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Ohmer House  

1885 - 1886 there was news quips relating to a proposed hotel - it is assumed that these possibly referred to the Ohmer Restuarant/Hotel which eventually became the Colonnade but the full connection is unsure for now as they are very vague

Ohmer House
N & G Ohmer Hotel
Railroad Restaurant
Located at the Vandalia Station

1883 - October 12 - Hotel at Maxinkuckee.
    It is stated on good authority that the celebtated restaurant men, N. and G Ohmer, of Dayton, Ohio, propose to build a $70.000 hotel at Maxinkuckee next season. This firm owns restaurants at Lafayette, Indianapolis, Richmond, Dayton, and many other points, has an abundance of capital, and if Messrs. Ohmer take hold of the matter it will boom. Now that the Vandalia extension opens up the lake to the traveling public there is a great demand for a first-class hotel there and such an enterprise would undoubtedly be a paying investment. - Logansport Journal October 12, 1883

1885 - May 13 - A joint stock company has been organized with a capital of $4,000, for the purpose of building a first-class restaurant, skating rink and Bleeping rooms at Maxinkuckee, near the Vandalia station. Half the stock was subscribed the filst day, and it is thought there will be no trouble in raising the necessary funds to complete the structure within the next six weeks - Indianapolis Journal

1885 - Jul 12 - Al Toner,/a> has just completed a spacious rollerskating rink at Lake Maxinkuekee, and yesterdey Ohmer Brothers opened one of their first class railroad restaurants in it. Travel over the Vaadaiia to this pleasure resort is. quite heavy, and would be much heavier but for the lack of hottil accommodations. Indianapolis Journal

1885 - Jul 20 - Messrs Ohmer Bros., the famous railroad restaurateurs, have leased the new rink at Lake Maxinkuckee, and have kindly donated its use to the Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen on the occasion of their excursion. They have opened a fine restaurant in connection with the rink. - Dayton Herald (Ohio)

1885 - Jul 25 - 1885 Jul 25 - A man" always gets himself into trouble when he promises too much. This is particularly the case of the genIal,whole-souled Al Toner. Be promised well, what did he not promise, When, he made made the new rink. Those who interviewed the floor of the rink agree, when one sits down suddenly that it is just as hard as the floor of any other rink. Mr. Toner is in despair, but thinks he will have the floor cushioned and carpeted - South Bend Tribune

1885 - Jul 25 - Thursday there arrived one of the largest excursions ever known at Maxenkuckee. There were seventeen well filled coaches. Mr. Newberg, of the Ohmer house, fed the hungry and the thirsty all day long; But there is a limit to everything. When twilight came he closed the register with a great bang. Dire agony was depicted on his countenance; a sympathizing reporter, "with a; nose for news," hastened to inquire what is the matter, is it melons, cucumbers or cholera, or all combined? Friend Newberg replied that the hotel was scooped, not enough provender left to get breakfast with and a report in circulation that the engine - had broken down. Happily it proved untrue,! and as we saw the fifteen hundred excursionists depart he wafted his blessing after them. - South Bend Tribune

1885 - Aug 17 - The plans for a hotel of one hundred rooms at Lake Maxinkuckee. have been drawn, and the contract for erecting the building let. Ohmer Brothers, owners of the railroad restaurant at Indianapolis, have leased the hotel for five years - Indianapolis Journal

1885 - aug 27 Argos reflector
Improvements at Maxinkuckee
    Indianapolis Journal: This season has been the most successful in the history of Lake Maxinkuckee as a summer resort for the weary Indianapolitan, who most numerously inhabits its beautiful shores during the heated term, and arrangements are already under way to add to its accommodations and attractions for next year.

    Ohmar Bros, the famous railroad caterers have already opened one of their restaurants in a building at Marmont, which also includes under its roof a skating rink, and their intent is to erect a number of cottages in a grove near by and immediately bordering on the lake, for rent....

