Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

824 N. Lake Shore Dr. , Papa's  

. Section 16 - 500.90A 1835 Original Survey
Section 16 c. 1837 500.90A (North shore town and academy)

1872 - Section. 16
    Est. of I N Morris 105 A ( also 80 A)
    J. Duddleson - 30.60A & 10A
    T. Houghton 90A.
    J. Houghton Acreage not stated
    J ___ name illegible 4A
    G. A. Durr 10A
    Lot no name no acreage stated
    G. A. Durr 5A? - res (Lot 2 3A & 3A)
    Dr. Durr No amount Stated lots as if to be 2 large
    L D W [Lorenzo W. Wiseman]

1876 - J. Castleman - 190A

1876 Section 16
    1850-1876 I. N. Morris 175/185a   [Isaac N. Morris] - 185 A

1880 North Section 16 - 500.90 Acres Town
    I N Morris 185.34
    B. W. Watt 15.50A
    LakeView Club 15A
    J Duddleson 109.31A
    Tho. Houghton 90A.
    J. E. Houghton 19.60A
    E Parker 27 A

1898 - Section 16
    L. C. Dillion - 10A, 99.31A, 79.76, 75.60A
    T. Houghton 89A
    A. Roughton
    E. Duddle(son) 9.60A
    E. Morris 21.49A/Morris Lake Front Plat
    T. H. & L RRR Lake View Club 15 A.
    J. J. Bryant
    Incorporated Limits of Culver
    Lakeview Club / T H & L RR - 15 A.

1908 - Lake View Hotel / Vandalia Railroad

1922 A part of the Lake View Hotel Property, Pennsylvania Railroad This Triangle buring the era of the Lake View hotel included 3 little park areas and cabin/tent lots 3's 30-47

Was probably a part of area known as "Bunker Hill"

1950, May 24 issue of Citizen stated "New Guest Lodge to Begin This Week" which was named the Culver Lodge Motel

?-1956, Aug. - Golden Eagle Restaurant
    Golden Eagle Restaurant Discontinues Operation

    The attractive and ultra Modern Golden Eagle Restaurant, operated in conjunction with the Culver Lodge Motel, which has been open for business spasmodically during the summer months had closed its doors

    Apparently lack of advertising to popularize the eating establishment and the inability to employ the right kind of operating personnel were the causes

    Definite information regarding a future reopening date is unavailable. - 29 Aug 1956

1957 - Jun 5 - _ best move of all came when the Culver Lodge was leased to the masterful direction of that Cape Cod restaurateur and hotel manager, Edwin W. Dybing, who also runs the Culver Inn. Now it is possible for visitors to get superb service in quantity

1958 - June 25 Byrum 's (M.r & Mrs. John J.) Operating Culver Lodge Motel and Restaurant.
    Country Club Cooking

    The Byrums have been indeed fortunate in leasing their well-equipped restaurant, dajoining the motel at Lake Shore Drive and College Avenue to Herb Hendrickson, who will also cintinure his operation of the eating facilities of the Plymouth Country Club.

    The restaurant will be open daily from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.

    A large new parking lot had been constructed near the restaurant's entrance for the convenience of patrons.

    The motel has placed in effect a special low rate during the week for the benefit of traveling salesmen with limited expense accounts.

1961 - May 31 - Cullver Lodge Restaurant
    Lodge Resturant Sets May 11 for Re-Opening Date.

    The Culver Lodge Resturant located on Lake Shore Drive adjacent to the Culver Lodge Motel and across form the A & W Root Beer Barrel, has been leased by the Garfield's proprietors of the well known Garfield Restaueant of Plymouth which was destroyed by fire some time ago.

    The Garfiels will open the CUlver Lodge Resturant on Thursday, May 11, observing, Hours from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. and remainif cclosed on Mondays.

    For information or resevations phone VIking 2-3416

The Culver Lodge Motel post card to the left depicts it shortly after it was moved. The building in the foreground was the House of Treasures which is now Papa's. It looks as if it that is sitting empty at the time the photograph for the postcard was taken. In behind the building one can see part of the Culver Lodge Motel - of which some of the rooms were torn down in the 1990's to make way for expansion of Papa's and parking area this is now the Inn by the Lake. Also from the back of the postcard states that it was copyrighted in 1955 by The L. L. Cook Co. and the caption on back reads: "The Culver Lodge on Lake Maxinkuckee Adjacent to Culver Military Academy on State Road 17 phone 24'>
    Virginia Glackman was the next owner of the building. She had been owner and operator of The House of Treasures, which had first been located at 772 West Shore Drive (which was then also State Road 17, which probably afforded the shop far more traffic than it would get after the highway was routed to its bypass locale of today), on the west side of West Shore Drive. In October of 1961, Glackman moved from her West Shore Drive home to 1070 East hore Drive, said the Citizen, and by May of 1962, she was announcing her purchase of the Culver Lodge (which she said would be named The Village Lodge).

    The House of Treasures," said the Citizen ad, "has moved its entire stock and will be open at 284 Lake Shore Drive June 1 St. You are cordially invited to visit our gift shop." The 284 address was that of the motel, and ads for a time encouraged visitors to view the gift store's stock there. Soon thereafter, the House of Treasures was located at 824 N. Lakeshore Drive.

An Ad for Pizza Prince in the Culver citizen giving the location as 842 Lakeshore Dr. on Oct 1967, an ad in 1968 ad is the same as as was ran in 1967.

A menu for the Pizza Prince

Feb 23 1971 ad for Jo-Bo's Pizzeria

1971-c1976 - Jo-Bo's Pizzeria [830 Lakeshore Dr.; the Motel next door carried the same address] - Ken & Lois Schau
    Mike A . Maddox - we were a part of that era in 1971 with my parents Ken and Lois Schau , my wife Lisa and I worked at restaurant and ran Village Lodge motel next door.

    Terri (Maddox) Edington wrote: "The Village Lodge Motel and Jo-Bo's Pizzeria was our moms' hard work, you could say a family thing for all of us for almost 6 years"

A seen in this photo 1970's major changes took place over the years in the facade of the building. Besides probably sitting empty for periods of time in between businesses.

Papa's established 1976 - to present

    824 N LAKESHORE DR 11.65' N RR R/W & 20' E SEC LN N 300'


Parking Lot between Papa's & Inn by the Lake
? - Oct. 1997 - Brian S. Mc Cormack
1997, Oct. - 2010, Apr. - Allen Fritz & Steve Spaw -Spaw & Fritz Development
2010, Apr. 2013 - Brian & James Mccormack
    BEG 11.65' N OF FORMER RR TH N0E 159.85' TO POB TH N61.20' TH S89-50-40E 300.07' TH S0-03-12E 32.24' ETC'