Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

762 E. Shore Dr.

House of A Thousand Candles

A very small portion of the property sits in Section 15 and the majority of it in Section 22

1835 Plat Map Original Survey - Section 15
    James F. D. Lanier of Jefferson county, Indiana on 30 June 1837 was issued Certificate #7338 for the North west quarter of section fifteenand the East half of the South East Quarter of Section Seventeen in township thirty two containing 240 acres.

    William Thompson was from Fayette county, Indiana and on 10 August 1837 he was issued Certificate #6822 for the East fractional part of Section Fifteen containing 344 96/100 acres. Which borders Lake Maxinkuckee. Note he also had 2 other land certificates for land in Section 10
1835 Plat Map Original Survey - Section 22 - ? acres
    Nesswagh-ee Reservation

1835-1837 Plat Map - Section 15
Section 15: Lot 1 - 41.75A
Section 15 Lot 2 - 32.25A
Section 15 Lot 3 - 57.88A.
Section 15 Lot 4 - 47.30A
1835-1837 Plat Map - Section 22 Section 22 Lot 1 - 37.70A; 40
Section: 22 Lot 2 - 45.45A
Section 22 Lot 3 - 32.00A
Section 22 Lot 4 - 35.70A

1838 - William & Nancy Thompson HW deeded to Eleazor Thompson
1840 - 6 Apr. Eleazor Thompson to Joshua Canaday
1843 3 Aug. - Former deed revoked & reverted to Eleazor Thompson & HW
    Eleazor and HW Mary Thompson to Huldah Canaday
    Eleazor and HW Mary Thompson to Any Canaday
1848 - 1 Feb. - Any Canada & Eli Barbara & Huldah Canaday Barnard to Samuel Jones
1855 - 13 Jun. - Samuel Jones and Rebecca Jones to David La Rue
1865 - 29 May - Heirs of David and Frances La Rue to George Peoples
    Frances La Rue married Peter Cohoe - 8 Dec. 1864
1865 - 10 Jun - Frances Jane La Rue Cohoe dc Peter Cohoe to George Peeples
1865 - 29 May - George Peoples to Squier Owens-Administrator?????

1872 Plat Map - Section 15
A. T. Benedict 160A
J. Hissong 91A
G. Peeples 10 A
C. Filer 40 A
T Houghton 40A
W. Densmore 80A
E. Parker 80A
1872 Plat Map - Section 22 Lot 1 - 37.32 - G. Peeples
Lot 2 - 45.45A S & J. W Rector
Lot 3 32A - S. Rctor
S & J W Rector - 40A
A Smith - 80A
A W B - 3.90A -
F J 2.50A -
J. C. Miles a part in Sec. 23- 150 A.
A Bartholomew 35.70A

1876 Plat Map - Section 15
J. Wylie
G Peeples
1876 Plat Map - Section 22
    J C Miles - 158A

1880 Plat Map - Section 15
A. t. Bendedict 89A, 44,75A, 38.25A
J. Hissong 92.40A
G. Peeples/Peoples 16.90A
F Parker 80A
W. Dinsomre 80A
F. Overmyer 40A
T Houghton 40A
1880 Plat Map Section 22
    Platted cottage lots
    G. Peeples 35.5A
    Rector & Thomas 85A & 32A
    H. B. Scott 34.50A

1881 - The house was built by Franklin Vonnegut
    1952 - AUGUST 20, Services were held in Indianapolis on Saturday for Franklin Vonnegut, 95, former summer resident here.

    Older residents will recall that it was this man; who built one of the first of the more permanent homes along the East Shore Road. He erected his summer home in the 1880's and, it was the first to have plastered walls.

    He sold the cottage about the turn of the century to Alfred Potts.

1884 - 27 Oct. - William Now [Mow?] & Catherine HW to George Peoples Grantee of David La Rue
1887 - 15 Sep. - George Peoples & HW Catherine to Sarah P VonHake and Pauline O. (VonHake) Vonnegut , wife of Franklin Deed Bk 39
1888 - Jul 23 - Property split between the 2 sisters
    Deed Bk. 40 - Sarah P Von Hake & Pauline O. (Von Hake) Vonnegut split the property for a short period of time till Oct. 1, 1899 when Sarah P. Von Hake sold her half back to Pauline O. (Von Hake) and Franklin Vonnegut.
1889 - 1 Oct. - Sarah P. Von Hake & Carl HH to Pauline O. Vonnegut & Franklin HH (south half of property)

1889 - 23 Dec. - George Peeples & Catherine HW to Pauline Vonnegut

about 1896 Historical notations map

1898 Plat Map - Section 15
Culver Military Academy 16.52A
H. H. Culver 76.46A
H. H. Culver 39.35A
H. H. Culver 35.27A, 57.66A
F. Overmyer 40A
Wn. Dinsmore 80A B. Mc Keen
H. H. Culver
G Peoples
R O Venneouwt (Vonneut)
G. Peeples 11.90A
1898 PLat Map - Section 22

1900 Everman's Biological Survey Map

1902 - 17 Dec. - (Heirs of Pauline Vonnegut deceased: HH Franklin & sons Theodore F., Felix and Arthur) Heirs of Pauline Vonnegut to May Potts

1908 Plat Map - Section 15
Culver Military Academy
H. H. Culver Est.
Ira Marriz 40A
Thos Houghton 40A
Mary J Hissong Est.
F. M. Parker 20A
D. W. Marks 20A
Jenny Marks 40A
1908 - Section 22

1911 - 13 Jul. 1911 - George Peeples and Catherine Peeples to May Potts
1910 - Apr 14 - M. R. Cline is building a two-story addition, 20X28, the the A. F. Potts cottage of the East side. The basement will contain the furnace, the first floor will be one room, forming an extension the present dinning room, and the second story will be divided into two bedrooms

1922 Plat Map - Section 15
1922 Plat Map - Section 22

1926 - 10 Feb. - May B. Potts & Alfred F. Potts HH to Maude Fowler Wolfe
    Maude was husband to Henry Preston Wolfe. Found is:
      1916 - Oct 26 - Walter R, Beebe to Harry Preston Wolfe, Indiana cottage on Lake Maxinkuckee, $4200.

1941 - 9 Jun. - Maude Fowler Wolfe & Harry HH to Charles E. Hughes and Fern D. HW

1941-197_ - Charles E & Fern D Hughes
    1958 Lake Directory - Charles E. Hughes - , Destin, Fla

1971 - 3 Mar 1983 Harold Dale and Collette (Scully) Long
    Historical Society Presents Award to "House of a Thousand Candles"

    The Marshall County Historical Society presented an award this week commemorating an important historical site on Lake Maxinkuckee. "The House of a Thousand Candles," located at 762 East Shore Drive, Culver, is presently owned by Mr. and Mrs. Harold (Dale) Long.

    The house was built in 1881 and it is one of five built by the Vonnegut families at about that time. Two additions to the house were made since that time.

    The first was the addition of a living room area, and the second was a dining room. The dining room addition was added while the house was owned by the Wolfe family, and the person who ordered the work to be done was Jane Culver . She is reported (though not verified) to have asked that the dining room be "the largest on Lake Maxinkuckee," and (it) probably was for many years.

    The House is named after the book, "The House of a Thousand Candles," which was written by Merideth Nicholson in 1905. Mr. Nicholson was a friend of the Vonnegut family and it is believed that the book was written while Nicholson stayed at the house during the winter of 1904-05. The book is a novel, set in a place based on Lake Maxinkuckee.

    The Longs purchased the house from Charles Evans Hughes, the nephew of the former Supreme Court Justice by the same name, in 1971. They considered tearing down the building at that time and starting over, because the house had been empty for several years and was in severe disrepair. In the end, they decided to repair the home, and remodeled the house along the original plan and the house looks much the same today as it did 75 years ago. The only major changes to the structure are a modern kitchen and a new back porch, which offers a breath taking view of Lake Maxinkuckee. The copper kettle at the right in the above picture was used by the Vonnegut's in the making of apple butter. They owned a large orchard in the east shore and held an "Apple Festival" at the end of each season, complete with a band, which performed on the deck which still overlooks the lake next door to the Long's home. --The Culver Citizen, May 23, 1984

Some history of the cottage as told by Robert (Bob) Kyle, it must be Lakewater.

Sep. 1987 - Jun 1992 - Thomas C. & Jean G. Barnes

Jun 1992 - Nov. 1995 - Craighton & Linda Hippenhammer
    Craighton "Craig " has spent several years researched the history of the house and Nicholson's use of it in his novel "The House of a Thousand Candles" written by Meredith Nicholson and published in 1906. The article appeared in the Summer, 2007 edition of "Traces of Indiana and Midwestern History" , the quarterly magazine of the Indiana Historical Society entitled: "The house of a Thousand Candles: The Lake Maxinkuckee Link". 19:3, Summer 2007, 40-47. (PDF file)

    He is professor at Olivet Nazarene University Library Information Technology Department Benner Library and Resource Center; Associate Professor of Library Science; B.A., 1968, California State University; M.L.S., 1974 University of Oregon; M.F.A., 1994, Columbia College

    Linda G, MD - Southern Illinois University School of Medicine and graduated in 1983; and a radiologist.

    Jeffery P. Kenny wrote an intresting article on them "Culver’s Hippenhammers serve at home and around the world".

Nov. 1995 - 2024 - Craighton & Linda Hippenhammer, Trustees Trust Agreement
    Craighton Hippenhammer researched and wrote the article entitled "The House of a Thousand Candles: The Lake Maxinkuckee Link"

    Additon was add to the house in 2001-2 86 AUDITOR DESC: MEAN COR BETW SEC 15 & 22 SHR LK MAX