1885 - November 21 - Mr. Charles Newburg, the genial manager of Ohmer Bros., lunch room and stating rink, at Lake Maxenkuckee, was in the city a few hours today, on his way to Lafayette. - Logansport Chronicle

1886 - May 15 - It is rumored that the restaurant and skating rink at the station is to be converted into a hotel - Logansport Journal

1886 - May 21 - The Restaurant at the station is being remodeled and greatly improved. - Logansport Pharos pg. 3

1886 - Jun 12 - The railroad restaurant is being converted into hotel to be called the "Ohmer Hotel," It will contain 25 rooms - Logansport Pharos Tribune

1886 - Aug 1 - Sun Page 8 - The Indianapolis Journal
    Ohmer's Hotel at the Lake, near the railroad depot, just completed and nicely furnished, is now open for the accomodation of guests. First class accomidations for ladies and gentlemen and prices to suit the times.

1886 - Aug 4 - The new hotel built by the Ohmers at Maxinkuckee, which was opened recently, is patronized by a number of Indianapolis people, and fills a long felt want. - Indianapolis News.

1887 May 20 - ...The hotels are open...Ohmer's opens next week... - Logansport Pharos

1887 - Ohmer's rink and the Ohmer House is mentioned on 24 Jul 1887 in the Logansport Pharos

1887 - Sep 9 - Mrs. Ohrner, who has successfull, managed the Ohmer hotel the past season, left for her home in Indianapolis Wednesday

1888 - Feb 18 - Improvements at Maxinkuckee
    (Terre Hsute Express) Captain Lord, known - to all Terrs Hauteans who have visited Lake Maxinkuckee, was in the city yesterday. To an Express reporter he save some interesting information of thr fsmous Indiana summer resort...

    Laat week Ohmer's hotel at the station was sold to a party of Terre Hauteans. Among the number are Mr. A. Herz and John Burns. This is ths building ia which tbe skating rink ia located. - Indianapolis news

1888 - Mar 3 - March 3, 1888 - John Branz, of Terre Haute, bought the Ohmer house at Maxinkuckee - Logansport Chronicle

1888 - Ohmer, Nicholas (Mortgagor ) Ohmer, George (Mortgagee) on 16 Apr. 1888 for the amount of 15,500.00 for an Und. int in Oliver [sic] Hotel, Marmont

1890 May 12 Mrs. Lord has leased the Ohmer hotel and will run it in connection with her private boarding house. -

1890 - May 12 - Some buildings and repairing are in progress. John Martin, of Logansport is putting up a building just west of the Ohmer house to be used as a lunch room and Saloon. - Logansport Pharos Tribune

Logansport Reporter June 10, 1890 - 0. C. Beaber has completed his new place at Maxinkuckee adjoining the Ohmer house and expects to put in the finest kind of furniture in connection with his liquor saloon. The equipments will be equal to the best in the city.

Logansport Times July 25, 1890 - The Ohmer hotel which is just opposite the depot will receive another story and undergo other improvements before the opening of next season. The Ohmer is now two stories high and when theimprovements are made it will be a very handsome and commodious hotel. The proprietress is Mrs. R. K. Lord, who never does things by halves. Every thing with which this lady has anything to do must be done right or not at all. Her hotel is now thronged with visitors, it being the most accessible from the depot. The other hotels are also kept busy.

Logansport Reporter August 2, 1890 - ...the hospitable board of the Ohmer house kept by Mrs. Capt. Lord...

Logansport Times May 1, 1891 - The Ohmer is being overhauled, raised to two full stories in height, a large and elegant veranda for both stories is being placed over half way around the building, an addition is being built on the rear, together with several other material improvements, which will decidedly change the appearance of the place. The dining room ts being enlarged to accommodate the hungry multitude, and in short, the hotel is being re-fitted to meet the increasing demands of the public.

1891 - May 8 - The Colonnade
    The Ohmer House, near the Marmont depot at Maxenkuckee lake, has been completely transformed, greatly enlarged and magnificently improved in appearance and was re-christened "The Colonnade ... Logansport Pharos-Tribune

1891 - May 21 - After an expenditure of $3,000 the Ohmer house at Marmont has been placed in first class shape and will be open to the public about June 1st. - AArgos Reflector

1891 - May 22 - The Ohmer house at Lake Maxinkuckee, has been changed to the New Colonade. It has been leased for the season by Mrs. R. K. Lord. - South Bend Tribune