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Maurice Winfield

Maurice Winfield, is a distinguished lawyer and member of the Logansport, Cass county, Indiana, bar, where he has successfully practiced his profession for thirty-two years.

He is a native of Ulster county, New York, where he was born January 27, 1841. It is doubtless true - though perhaps a mere fancy - that men in their reflective moods, realize that in some measure they derives dignity and importance from the land of their birth, provided it is a great land with widely extended boundaries, including within their sweep mountains, lakes and rivers and great cities, and withal renown for its great men - warriors, statesmen, lawyers, poets, etc.

Judge Winfield is a native of the Empire state, containing more population than the thirteen colonies could boast of in the days of the revolution, when then Continental army beat back the hosts of England and gave to the word a new nation. Without pursuing the inviting them to the extent of describing New York's great metropolis, the second city in the world, its magnificent Hudson river, its world wonder Niagara Falls, and its scarcely less wonderful canal that untied Erie and Hudson, it may be that

Judge Winfield, like any other native son of the Empire state, feels a glow of state pride that he by birth and ancestry a New Yorker. True, Indiana, too, is a great state, not great like Texas and some other sovereign states of the Empire Republic, but in its institutions, its churches and schools, and in the spirit of progress which places it in the front rank of the state symbolized by stars on the blue field of "Old Glory".

Judge Winfield, like thousands of others who have made their mark in the varied occupations and professions, received his rudimental education in the common schools of his native county, and at the age of fifteen began his academic course in the academy at Montgomery, Orange county, in his native state.

His aptitude in acquiring education was so pronounced that, coupled with his industry, the required preparation for college was accomplished in little more than a year, after which, in 1860, he matriculated at Princeton college, New Jersey, one of the most renowned institutions of learning in the country. His studied having been interrupted by illness for one year, he did not finish his collegiate course until 1865, when he graduated with honor, taking the prize for proficiency in Greek. Having completed his college course, Mr. Winfield, in April, 1866, migrated to Logansport, where, for one year, he taught in the Presbyterian Academy of that city. He had, however, chosen law as a life profession, and while teaching gave his unoccupied hours to reading law, reciting to Judge P. H. Biddle, the justly renowned poet-jurist, a man of great literary c ulture, as well as legal learning, who, on his favorite Pegasus, was wont to visit Helicon and hold converse with the muses.

Having completed his legal studies, Mr. Winfield began the practice of his profession in Logansport in 1867, where he has since resided. The pathway to eminence in the legal, or in all other professions, is not always flowery or of easy grade. A "little learning" in law may not be "a dangerous thing", but it does not win in courts before bench or jury. Mr. Winfield,having been trained in the severities of student life, was prepared for every obstacle that confronted him. He understood, not only the value, but the importance or investigation and study, and, as a consequence, any step of advancement helped to further progress, until the serene elevation of knowing was reached, since when Judge Winfield's position as an eminent lawyer had been secure.

He is a master of logic - sees at a glance the strong points in a case, and enforces them with the skill of a master. His methods, in addressing a jury, exhibit him as proficient in the mystery of mind reading, by which a smile, a frown or the glance of an eye tells him as if written in a bold hand the drift of thought, and whether to "sail on" in his chosen course, or presents the facts in a new and stronger light.

On May 7, 1868 Mr. Winfield was married to Miss Jennie M. Johnson, daughter of the late Israel Johnson and sister of Mr. Wm. M. Johnson, a leading business man of Logansport.

Judge Winfield is not a member of any religious organization, but favors the creed and doctrine of the Dutch Reformed church. He is Democratic in his political preference, but is inclined to be independent, preferring principle to party. He enjoys in a large measure the confidence and respect of his fellow-citizens, who esteem him for his integrity, publics spirit and honorable life as a citizen and a jurist.

The hard mental work incident to his extensive legal practice began to affect his health in 1883 and 1884, and to obtain rest he accepted the nomination for circuit judge in his circuit and was elected, and served as circuit judge to November 5th, 1889, when he resigned his practice. Since then his practice has extended over a large part of northern Indiana. He has been engaged in the trial of many important cases.

In 1898 he was elected state senator for Cass and P ulaski counted, serving with distinguished ability in the last session of the legislature. - - Men of progress, Indiana: a selected list of biographical sketches and portraits of the leaders in business, professional and official life: together with brief notes on the history and character of Indiana Indianapolis: Indianapolis Sentinel Co., 1899, pg. 226-7

Veteran jurists dies At home in market st.

    Judge Maurice Winfield, second oldest member of Cass Bar answer Last Summons.

    Death due to Pneumonia

    Occupied the Bench in the Cass Circuit court with distinction; well and Favorably known

    Judge Maurice one of the pioneers of the Cass county Bar association, died this morning at 4:30 o'clock, at his residence, 719 east Market street aged eighty-one years. death was due to pneumonia.

    He is survived by his wife and three grandchildren, children of his deceased son. Maurice Winfield jr., their names being Margaret, Jane and Maurice Winfield, who with their mother reside in the city.

    Maurice Winfield was the son of Zemas and Mary (Terwilliger) Winfield, and was born in Ulster county, New York January 27, 1849.

    He received his common school education in the schools of his native city, and at the age of fourteen entered the academy in Montgomery, New York, where he mastered the preparatory course, and in a year entered Princeton college in the fall of 1860, from which institution he graduated with the class of 1865.

    He came to Logansport in April 1865, where for a year he was a teacher in the Presbyterian academy. His natural tendency was toward the law, and under the direction of Judge Horace P. Bibble studied law and entered upon his professional career in 1867.

    His education bought him immediate success at the bar, handling several important cases with marked ability.

    He was a Democrat by politics and all his life was a leader and advisor in his party. In 1864 he was elected judge of the circuit court and assumed the duties of the office two years later. He occupied the bench with distinction for a period of five years and then resigned to enter the regular practice of law.

    In the year 1868 he was united in marriage with Miss Mary j. Johnson, daughter of William H. Johnson, on of the leading business men of Logansport.

    to this union was born three children, two of whom died in early childhood. a son, Maurice J. Winfield, graduated from Princeton college in 1885, he was admitted to practice at the Cass county bar. Maurice J. lost his life in an automobile accident a few years ago and is survived by his wife and three children.

    Judge Maurice was admitted to practice in Cass County, December 17, 1868. He was a Veteran of the Civil War, having enlisted in the union Army at Jacksonville, Ill.

    The Cass county Bar Association met this morning upon the announcement of the death of Judge Winfield and appointed committees and Saturday morning at 10 o'clock the Bar association will meet to hear the report of the various committees, on resolutions and arrangements and take action in honor of the deceased.

    In addition to his offices of judge of the Cass circuit court, Mr. Winfield also served as state senator from 1898 to 1902.

    On of the greatest legal victories of Judge Winfield was the winning of the case that gave Logansport Erie avenue and fifth street, which were formerly traversed by the Wabash and Erie canal.

    After the death of his son Maurice J., Judge Winfield seemed to have lost his old time fighting spirit and quietly withdrew from the more strenuous legal business and conducted a Farm Loan business which was the most successful of its kind in this section of the state. --Logansport Pharos-Tribune Thursday, December 01, 1921 Logansport, Indiana

Final Tribute to Great Jurist
    Funeral of Judge Winfield will be Held today

    Final tribute will be paid to Judge Maurice Winfield today, when a meeting og the bar association will be held this morning, and the funeral services will be held at 2:30 this afternoon at the residence, 719 east Market Street.

    Representatives of the bar association of practically all the adjoining counties will be present at the funeral to pay final homage to a jurist who in his day had no peer in this part of the state.

    Delegation will be present from Knox, Peru, Delphi, Kokomo, Rochester, Winamac, Lafayette, Monticello, Wabash, Frankfort, South bend, Plymouth, Marion, Huntington and Tipton.

    At the meeting of the bar association this morning the committees which were appointed Thursday will report:

    Committee on resolutions: W. T. Wilson, Jesse Tabor, A. G. Jenkines, George A. Gamble and D. D. Fickle.

