Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

2805 East Shore Dr. - Maple Grove Hotel / Norris Park  

This bears the addres of 2805 East Shore Dr. today, but is believed to have in the ' past also bore the address of 2770 & 2900 East Shore Dr.

It was also referred to as Maple Groves House, Maple Grove Boarding House and Maple Grove Farms

Harvey R. Norris, Prop. Harvey R. & Louisa (Adler) Norris built Maple Grove in 1886; after living in a log house for several years. (See the Norris famiily ) From 1890 to 1915 the Norris' operated it as a resort; room and board was $5 per week. It accommodated up to 25 guests. It had the longest pier on the lake.

Harvey, Louisa, and the four children lived in a log house on the southeast shore of Maxinkuckee Lake until they built "Maple Gorve House" in 1886.

William did the farming, and hauled the guest's luggage from the train at Culver to the resort while the guests came by steamboat to "the longest pier on the lake"! Louisa and several hired girls did the cooking, laundry, and maid's work without inside plumbing for 15-25 guests.

1897 - June 18 - Mr. Harvey Norris has painted his maple grove hotel in an artistic manner, and otherwise made marked improvements upon the premises

Here is a section refering to Maple Grove from the 1900 topographical map by J. T. Scovell

an early newspaper or booklet ad for the hotel.

An early advertising poscard for the hotel

1835 Original Survay for Union Township Aub-be-naub-ee's Reservation



1865 - by One Townships Yesterdays Jospeh Bozarth purchased in 1865

1880 - J. Bozarth - 68.40A [Joesph Bozarth (Bozart Busart]

1898 - H. R. Norris 67.44A - Maple Grove

1908 Plat Map - H. R. Norris 67.44A

1922 - Plat Map - H. R. Norris 76.40A

1930 - Norris, Harvey

1936-1948 - Allen Norris
1903 - May 21 - Harvy Norris, proprietor of the Maple Grove hotel, has been busy improving his property this spring having built new porches, painted his hotel and graded and sodded his lawn. He has one of the most pleasant places around the lake and we predict a successful season for this well known hostlery.

1908 - H. R. Norris 67.44A

1920 - Aug. 27 One of the most important developments for some time on Lake Maxinkuckee has been started by Dr. A. A. Norris of Elkhart, who plans to dredge the low land on the Norris farm, converting it into lots for summer cottages . - August 27, 1930

1922 - H. R. Norris 76.40A

1930 - Norris, Harvey
1936-1955 - Allen A. Norris
    Following the death of Mrs. Harvey Norris, the farm was owned and maintained by Doctor Norris until 1955, at which time it passed to his son, Dr. Ernest B. Norris , who still resides there [1965], now named Norris Park.<

1952 - 1974 - Ernest B. & Mary Lois (Given) Norris, MD; 46.7A; 1970 PLat Map

1958 Lake Directory - Dr. E. B. Norris - , 2805 East Shore Lane, Culver.

This property 1968 came under the ownership of Jack E. and his wife Lelia they bought 80 acres of land over on the east shore with 1,000 feet of lake frontage in 1970. After five years of improvements to the site, including dredging a harbor, they moved the business now the Culver Marina Inc. to the site - 3000 East Shore Drive. On the 1996 plat map it is listed as the Jack E. Campbell Trust containing 64A

Jack R Campbell Trust

?-1999, Nov. - Susan Campbell Thews & Jack R Campbell, Trustees

1999, Nov.-2005,Nov. David B. & Judy Marie Campbell

2005, Dec. Susan Campbell Thews & Jack R Campbell, Trustees

2005,Dec-2024 - Campbell Family Holdlings LLC

    Acres 1.600 - A PRT OF LOT 4 IN 8E FRL 1/4;COM AT LEGAL DESC: