Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

Chasnelle Hotel

AKA the
Bradley Hotel
Paramount Hotel
possibly the Beaber Saloon

Was built in 1878 by Fred Keppler of Logansport and was demolished in March 1933 to erect a Phillips 66 gas station. It was located on the Northwest corner of Lakeshore Drive and State Street

1906 - Restaurant - by the 1906 Sanborn Map which shows a large building divided into 2 stores.


1914 - Restaurant & Rooms by the 1914 Sanborn Map

1920 - Bradley Hotel

" 1922

1922 - Hotel (by plat map)

1920 - Jun 23 - C. C. Boblett, until recently chef at the academy, has bought Mrs. Frank McLane's interest in the old Bradley Hotel property and will take over the manamement of the house which was vacated not to long ago by Mr. and Mrs Haas who went to the Bay View

1920 - Jul 21 - Bradley Hotel becomes Chasnelle , The Ad states: Now open - throughly equiped and renovated, the former Bradley Hotel, hereafter to be known as "The Chasnelle"...

1920 - Aug 11 - The exterior of the Chasnelle, formerly the Bradley Hotel, has been brightened by a fresh coat of white to harmonize with the complete renovation which Mr. Boblett had given the interior.

1920, Aug. 20 - The exterior of the Chasnelle, formerly the Bradley Hotel, has been brightened by a coat of white paint to harmonize with the complete renocation of the interior.

1921 - May 11 - The front of the Chasnelle Hotel has received a fresh coat of white paint.

1922 Marshall County Plat book it was advertised as the Chasnelle Hotel and Restaurant, Chas. C. Boblett, prop.
    By his brothers obituary George W. BOBLETT he had been a resident of Culver , and was associated with his brother in the management of the Chasnelle Hotel

1922 - Jul 12 - E. A. Poor has erected a small shop adjoinging the Chasnelle hotel and will again engage in his tonsorial vocation

1922 - Nov 1 - A new fireproof rood is being put on the Chasnelle hotel

1923, May 30 - The Chasnelle hotel has taken on a bright new exterior coat of white.

1923 - Aug. 29 - WM. Loser's taxi service was headquarted here

1923 - Nov 21 - Chasnelle has New Floor
    C. C. Boblett, proprietor of the Chasenelle Hotel, has made some improvement to the front part of the hotel

    The old covering of the floor was removed and a new covering placed thereon.

    New things alwas dress-up a place and the hotel is no ecception to the rule.

The 1924 Sanborn fire map puts a the name "Chasnelle" to it and the location for ir on the corner of State Street and Scott or Toner Ave. -

1924 - April 16 - C. C. Boblet has put a cement surface over the lawn in front of the Chasnelle Hotel. He said that he couldn't get grass to grow so he would put something there that would grow.

1924 - October 8 - Chasnelle Sold to Plymouth Woman
    Late last week a transferr of the ownership of the Chasenelle Hotel took place when Mrs. A. McLochiln of Plymouth bought it from Chas. Boblett.

    Mrs. McLochlin has already taken charge of the place.

    Mrs. McLochlin is throughly acquainted with dinning room work and will be able to set an attractive table since she has been in that business the most of ther life.

    Chas. Boblett says he is going to do a good job loafing for a while. He acquired a farm just east of DeLong in the deal and he is thinking of some of watching his corn grow during the winter time and doing some butchering next summer, according to his assetion.

1925, Jul 29 - Announcement name of the Chasnell Hotel has been changed to that of Paramount Hotel... management remains the same... Mrs. A. McLochiln, prop