    Committee on flowers - R. C. Hillis, W. W. Foskett, M. L. Fansler, T. J. Bradfield and H. H. Howell

    Committee on arrangements - Jesse Tabor, George w. Walters, B. F. Long.

    The following are the pall bearers who will officiate at the funeral Saturday at 2:30.

    Honorary pall bearers - D. d. fickle, Mr. Wolverton of South Bend; Samuel E. Melbourne of Culver ; W. T. Wilson, George W. Seybold, George A Gamble, and A. G. Jenkines

    Active pall bearers - Harry Coleman, Charles Taber, George Taber, Jesse Tabor, George A Raub, Frank Rice -- Logansport Press Saturday, December 03, 1921. TUESDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1921 Logansport, Indiana

Judge Winfield Will probated; fee is given to his three Grandchildren
    Widow gets life estate and income from property, consisting of business block and cottage at lake Maxinkuckee.

    The will of Judge Maurice Winfield was filed in the circuit court yesterday noon. the will was written in 1913, and a codicil which was attached was written in 1919.

    The witnesses to the will were miss Edith Matt, who for years was the stenographer of the judge, and W. T. Wilson.

    by the terms of the will Mrs. Winfield, the widow, is left a life estate in the property, consisting of the block at the northeast corner of Broadway and fourth Street, and the cottage at Lake Maxinkuckee. She is to receive the income from the properties.

    This is all the real estate which the judge possessed at the time of his death.

    Following the death of the widow the property is to be held in trust by the first National bank until the youngest of the three grandchildren reaches the age of twenty-five. She is now fourteen years of age. the grandchildren, however are to receive the income following the death of their grandmother until the time the youngest reaches twenty-five and the property is sold and the proceeds divided.

    The will provides that the cottage at the lake shall be sold after the death of the widow, and the proceeds placed in a trust fund.

    Charles Tabor, by the term of the will, was named executor, but said he had so much other business he would rather not serve, and on petition of the widow the first national bank was named executor.

    The original will provided that the property sho uld be sold when the youngest grandchild was twenty years of age, providing the grandmother was not alive, but the codicil increased this age limit to twenty-five. -- Logansport Press Tuesday, December 06, 1921 Logansport, Indiana

Notice of Settlement of estate of Maurice H. Winfield
Tuesday, June 17, 1913 Logansport, Indiana - Notice of Settlement of Estate

Notice to Heirs, Creditors, Etc.

In the matter of the estate of Maurcie H. Winfield Deceased

In the Cass circuit court, April term 1913.

Notice is Hereby given, That Maurce Winfield, as administrator of the estate of Maurice J. Winfield, deceased had presented and filed this account and vouchers in final settlement of sid estate, and that the same will come up for the examination and action of said circuit courty on the 26th day of June 1913, at which time all heirs, creditors or legatees of said estate are required to appear in said court and show cause if any ther be why said account and vouchers sould not be approved and let all heris, lefatees and ther persons interested appear and make proof of their claim to any part of said estate.

Maurice Winfield

Administrator of the Estate of Maurice J., Winfield, Deceased

Witness my hand and the seal of said court at Logansport, Indiana this 4th day of June, 1913

(seal) Thomas J. McElhent, Clerk of the Cass Circuit Court of Indiana.

Mrs. Mary J. Winfield widow of the late Judge Maurice Winfield died Saturday night at 8 o'clock at the family residence at 719 Market Street, death resulting from a paralytic stroke suffered two days ago.

Mrs. Winfield was one of the oldest residents of the city, having lived here continuously and in the same house for nearly eighty years. She was preceded in death by her husband Judge Winfield one of Cass County's most prominent men in years gone by, nearly one year his death having occurred Dec. 1, 1921. The only son, Maurice Winfield, died in 1911.

Mrs. Winfield is survived by three grandchildren Margaret, Maurice Jr. and Jane Winfield who with their mother reside in this city, and two nieces, Mrs. Charles A. Ward of Newark, Ohio, and Mrs. William Uhl of Chicago.

