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1904 Assembly  


Aug. 5 — Opening Day .
Aug. 6 — Children's Rally Day.
Aug. 7 — Lord's Day Service.
Aug. 8 - Temperance Day.
Aug. 9 — Farmer’s Day.
Aug. 10 — Prohibition Rally Day.
Aug. 11 — Young People's Conference.
Aug. 12-15 — National S. S. Conference.
Aug. 17-18 — State W. C. T. U. Meeting.
Aug. 18-22 - National Evangelistic Congress.
Aug. 22— Close.

Day services all free. The evenings will be used for lectures, entertainments. etc., for which 10 cents will be charged. An excellent program has been provided which will be announced from time to time by small bills. Everybody invited to these meetings. Assembly Hotel rate, 50 cents for lodging, meals 25 cents. - Culver Citizen THURSDAY, AUGUST 4, 1904,


The Assembly opens next Thursday evening with stereoptican arid moving pictures and a lecture on Missions by Rev. W. H. Waggoner, of Eureka, Ill.

Hon. Felix T. McWhirter, of Indianapolis, Prohibition candidate for Governor, will give an address Wednesday, Aug. 10, at 2 p. m. C. E. Newlin, State Chairman of the Prohibition Party of Indiana, and E. G. Shouse. the will also speak at 10 a. m. At. E. Rice, Indiana's greatest solo singer will sing at both of these meetings. Meetings free to all. Everybody invited.

Eva Marshall Shontz. of Chicago tho noted lecturer, reader and young people's loader, will give C harles M. Sheldon's powerful story “Who Killed Joe’s Baby?” at the Assembly Grounds, Thursday, August 11. at 8 p. m. Admission 10 cents. . - Culver Citizen THURSDAY, AUGUST 4, 1904,

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