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Maxinkuckee Assembly 1905  

THE MAXINKUCKEE ASSEMBLY Arrangements Completed for Next Session. July 20 to August 10

The Board of Directors of Maxinkuckee Assembly hold a very enthusiastic meeting at the office of the secretary, Frank 0. Huston, Rooms 211 and 212 Law Building, Indianapolis last Wednesday. Plans were arranged for the improvement of the Park Grounds by fencing and grading: the grounds will also be fully platted and landscaped so that it will add much to its already abundant natural beauty.

Dr. Harry Grannison Hill, of Indianapolis, a man of more than national reputation has been secured as General Manager for the Assembly, and arrangements have also been made for the sale of stock and season tickets so the future of the Assembly is now an assured success.

The dates for the season of 1905 are July 20th to August 10 inclusive. An exceptionally brilliant program will be put on this season and it is the purpose of the management to surpass any efforts heretofore, as with but few exceptions the attractions put forth will be of a national reputation. Special days will be hail with excurs-ions on all railroads, with features of sufficient attractive power that will bring thousands of people from all parts of the country. Extensive advertising will be done.

We feel that the citizens of Culver and Marshall county should bestir themselves now to give every assistance possible to this institution, which will mean very much not only to the little city, but to a l l ' the adjacent country. The management now purposes to make of this a great Chautauqua movement, where thousands of the very best people will attend yearly, and so will annually bring thousands of dollars to give iu exchange for a delightfully beneficial outing on the shores of the most beautiful lake in the United States, where they may recuperate their wasted energies amidst surroundings that will not only build up the physical but the moral and spiritual part of man as well. Let us all do our part to assist this movement in every way posible. April 20, 1905


A Splendid Program Arranged for the Coming Session

The program for Maxinkuckee Assembly is almost, complete in every detail. In looking toward the future the new management has made a splendid move in securing Mr. H. G. Hill as General Manager. We understand Mr. Hill is an expert in this line, having been associated with several successful Assemblies.

Mr. Hill informs us secured some of the best attractions in the country for this years program. Notable among these are Prof. Reno B. Welbourn, Wizard of Electricity, who carries a wagon load of apparatus with which to illustrate by experiment his wonderful lectures.

Prof. Frank Regan will give three chalk talk lectures. He will be remembered as an ideal entertainer.

The Barnard and Harrington orchestras will be on the grounds for almost the whole season. The Bnrnaids are composed of seven players and are one of Indianapolis favorite concert companies

A company of seven colored Jubilee Singers are engaged for two days on the grounds. The Gibson-Trottee-Wagner trio will entertain the audiences for three days. This is one of the daintiest a n d most talented trios of young women artists now on the platform.

Samuel Sellers with his moving pictures will be on the grounds for several days and is said to have one of the best outfits and to be one of the best operators; iu his line. On patriotic day the management has secured the Hon. James Watson as crater. Tie is reputed and acknowledged the most eloquent member of congress

These with many other readers, singers, musicians, lecturers, enter tainors and artists will make Maxinkuckee Assembly the equal of any in Indiana

The present management guarantees the success of the Assembly. Mr. Hill declares it is the best natural location lie has ever seen. In his own language he says "God has already done a great deal for this place, if we do ours it will be equal to any Assembly in the .United States." - 18 May 1905


Pleasure and Profit Combined in This Year's Session.

The directors of the reorganized Maxinkuckee Assembly met at the office of the secretary, Mr. Huston, in Indianapolis, last week

We understand many improvements will be undertaken in the Assembly park this year, and that the new management will show a manifest improvement over the old methods of operation.

Many Indianapolis citizens are turning their eyes to Maxinkuckee Assembly as presenting the finest opportunity for an agreeable outing and the combined pleasure and profit of an Assembly. In a few days surveyors will come to Culver to plat additional lots for cottages ou the association’s grounds. The already beautiful park is to have winding walks, and with a few touches of a skilled landscape gardener will more truly than ever be a beauty spot. In quiries are already being made lor cottage sites.

The six Philippine youths who are being educated in the Manuel Training High School of Indianapolis will very likely come to Maxinkuckee for their outing. Tlie management has presented the claims to the officials and in all probability our citizens will have an opportunity to get acquainted with these bright-eyed, intelligent little men, who are already loyal sons of Uncle Sam. Their presence at the assembly will be quite a novelty.