The funeral was held from the residence this afternoon at 4;00 o'clock conducted by rev. J. B. Corkey of the Calvary Presbyterian church. Interment was made in Mt. Hope cemetery. -- Logansport Pharos-Tribune Tuesday, September 05, 1922 Logansport, Indiana

Will of Mrs. Winfield is Probated Today –
    Grand-children get estate

    The will of the late Mrs. M. Winfield was probated in the Cass circuit court this afternoon through Attorney William T. Wilson.

    Charles E. tabor was named as executor of the will, but declined to serve, and the first National bank was named in his place.

    The estate of Mrs. Winfield consists largely of the Winfield home on Market Street formerly the Israel Johnson home.

    Three grandchildren, the children of Maurice Winfield Jr., decease, and two nieces of Mrs. Winfield, Mrs. Ella Ward of Ohio and Mrs. Uhl of Chicago are the principal benefactors of the will. -- Logansport Pharos-Tribune Monday, September 11, 1922 Logansport, Indiana

Winfield-Walker wedding Solemnized at home of Bride her Last evening
    One of the most beautiful and prominent weddings of the season was solemnized a 8 o'clock Saturday evening at the Rogers home in 824 High Street, when Miss Margaret Winfield, daughter of Mrs. Abby Winfield, became the bride of Lieut. Leslie Anderson Walker, of Culver Military Academy, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Walker of Ensley, Alabama.... - - Logansport Press Sunday, June 15, 1924 Logansport, Indiana

Remember Where are they now?
    Mrs. Maurice Winfield - Prominent in women's activities of Logansport a few years ago was Mrs. Maurice Winfield. Mrs. Winfield was a native of Madison, Ind. where she began her education continued in Logansport and at Miss bond's school for girls in Baltimore, Md. she is the daughter of the late Dr. Joseph G. Rogers, former superintendent of Central Hospital, Indianapolis, superintendent of buildings four years at Logansport State Hospital and twenty years medical superintendent of the latter institution. the family came here from Indianapolis and from this city Mrs. Winfield, then Miss Abby Rogers, went to Baltimore.

    Upon completion other education Miss Rogers married Maurice J. Winfield, son of the late judge and Mrs. M. Winfield of Logansport. her husband was educated at Princeton and during their Logansport residency was engaged in the real estate business in offices of his father. here the couples three children Maurice J., Jan, now Mrs. Henry Johnston of Indianapolis, and Margaret now Mrs. Robert Woodworth of Lafayette were born. Mr. Winfield passed away while the children were young and the family moved to the home of Mrs. Margaret Rogers, Mrs. Winfield's mother. Later when Jane and Maurice attended Purdue university, Mrs. Winfield moved to Lafayette. There she has maintained residence. He son is engaged in the insurance business in Lafayette.

    Mrs. Winfield is a sister of Mrs. Charles Campbell, 214 sixteenth street. -- Logansport Pharos-Tribune Tuesday, June 14, 1938 Logansport, Indiana

Former Local Resident dead
    Mrs. Abby Winfield rites at Lafayette

    Final rites will be held this afternoon at Lafayette for Mrs. Abby R. Winfield, 76, resident of this city for 27 years. Her death occurred in Lafayette Wednesday.

    Services will be at 1;30 at the Bradshaw funeral home. the rev. J. Daytoa McCormick will officiate and burial will be in Mt. Hope cemetery.

    The Winfield family lived in the 500 block of High Street, Mrs. Winfield’s husband Maurice J. Winfield, died in 1911.

    Born Dec. 12, 1875, in Madison she was the daughter of Dr. Joseph and Margaret Watson Rogers. She was a member of the central Presbyterian church.

    Survivors are a son and two daughters: Maurice Winfield, West Lafayette; Mrs. Robert c. Woodworth, Lafayette; Mrs. Henry Johnston, Zionsville; a sister Mrs. Charles H. Steuart, Lafayette. -- Logansport Press Friday, August 29, 1952 Logansport, Indiana