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It Is A Sure Thing  

The Christian Church Assembly to be Located at Culver.

After weeks of delay and considerable discussion pro and con, the Christian Church Society of Indiana and adjoining states, has settled upon Culver as a permanent location for their summer assembly.

The societv has purchased the Gould property in the south part of town, consisting of about twenty acres, ten of which is a grove, and a magnificeut one, facing Lake Maxinkuckee on the east, and in very close proximity to the Vandalia R. R.

The society will be, owing to limited time, compelled to desist from doing much building this season, but will devote the principal part of the summer in fencing aud beautifying the grounds, and preparing to to erect suitable buildings next spring. However, it is proposed by the management to hold a five days encampment here this summer, and large and commodious tents will be pitched for the occasion, which will be roomy enough to seat all those in attendance.

Already parties have commenced to work upon the grounds, which they hope to have in readiness in two or three weeks. Our citizens, who realize what an assembly of this kind means, can thank Prof. J. V. Coombs, who by untiring efforts, has overcome all objections and brought the establishment of this great Christian enterprise here

The real worthy features of this Assembly, although it will , be conducted under the auspices of the Christian church , will be non-partisan, as there will be days set apart for all orthodox denominations. As we understand it these summer assemblies will be perfectly grand from an educational and highly entertaining standpoint, as the very best talent among the great divines of to-day,will be secured to lecture and instruct upon religious topics

It is said that a choir of a hundred voices will be trained to furnish the vocal music part of the program. Then there will be secured the best musical talent obtainable to give concerts

The Vandalia railroad management has agreed to place suitable side tracks along the assembly grounds in order to give the very best of accommodations to the vast thrones which will be sure to attend these meetings.

Steamboat landings will also be erected and everything consummated which will add to the success of the enterprise.

This means one of the greatest boons Culver ever received, as it means that hundreds of people from all parts of the country will visit Culver, who never heard of it before, or if they did, knew nothing of its environments, or of the beautiful Lake Maxinkuckee

In selecting the grounds, the committee having the matter in charge, exhibited great common sense, as the location is a splendid one, and ,with very little expense, the grounds can be turned into a veritable Garden of Eden

30 June 1899 Culver Herald

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