When Manager Hill read detailed program for this season to the directors they declared with one voice that it was twice as great as anything ever prepared for the Assembly

I t is the opinion of experts that no assembly in the west excells Maxinkuckee in the novelty and strengtlh of the attractions offered.

Within the last week Manager Hill has secured the Tndiamipolis Lyric Orchestra of fourteen pieces for a lengthy engagement. This is the third orchestra to be contracted and those attending the Assembly can be assured of good music every day. June 8, 1905

The Maxinkukcee Chautauqua

The program for th Sixth Annuel sesson of the Maxinkuckee Assembly is bfeore us, and for the benefit od our readers who may not have access to a program we will give such information as we deem of inrterest to them.

The Assembly will open the doors to the general public July 20th and will continue untill Aug 10th, The program is complete in every detail and is of extrordinary strength

Men of the National reputution as lectures, singers, miusicians and scientists, each being a star in his line, have been secured. Evey means havin been employed to make the accomodationes of the people as near perfect as possible.

A post office will be maintained upon the ground where you can receive and mail letters. Have you mail addressed, Culver, Ind. care of Maxinkuckee Assemby

Long distance telephone sercive is upon the ground.

Buy your tickets and have you baggage checked to Maxinkuckee Park and every thing will be all right.

Reduced rates on all railroads in the middle west stop at the Assembly one fare plus 25 cts for the round trip.

All traiiiins hotel accomadations, rooms, restaurant, tents, cane be found upon the ground.

Groceries, provisions, meat, milk and ice will be delivered to order. - - 12 July 1905

A small admission fee will be charged. Season tickets $2.00 single admission 20cts., children 10cts.

The Assembly

The last day before the opening of the Chautaugau Assembly, at the beautiful park south of this city, is a busy one.

The Vandalia trains begin to make regular stops at the Park gate and every train has brought a crowd of visitors. All the cottages are rented, tents arrived today for those who are to camp, and there are already enough tents on the gorunds, all occupied, to make, minature white city.

Manager Hill arrived today and began work at once on the details and finishing details necessary to make every thing ready for the opening program at 2 p.m. tommorrow.

The attrractions _ dor the first day tre the Trio - company, Prof. S. I Conner reader and Moving Picture and a popular afternoon lecture by Rev. S. W. Summer.

The managment has changed the policy of former programs and will give more variety and color entertainment than in fromer seasons also a higher type of professiona entertainments.

Indications point to a vast increase in attendance for the season.

The advance sale of tickets and the number of people on the grounds, before the Assembly opens is beyond former years. - 20 July 1905


Excellent Entertainment Provided at Maxinkuckee Chautauqua


Watson Day Next Wednesday to

Offer Many Spectacular Features

Program in Detail.

The Chautauqua Assembly is in full blast at their park south of Culver.

Visitors from distant points exceed in numbers the local attendance , and all are enthusiastic over the high class attractions offered, so far every advertised feature has arrived on time and all have more than pleased.

Mr. Hill promises that this rule; and high standard will be adhered to and even excelled as the session advances.

The program is more on the entertainment plan than former years.

The attractions are not chep anmteures but artists of fame and ability.

The Jubilee singers arrived Tuesday morning and will give four concerts.

The Harrington Orchestra will continue its engagement through out the week.

Next Wednesday has been designated as Watson day, on which occasion Congressman Jas. E. Watson will be present and deliver a patriotic address. There will also be a naval demonstration and sham battle by the cadets of Culver Naval School. In the evening Dr. D. R. Lucas, - department commander, Indiana G. A. R . will speak . A water carnival, with boat and lantern parade and fireworks, will follow.

The following is the program, for this week, though there are manyfeatures omitted for lack of space.

Harrington Orchestra, Sins, Conner and Jubilee Singers.
Play, "A Proposal Under Difficulties,” by the Dramatic Company.
Jubilee Singers Postlude.

Jubilee Singers, Prof. Conner and Orchestra.
Grand Jubilco Concert, assisted by Assembly TulIont.

Orchestra Prelude.
Popular Reading and Concert.
Hon. Frank Regan, Chalk Talk. Lecture.

