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Lake Maxinkuckee Aerial Views 2006  

I am not fond of airplanes and such - but as the song says "come fly with me" but we can do it from our computer and chair - sit and sip a beverage of our choice and look down on our small world of Culver and Lake Maxinkuckee - so here is an aerial view of around Lake Maxinkuckee via the internet.

I have started to annoate some of the views - with points from the past and present.

It will be done in a slide show presentation. This is what they call the Conveyor belt slide show - it will take a short time to load up, so be patient. It is set on '1' the lowest speed to stop a photo in the frame just place your cursor on the photo.

It will start on the north from from what is now the academy grounds the east side, to the Norris Inlet and marsh area; to the Venetian Village along the south shore and up the West shore through the town of Culver back to the point of beginning. Then I will take you back to the outlet and take you down it to Little Maxinkuckee [Little Lake, Lost Lake, Hawk Lake] from there it ran through what was the Fred Banks farm on Tulip Road and Dean Manchester's farm (on 20th A Road) across 20th A Road - through the edge of the Old Transit-Mix Plant and Joe Burns Gravel Pit and down across St. Rd. 110 into Fulton County - the pictures stops a little ways into Fulton county. But it continues till it reaches the Tippecanoe River.

These were made up in 2006 - so there has been changes and progress. Have Fun and enjoy - see if you can spot places in and around the lake!

Academy grounds
East Shore
Norris Inlet & Marsh
Venetian Village & South Shore
West Shore