Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

Park Cafe and Hotel  

Was at what is now 525 Lake Shore Dr.

1897 - Mar 19 - Mr. D. R. Avery of South Bend has bought Out D. A. Bradley and will start business in earnest. He will put in a fine line of groceries and conduct a first class restaurant. Mr. Avery is an up-to-date business man and comes well recommended. He leaves a good position in one of the leading dry goods houses of South Bend. Mr. Bradley will soon leave for Petoskev, Michigan, where he will reside. He makes this move owing to the poor health of his wife. We wish him success.

1897 - April 20 A new butcher Shop - A gentleman from south Bend has rented the Avery butcher shop near the depot and will open the same about May 5th He propses to keep a first class line of meats and cater especially to the lake trade and the public in general. his family will occupy the porter residence near the harness shop

    1897 - May 28 - Edward Weaver, formerly of South Bend, opened the meat market in the Bradley building Tuesday, and will keep on hand the best meats, and sell the same at reasonable prices.

    1897 - Sep 3 - Mr. Edward Weaver, who has been conducting a butcher shop in the Avery restaurant building during the summer, has returned to South Bend bag aud baggage. We understand his wife is dangerously ill.

1897 - Oct 29 - Nearly a year ago, D. R. Avery moved to this city from South Bend, and took possession of what was known at that time as Bradley’s restaurant and grocery. He immediately convinced the citizens of this community that he was thoroughly conversant with every detail of the business, and being a man of integrity, and the happy possessor of pleasing manners, soon built up a splendid trade and is to-day recognized as one of the enterprising, liberal-minded business men of Culver . At his place you can find a full assortment of first class groceries, and if you desire a night’s lodging and a square meal, he will accommodate you in Delmonico style at reasonable rates

1897 - Dec 3 - D. G. Walter has opened a branch butcher shop in the building now occupied by Avery as restaurant and grocery
    1897 - oct 1 D. G. Walter will take possession of the Cromley Meat Market about the first of November. He proposes to conduct a first-class market and keep constantly on hand the best the market affords.

1897 - Aug 27 - A girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Avery Wednesday, Aug. 25th, but only lived five hours. The remains were taken to South Bend Thursday and interred in Ceder Grove cemetery. The parents have the sympathy of this community

1898 - David R. Avery had been the proprietor of the Colonnade .

1898 - feb. 11 - Found: A purse containing money, between the Beeber Saloon and Avery’s Restaurant Thursday morning. Owner will please call at Harry Nichols’ on the Reed property indentify same aud pay for this notice.

1898 - Mar 1 - Having decided to move, I will sell out everything. Household furniture, grocery stock and store fixtures Everything goes Call for prices. D. R. Avery

1898 - Apr 22 - Only one week more for groceries, store fixtures and furniture, cheap for cash. At Avery’s store.

1898 - Apr 22 - For Sale, Cheap — Second-hand furniture; come and see. Price to fit your purse. Avery's Restaurant

1899 - May 12 D. R. Avery has moved his furniture into the Kreuzberger restaurant building at the park and will probably have the same in running order this week or the first of next. He will run a first class restaurant and ice cream parlor. - Culver Herald

1899 - May 26 M. Keen and son Albert are building a 10 x 22 addition to the building occupied by D. R. Avery, which will be used as a kitchen. Two large windows fronting the lake and one on opposite side will be put in, and with new furniture aud fixtures added, the Park Cafe will be one of the best equipped restaurants in town - Culver Herald

1899 - Jun 2 - D.R. Avery of the Park Cafe restaurant has made wonderful improvements since taking charge of same. A large kitchen is being built in the rear, all rooms in the house are thoroughly oveahauled, papered, and laborately furnished with up todate furniture. He is now prepared to accommodate in a first class mannerall comers, both in the eating and lodging line

1899 - Jun 2 - D.R. Avery of the Park Cafe restaurant has made wonderful improvements since taking charge of same. A large kitchen is being built in the rear, all rooms in the house are thoroughly oveahauled, papered, and elaborately furnished with up todate furniture. He is now prepared to accommodate in a first class manner all comers, both in the eating and lodging line - Culver Herald

D. R. [David R.] Avery was the owner and proprietor of Avery's Park Cafe Hotel and Restaurant, "one block west of the depot."

And yet by the 1900 ariticle below of the Colonnade fire the Avery Restrurant was still in exisitence - whether under D. A. Avery's managership or under another's?

1900 - Apr 27 - Nearly every paper in the county Published that D. K. Avery s restaurant burned in the late fire but such was not the case. He still conducts the Park Cafe, which is situated a block west. of the burned district

A Lie Nailed.
    Mr. Editor.— I understand that Mr. D. R. Avery is reporting that when my husband sold him his business three years ago, he agreed not to return to Culver .

    Now we pronounce this a prevarication of the deepest lie, as no such an agreement was ever made.

    We rented the store building to Avery for one year with the privelege of holding it two years if he desired.

    But he did not desire to retain the buildiug, hence we moved into it.

    This is a free country, and it seems a little hard to be censured for occupying one’s own property.

    We desire to live peacably, but do not care to be lied about. - Mrs. D. A. Bradley. Jun 29, 1900 Culver Herald

1900 - Aug 10 ad in Culver Herald
An early 1900s business card for Avery's Park Cafe hotel and restuarant, reads" one block west of the depot".

David R. Avery is listed on the Year: 1900; Census Place: Union, Marshall, Indiana; Roll: T623 392; Page: 16B; Enumeration District: 82 - the street written on the side of the page was Scott Street - census date is 30 June 1900.

This gives his neighbors - and since - most business of that era had apartments above and generally the owner or the manager lived above the place of business this gives a possible location of the Park Cafe.

The Avery's were married about 1886 - oldest son was born about 1888 in Michigan and youngest about 1894 in Indiana.
    The 1890 census is non-existnant except for a few fragments - the check of the 1880 for Michigan - brings this entry which is a prefect match with what data is known from the 1900 census - Year: 1880; Census Place: Constantine, Saint Joseph, Michigan; Roll: T9_603; Family History Film: 1254603; Page: 294.2000; Enumeration District: 191:

    So one can assume that this is the David R. Avery who came to Marmont or Culver Indiana and was the hotel propertior of the Colonnade in 1898 and later the Park Cafe and Hotel.

The picture is about 1900 it is believed and the sign reads Averys Restaurant Meals 25 cents; the sign under it is for a meat market that was in the building also.

This is most likely the building that sat across the street at what is now 508 Lakeshore drive as on the far left one can see the rear of another building which would of been the Lakeside. David R. Avery in chair on porch, two children are Ross Avery & Howard Leon Avery, Mattie Avery on left on upper level.

Mr. D. R. Avery, Park Cafe and Hotel By 1901 by the sketch the Park Cafe - was under Major Anderson's management. It depicts the knoll at the present Depot with the lake in the background.

A photo from the rear of the building.
1901 - Jul 12 ad in Culver Herald for the Park cafe - Major Anderson is proprietor

A near tragic accident is recorded in the Culver Herald of Aug 2 1901:
    Wrestled with a Gasoline Stove.

    Last Saturday evening, Major Anderson, the popular landlord of the Park Cafe, killed 25 first class chickens, as he expected a large number of visitors Sunday, and hence, desired to be prepared to feed the vast concourse of hungry people that alwavs flock to this “Delmonico” of Culver .

    In order to have the chicks ready for the Sunday feast, he placed the whole lot in a boiler and set it upon a gasoline stove, turned on the burners and retired to his dbvvny couch, where he dreamed of chickens, ice-cream and ham sandwiches.

    About one o’clock Sunday morning he awoke with the startling realization that possibly those chickens might be cooked to a finish.

    He arose and repaired to the kitchen, aud when he opened the door, there was a sudden flash, and the room was in flames.

    The Major’s hair arose on end, but a man who has led his men to victory on many a hard-fought battle field did not waver He knew that his house was full of guests, and he also knew that the oil tank on that stove contained over a gallon of oil, and if it exploded, some of his guests would lose their lives.

    In an instant he threw open a window, grabbed the stove, and attempted to throw it out. He got the stove to the window, but slipped and fell, and when he arose to his feet, he again grabbed the stove, and putting forth all his strength, hurled it through the window.