SATURDAY. JULY 29. Musical Prelude. Lecture, Hun. Frank Regan. Chalk Talker and Cartoonists.

Bible School. T. J. Lofftf. Supt.
Morning Worship. Sermon.
Sacred Cpmcert
Regan, cartoonist.
Cantata, “The Great Light."' Assembly chorus,
Prof. Miller, director.

Bible Study and Prayer Hour.
Temperance Pledge and Sunday Schools, Mrs. Jennie Sharpless.
Non-Alcoholic Medication, Mrs Dora Parker.
Household Economic? and Pure Food Law Mrs. F. P. Nicely
Harrington Orchestra, Prof. Lough and wife.
W. C. T. U. Contest und Singing Content.

Bible Conference, Dr. Jabez Hall; Prof. Lough aud wife.
Prohibition address, Aaron Worth.
Concert. Indianapolis Lyric Orchestra.
Songs, Instrumental Novelties, Orchestra.

Bible conference, Dr. Hall.
Prolude Barnard Orchestra.
Patriotic Address. Hon. James F. Watson,
Aquatic Sports Naval demonstration and
Sham Battle by Naval Cadets
Address, Dr. D. B. Lucas, commander Indiana.
G. A R., followed by boat and lantern parade,

Mr. F . W. Summer's lecture given at the Maxinkuckee Chautaugua was highly appreciated by the people who heard him. I t showed a high intellectual standard, it was more than entertaining in that it was practical. If the Chautauqua promises such talent on their programe all through we are sure they will gain unbounded patronage. We hope to hear Mr. Summers again - 27 Jul 1905


Maxinkuckee Chautauqua to End Next Thursday Night.


Pleasing Programs for th e F in a l Days—“Queen Esther” to Be Rendered Two Evenings.

T h e Maxinkuckee Assembly for the past week has been one continued round o f splendid attractions. The program has been too full of good things for us to give a de tailed account of the “ bill of fair and we can only briefly mention the items of special importance .

Many of the afternoon an d evening sessions have enough h on the platform to till two or three sessions., Mr. R J. Sias monologist. Gave several lengthy readings in a manner to elicit the enthusiastic applause of the audiences.

The Jubilee Singers proved to be one of the most attractive features that ever appeared on the Assembly grounds. Their singing of plantation melodies was rendered as only their race can express their pathos , humor and harmony.

The first of three plays to be given by the Conner Dramatic Company was put on Wednesday evening . The players are a ll stars and the play was well received, being a novelty on Assembly programs. They will render “Who is Who” tonight and “Lend Me Five Shillings ” on the evening of Monday of next. week.

Mr Frank Regan gave several chalk lectures and with marvelous skill and a few simple lint's produced pictures odd, practical and beautiful.

On Sunday, the sermon by Rev. Frank Powers was unusually powerful causing any complimentary remarks from the audience.

The Assembly chorus gave the cantata th e “Great, Light'' under the skilled leadership of Prof. Miller. The same chorus aided by the talent will give Queen Esther twice during the coming week. The costumes come from Detroit and are the best in the. country.

Prof. Lough and wife, singers an d speakers on W. C. T. U. day an d Temperance d ay are a very pleasing combination. The program for the coming week is given below.

Wednesday, Aug. 2.
A. M. 10:00 Bible Conference, D r. Hall
P. M. 2:00 Prelude , Barnard ’s Orchestra
2:30 Patriotic Address, Hon. J . K. Watson
4:00 Aquatic Sports. Naval demonstration, sham battle by Culver Naval Cadets
7:30 Musical Prelude
8:00 Address, Dr. D. T . Lucas, Commander Indiana G. A. R
       followed by the play“Who is Who" b y Connor Dramatic Co.

