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Inn by the Lake
830 North Lake Shore Drive.  

Inn by the Lake was opened in 2005 and was completely renovated by the Hantusko's.

2005 May-2023, Jun - Nick & Gina Hnatusko
    Bed and breakfast fees, other items on Council docket Apr. 21 - 2011
    By Jeff Kenney Citizen editor
      Culver’s Town Council last week agreed to look into and vote upon, at its next meeting) a request from Nick and Gina Hnatusko, owners and proprietors of bed and breakfast Inn by the Lake, on Lake Shore Drive.

      The couple attended the April 12 Council meeting to protest a $15 monthly sewer charge per room, a fee they said isn’t charged to comparable businesses in Culver.

      Gina Hnatusko noted the fee, which Town Clerk Casey Howard said is the standard sewer rate, was added recently, with no explanation or notice to the business.

      Town Manager Michael Doss explained the charge was added when its absence was discovered and regarded as an oversight on the town’s part.

      Noting Inn by the Lake has nine rooms, Doss said the town is regarding the business as falling into the same category as condotel the Culver ove, and that Culver’s ordinances call for a sewer charge per room.

      Noting the Hnatuskos compared Main Street Manor in Culver as a similar operation, Doss said the town interpreted the two operations as different. “Main Street Manor is (seen as) a large house,” said Doss. “They rent the rooms of the house; the Inn is more like a hotel.”

      Main Street Manor has 12 rooms, it was explained, each with its own bathroom, as is the case with Inn by the Lake. Hnatusko argued the Inn isn’t comparable to the Culver Cove, in which each unit has multiple bathrooms and a kitchen. Each room in the Inn, she said, has a small bathroom and shower.

      Further, the Hnatuskos live at the Inn and rent it “like a bed and breakfast.” She added only four rooms are open during half of the year.

      Council member Ralph Winters said he’d like more information on the size of the Inn’s sewer line, but felt the Hnatuskos had a valid position, something with which several Council members agreed. The Council opted to vote on the matter at its next meeting

    Inn by the Lake a charming haven close to the lake
    Oct. 22, 2015
    By Anna Campbell, Correspondent
      The Inn by the Lake, at 830 Lakeshore Drive, is owned and operated by Gina and Mick Hnatusko, the couple having purchased it in March of 2000.

      At the time of purchase the building had been vacant for nearly a decade.

      “We wanted to run our own business,” explains Gina. “At that time properties were flying off the market. After vacationing here in the summers and falling in love with the town we wanted to purchase a place

      Gina, long-time hair stylist, enjoyed the service industry and wanted to put her people skills to use in a different capacity. “I had actually never stayed at a Bed and Breakfast before owning one. But we thought, ‘We can make this work.’”

      The couple first added a second story onto the original office building. They use the second floor as their private residence. At the same time they completely remodeled two rooms adding insulation and double pain windows for comfort year ‘round. Every year following they would remodeled the next room, then the next until all eleven rooms were completed.

      “We learned as went along,” says Gina. “We took our time and had fun decorating each room the way we wanted.”

      Each room has its own attached bathroom. All eleven bathrooms have their original 1950’s tile from when it was first built.

      “We receive a lot of positive comments about the original tile, for some guests, it brings back memories,” Gina notes.

      The Inn is a mix of a cozy bed and breakfast with hotel amenities. Each room has its own unique theme and has its own mini-refrigerator, coffee maker and microwave.

      The Inn is located within walking distance to Lake Maxinkuckee, restaurants, shopping and Culver Academies.

      “The majority of our guests have a connection to the Academy,” Gina says. “We have had guests as far as England and Scotland stay here, we really enjoy speaking with them and learning about where they live.”

      With 15 years of experience behind them, the Hnatuskos said that the best part of owning the Inn has been getting to know people from all over. Gina recounts one of her favorite stories: “We were sitting outside the Inn with a couple from England and the man remarked about how they do not have lightning bugs in England (as they watched lightening bugs appear at night fall). We would not have otherwise met so many interesting people. We love living in Culver.”

      Culver being a seasonal town, the Inn’s busiest time of year is April through October. With the addition of a new winter event hosted by the Culver Chamber of Commerce, the Hnatuskos have seen an uptick in over-night stays.

      “Culver Winter Fest has helped,” Gina remarks. “It is a great idea!”

      The Inn by the Lake’s hours are Monday through Sunday, 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. The bed and breakfast may be found online at inn-bythelake. com or reached by phone at 574- 842-4780.

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