Coffin , who although 6 years younger that my grandmother, became a close friend when they became ad ults.

The photographs that my grandmother took were all from the summer of 1908 when she met my grandfather George Everette Home , who was attending summer school that summer. He was form Ouray, Colorado and was in the Black Horse Troop during the winter school. He graduated in June of 1909. - Thanks! Barbara Stokely

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Charles E. Coffin Scrapebook

Marjorie McKenzie Ogle scrapbook photos