Thursday Aug . 3
A. M. 10:00 Bible Conference, Dr. Hall
PM 2:00 Assembly Concert by Assembly Talent
7:30 Orchestra Prelude
8:00 Cantata “Queen Esther,” Prof. Eli Miller, Director

F r id a y , A u g . 4
A. M. 10:00 Bible Conference, Dr. Hall.
11:00 Church History Lecture , Chas. Underwood
PM 2:00 “ Four Lights of History” Rev. L. H. S tin e
4:00 Lecture and Scientific Experiments. “My Electrical Garden” Rev. R. B Welbourn
8:00 Cantata “ Queen Esther.” Prof. Eli Miller, Director

Saturday, Aug. 5.
A.. M.11:00 Church History Lecture. Chas. Underwood
PM 2:00 Reno B. Welbourn; Wireless Telegraphy
7:30 Reno B. Welbourn, in his masterpiece, “ In the year 2000”

Sunday Aug 6
A. M. 9:00 Bible School. Frank Smith, of Flora . Supt.
10:30 Morning Worship. Sermon by Harry G. Hill
P. M. 2:00 Music, Orchestra . Barnard Family
2:30 Lecture Sermon , Harry G. Hill
7:300 Orchestra . Barnard Family . Song Service , Assembly Chorus, Prof. Huston, Director

Monday Aug 7.
A.M. 10:00 Bible Conference , Dr. Hall
11:00 Church History Lecture. Chas. Underwood
P. M. 2:00 Barnard Orchestra, Conner
7:30 Orchestra Prelude , Barn a rd | Orchestra.
8:00 Dramatic Co., presenting “Lend Me Five Shillings."

Tuesday Aug. 8.
A.M. 10:00 Church History Lecture. Chas. Underwood
P.M. 2.00 Princess Long, soloist, assisted by Barnard Orchestra
7:30 Barnard Orchestra Concert H L . Herod, colored orator
8:00 Story of Passion Week

Wednesday Aug. 9.
A.M.10:00 Church History Lecture. Chas. Underwood
P.M. 2:00 by Barnard Orchestra and Princess Long
3:00 Lecture, “Belgian Atrocities in the Congo Country” Rev. P . J . Rice
7:30 Grand Concert. Princess Long, soloist, Prof Connor reader, assisted by Barnard Orchestra

Thursday Aug. 10. Closing Day
A. M.10:00 Church History Lecture. Chas. Underwood
P.M. Recreation
7:30 Grand Closing Concert, a surprise program .Barnards in closing numbers

Mr. Mill manager of the Assembly will deliver a lecture sermon on Sunday at the morning and Afternoon sessions and Mr. Herod the colored orator will appear later in the program .

Excursions from Burr Oak, Plymouth , South Bend , Logansport an d Vandalia stations south of Logansport are scheduled for various days of the coming week. These are special Assembly Excursions an d will doubtless greatly increase the total n umber of admissions to the Assembly grounds for the session.

Large delegations from Terre Haute arrived yesterday and are tenting on the grounds. Parties Of 'campers from Crawfordsville, Franklin , Elwood an d Logansport have already engaged quarters.

The Assembly is to be congratulated on the very apparent change for the better seen in the management

Every one who visits the park comes away pleased and the future will be beyond the dream of its best wishes if the present high standard is maintained - Aug 3 1905


Best and Most Successful Chautauqua Ever Held Here.

Those who have carefully noted the character and size of the Assembly audiences can note the increase in both quality and quantity. The management takes this indication to vindicate the change in management. Those who have known the Assembly in past, years would hardly recognize it in its present character. The attractions have appeared as advertised and have even excelled in quality, the highest, praises made in the early announcement. There ha s been an absence of “goody-goodyness" also narrowness of sectarion character, and in stead there has been a high standard of artistic merit, aud clean cultured entertainment aiming at the highest character, All who attended the Assembly have been entertained and instructed.

Take it as a whole the S ixth Annual Session of Maxinkuckee Chautauqua Assembly has been a great success worthy of a far larger local and general attendance .

This week the Barnard F amily band and Orchestra. Mrs. Princess Long the great, sciolist, H L. Herod the colored orator and the dramatic company are chief attractions, assisted by other talent of scarcely less fame and ability .

On Thursday the directors will hold their annual meeting and election.

General Manager H G Hill who has engaged this year will very likely be re-employed. Mr Hill is an experienced Chautauqua manager, and is thoroughly acquainted with the control of large assemblies. He is very ambitious and enthusiastic over the prospect of Maxinkuckee and has plans to make it one of the leading if not the leading Assembly of the state and the middle west.

Every citizen of Culver is of course interested in the enlargement of such an enterprize at the very door of your little city and the new management should receive the encouragement it so well deserves - Aug 10, 1905

Today is