Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

The Purposes of Maxinkuckee Assembly  

THE ASSEMBLY. The Purposes of Maxinkuckee Assembly Fully Explained, To the People of Culver and Vicinity: The managers of this Assembly have put $6000 into the enterprise. Some people have intimated that it is a money making enterprise, and especially for some people connected with the management. Every dollar that comes into our hands goes into the building up of the Assembly aud not one dollar goes to any individual. We have paid out ten times more money than we have received. We have not received one single dollar donation from the people of this community. We do not ask it. We were offered large donations to go to other lakes, but trusted the people here would encourage this enterprise. Anyone in this community can enter the association. We have offered free lots to any church or any organization that will build upon the park lots. We are ready at any time to turn our entire interests over to any church that will assume control. This year is an important year. If we have fair success, thousands of dollars will be spent in building up the Assembly. A Summer School will be organized. Now we come to you withjust one request. Everybody should purchase our season ticket. The cost of a season ticket at Winona is $5.00, at Island park $2:50, at Chautauqua $5,00. Our ticket for nineteen days, forty lectures and twelve entertainments is only $1.50, But some have complained that this is too high, therefore we offer you the entire course for $1, Buy this ticket for two purposes, it is worth ten times its price. Your interest in the Assembly should prompt all to hold season tickets. All persons, groceryman, hack men, draymen, paper boys, in fact every body must hold tickets. None admitted without day or season ticket. Tickets can be secured at the Culver City Drug Store, or at any of the other stores of Culver. This rate, $1 will be good until July 25th. Trusting you are ready to co-operate in this work, I am, Yours truly, J. V. Coombs, President. Jul 12 1901 culver Citizen

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