    In doing this act pf genuine bravery, he worked amid flame and smoke, and when the fight was finshed and the battle won, the Major presented a horrible sight. his hands were terribly burned, his face and breast scorched, an in fact he was a badly burned man.

    The cause of the accident was that one of the burners went out and leaked gasoline until it covered a large space on the floor.

    When the Major opened the door the blazing burner ignited the flowing gasoline.

    He is now rapidly recovering fom his injuries - Culver Herald.

1901 - sep 27 - Major Anderson, who has been conducting the Park Cafe this summer, will return with his family to Huntington, Indiana, next Monday. While here, he and his family have gained a large circle of friends, who will miss them very much, We understand that the Park Cafe building will be enlarged and thouroughly overhauled, and if such proceedings take place the Major will return and take charge of it in the spring. - Culver Herald.
    Major Anderson and family have moved back to Huntington. The Major conducted the Park cafe during the summer months, which was well patronized. We understand that the Major will not return to Culver. During his stay here, he and his amiable wife made a large circle of friends who will miss their genial presence. It is hoped that a way will open so they will return next summer. - Oct 4 1901 Culver Herald.

Major Anderson sold out to Eif. Hoover who at one time ran a blacksmith sop.

1901 - Nov 29 - D. R. Averv, formerly proprietor of the Park Cafe in Culver is now a resident, of Kewanna and proprietor of the Toner Hotel, one of the best appointed houses in northern Indiana. Mr. Avery is a thorough hotel man, and we know that he will receive the patroarage of the traveling public. - Culver Herald

1903 - Apr 16 - R. Kreuzberger of Logansport was in Culver Thursday looking after business matters. He will have the interior of his saloon papered and also the Park Cafe. Besides he will make other improv 1904 Dec 1 - Joseph Fite & co. wi;; be here fpr one week with entertainment consisting of moving pictures, comic songs, etc. Beginning Saturday evening at Kreuzberger's Park Cafe.

1904 - Dec 8 - The Show at the Park Cafe is attracting good size audiences

1905 - Apr. 6 - There will be a dance at the Park Cafe, on Friday April 7th. All are invited to attend and bring partners. Good order will be maintained - Charles Burkett, Manager

1905 - Business Directory Stephen H. Hill listed in the 1905 business directory
    1905 - April 20 - Stephen Hill of Mentone has leased the Park Cafe and will conduct a first class restaurant. He comes well recommended and is said to be a hustler. The building is being put in good order and possession will be given in a week

1905 - Dec 28 - U S. Burkett has moved into the Parke Cafe

1908 - Mar 12 - Albert Smith has vacated the Delber Wells property near the assembly grounds and has opened a restaurant in the Park Cafe building on Scott Street. Mr. Wells has moved up from Fulton county and is occupying his house here.

1908 - Sep 10 - Leaves Creditors in Lurch
    C. F. Henderson, who has been running a restaurant in the Park Cafe building owned by T. E Slattery, left town last week Monday night, leaving his wife to adjust matters with his creditors.

    Mrs. Henderson left on Saturday, what few goods she had left being beilled to Twelve Mile.

    Henderson's largest creditor is his landlord, but there are accounts against him by the wholesale for supplies and labor

    After Henderson's first diappearance her returned and removed a portion of his stock at night.

    His creditors then began to camp on his trail and discovered that he was at times concealed in the house when his wife denied knowledge of his whereabouts.

    He was seen to board the Chicago train at Hibbard last Sunday morning.

    Henderson first came here last May ostensibly to open a monumnet shop with his uncle, W. T. Henderson of Kewanna, and had stationary printed for the Culver Monument Company, capital $10,000, W. T. Henderson president and C. F. Henderson manager.

    On of young Henderson's transactions to which a harsh name is given invloves the purchase of a horse with a note for $112 with his uncle as security.

1909 - Dec 23 - Sam Baker, the veterinarian, has come to Culver to live and is occupying Slattery's Park Cafe building. He will run a restaurant in the first floor room

Location is from facts found is 525 Lakeshore Dr. - more history is found there. The building was located in the north east corner of Kruezberger's Park from which it assumed it derived the name "Parke Cafe"