Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

920 S. Shore Dr  


Section 34
    Section: 34 Lot _ - 32._7A
    Section 34 Lot 2 - 48.90A
    Section 34 Lot 7 - 37.30A

James F. D. Lanier of Jefferson county, Indiana on 30 June 1837 was issued the certificate #6822 the East half of the North East quarter of section thirty three and the north half of section thirty four containing 198 79/100 acres.

1872 Plat map
    D. Easterday (Daniel Easterday) 38.50AA & 17.38A non-lakefront
    G. J. Zachuman 45.90A & 72.39A

1876 - Not given

1880 Plat Map
    D. Easterday (Daniel Easterday) 133.06A
    B. Easterday (Benjamin Easterday) 118.90A

1898 Plat Map
    D. Easterday (Daniel Easterday) 38.30A


1903 - Oct 8 - John W. Cromley and wife to Edgar M. and Paul M. Thayer lot in Mackuckee 500.

1904 - Jul 21 - Mr. and Mrs. Geo N Thayer and son Paul have been camping a few days on theri lot at the south end of the lake. Mr. Thayer expects to improve his property the coming year.

1906 - Sep 13 - Geo H Thayer spent the afternoon at Maxinkuckee - Saturday's P;lymouth Independent 1907 - Oct 3 - J. W. Cromley to Mary L M Thayer lot in 34-31-1 $500

1908 Plat Map
    Daniel Easterday 38.30A
    Schuyler 0. Overmyer 32.90A & 45.90A & 140.79A non-lakefront J. W. Crowley {Cromley}
    G. S. Headley

    M. B. Hendoson 30 ft P.M. and E. M. Thayer
    J. W. Crowley {Cromley}

1908 - Feb 6 - John W. Cromley and to Mary Thayer lot in 34 Union 500.

1908 - May 21 - Two New cottages Ferrier is delivering lumber for a new cottage for Geo. Thayer of Plymouth at the south end of the lake...

1908 - Jul 30 - Mr. and Mrs George Thayer of Plymouth had compelted their summer home a the south end of the lake east of the Pottowattomie reservation and took possession last week

1908 - Maie Haenderson etal to Mary Thayer lot at Maxinkuckee $300


1934 - Jul 18 - Mary L. M. Thayer to Paul M. Thayer - W 50 ft. comm at a point 243 ft. S. Lake Maxinkuckee Sec. 34-32-1- WD $750.000.

    same to same - comm 25 ft. S 851 1/3 W Lake Macinkuckee Se. 34-3{2}- 1 Wd

1942 - Sep 16 - Paul M. Thayer wd to Hazel M. Thayer lot on Lake Maxinkuckee 34-32--2

1953 - Feb 4 - Hazel M. and Paul M. Thayer wd to Joseph A. Lenk - track in Sec. 34-32-1 on Lake Maxinkuckee - Union Twp.

1953-93 - (Father) Joseph A. Lenk
    1954 - Sep 1 - Father Joseph A. Lenk Is Host at Reception

    Rev. Joseph A. Lenk was host to 75 member and firends of St. Mary's of the Lake Roman Catholic Church at Villa Maria on Lake Road Sundary evening

    The event, sponored by the building committe, was a delightful affair.

    A buffet supper was served and music was provided by an instrumental trio from South Bend.

1958 Lake Directory Rev. Joseph A. Link - St. Mary's of the Lake Church, Culver.

Jun 1995 - Estate of Joseph A. Lenk

? - Jun 1997 - Joseph A. Lenk, Trustee

Jun. 1997 - Sophia & Della Sue Gardner (see Herman W. Gardner)

    There was a sign in front that bore the name 'Villa Maria' for years. The old Limestone house surrounded by pine trees on the road side was tore down and a new cottage built in 1999.

Jun. 1997 - Jul 2006 - M. Kathleen Stewart Mc Kinney

Jul . 2006 - 2013, Nov. - Donald T & Barbara Jean Kindt

2013,Nov-2016 - 2016, Dec - East Shore Associates Lp

2016, Dec - 2020 - WINDSOR GRAND I LLC

    LOT 2 SW COR LOT 1 MEAD S 79-46-39 E

    A Part of Lots 2 in section 34, Township 32, North, Range 1 East Union Township, Marshall, County, Indiana, described as follows: Commencing at a 1/2" iron pipe at the southwest corner of Lot No. 1 in Samuel E. Medbourn's Plat, located in said Lot No. 2 in Section 34; thence South 79-46-39 East along the North line of South Shore Drive a distance of 150.39 feet tp a 5/8" iron rod at the Southeast corner of Eleanor Susan Poston-Zollars, Floyd Poston Zollars and Suella P. Zollars, parcel (recorded in Deed Record 1996 Page 9375 and Deed Record 1996 Page 5340, Office of Marshall county Recorder) and the point of beginning of this description; thence North 01-03-10 East along the East line of said parcel a distance of 179.80 feet to the shoreline of Lake Maxinkuckee; thence South 89-47-45 east along said shoreline a distance of 89.51 feet to the West line of the Sophia Gardner and Della Due Gardiner parcel (recorded in Deed Record 1995 Page 9151, Office of the Marshall county Recorded); thence South 05-47-57 West 193.39 feet to a 1' Iron pipe on said North line of South Shore Drive; thence North 79-46-39 West 74.45 feet to the point of beginning; containing 15,244 square feet (0.35 of an acre) subject to all easements, righ-of-way and restrictions of record.