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1903 Newspaper Articles on Assembly  

The Culver Citizen several artcles are found for the 1903 season:

23 Jul. - Maxinkuckee Assembly - The Maxinkuckee Assembly this season promises to out do all former years. The fourth annual session will be held from Aug. th - 30th/ A fine program of lectures, entertainments, sermons, and music has been arranged and under presentable management, we predict will be, by far the best ever held here. Every one should take advantage of the oppertunity to hear some of the most able speakers and the best musicians in the country.

4 Aug. 1903
Culver Citizen
The Assembly opens next Thursday evening with steroptican and movin pictures and a lecture on Missons by Rev. w. N. Waggoner, of Eureka, Ill.

Hon. Felix T. McWhirter, of Indianapolis, Prohibition candidate for Governor, will gice an address Wednesady, Aug. 10 at 2 p.m. C. E. Newlin, State chairman of the Prohibition Party of Indiana and E. G. Shouse, the silver-tounged orator of Illinois will also speak at 10 a.m. M. E. Rice, Indiana's greatest solo singer, will sing at both of these meetings. Meeting free to all. Everybody invited.

Eva Marshall Shoutz, of chicago, the noted lecturer, reader and young people's leader, will give Charles M. Sheldon's powerful story "Who Killed Joe's baby?' at the Assembly Grounds, Thrusday, August 11, at 8 p.m. Admission 10 cents.

4 Aug 1903 Culver Citizen
Calander Maxinkuckee
Assembly August 5 to 22

Aug 5  -  Opening Day
Aug. 6  -  Children's Rally Day
Aug 7  -  Lord's Day Service
Aug. 8  -  Temperance Day
Aug. 9  -  Farmer's Day
Aug. 10  -  Prohibition Rally Day
Aug. 11  -  Young People's conference
Aug. 12-15  -  National S. S. Conference
Aug. 17-18  -  State W.C.T.U. Meeting
Aug. 18-22  -  National Evangelistic Congress
Aug. 22  -  Close

Day services will all be free. The evenings will be used for lectures, enterainments, etc., for which 10 cents will be charge. An excellent program has been provided which will be announced from time to time by small bills. Everbody invited to these meetings. Assembly Hotel rate, 50 cents for lodging, meals 25 cents

Culver Citizen July 30, 1903

is the charge Placed Agains Carlos Inskeep By Miss Merle Nethercutt, of Logansport

The people of this community have been considerably surprised by the occurance at the Assembly grounds last Sunday.

Something over two weeks ago, it is reported, that Carlos Inskeep, an editor for Swayzee, indiana and Miss Merle Nethercutt, of Logansport, both spending the season at cottages in the Assembly grounds, went out boat riding.

No one thought anything of this harmless amusement for Mr. Inskeep had the persmission of his wife, who, by the way, as a Miss Booher of a highly respected family living at Darlington.

Last week it is said that Miss Nethercutt wrote to a friend, Mr. Zern Williams, of Indianapolis, saying that Mrs. Inskep had insulted and made improper proposals to her during the boat ride of two weeks ago.

Mr. Williams came here at once bent on getting satisfaction from Mr. Inskeep and her father, Mr. M. E. Nethercutt, a prominent grocer of Logansport, was made aware of the condition of things here.

Sunday the two parties came together and in the melee mr. inskeep received a black eye. Mr. Inskeep contends that more than one jumped on him and that they also injured his wife by striking her on the arm.

Mr. Nethercutt and the Williams boys contend that Mr. Nethercutt alone was in the fight with Mr. Inskeep. Be that as it may be there was a fight and directly after it Mr. Nethercutt gave himself up to the authorities and was fined $5.10.

Mr. Inskeep had warrants sworn out for Walter Williams, Zern Williams and John Doe. Walter Williams was arrested at the Vandalia Park as he was coming to give himself up [to] the authorities.

Zern Williams returned to his school duties at Winona and John Doe cannot be found.

Mr. Nethercutt had a warrant sworn out for Mr. Inskeep and he was arrested and Mr. Booher gave bond in the sum of $200 for his appreance before clerk Cook next Monday at 10 o'clock.

We presume everything will be made plain there.

It is rumored that something sensational and involving some of our own young people will come out at this trial.

Mr. Inskeep will have his attorney come from his home to represent him and the state will be represent ed by the county prosecutor

13 Aug 1093
Culver Citizen
Maxinkuckee Assembly

The fourth annual meeting of Maxinkuckee addembly began on Monday afternoon of this weel and much larger crowds are attedning this year than in any former season.; An excellent program is being given each day and evening of this month. SOome of the very best talent will appear on its platform. The lecture of Shuey, of Rock Island, Ill.; Franics of Sullivan have been well received and have been very fine. On Friday night dr. Francis will give his lecture, "Among the Mormans", a lecture that has been given from the platform of the largets Chautauquas in the United States, will be a treat to every person about lake Maxinkuckee. There will be special music each evening. On Thursday evening a grand musical will be given by the hoosier ladies quartet, a fine treat for all.

I. W. Brown, the Bird and Beeman is creating a great interest in his very popular talks, lectures and the study he gives in the woods with the children, the professor is certainly doing a great work. The SUnday program will be along the temperance line. There will be speakers of national reputation to address the people of Culver, as may be announced later. Sunday next will be an open dat at the park, every exercise beginning at 10a.m. will be free. Beginning with next Tuesday, Aug. 18th, the National evangelisitc congress will have charge of the program and some of the best evangelists of the United States will be present. This is especially a good part of the program and will be well worth the price of the season ticket. during the entire week, the Winona Glee club of Chicage, and DeLees Smith will be present with some special music each day and evening with a grand concert on Wednesday evening, August 19th. the people of Culver, and around the lake are cordially invivted.

27 Aug 1903
Culver Citizen
Muss jeanette Scharke Charged
With Violation of Rules and
Destruction of Property ,br. and Good Will
Great sensation in beautiful maxkinkuckee park, One of Chicago's farirest young ladies under arrest. Tried on the very grounds for misdemeaner, where she had come to spend a pleasant and quiet outing. Conviction at last secured and punishment inflicted.

With a pack jujry and perjured witnessess, Miss Jeanette Scharle, of chicago was the unlucky young woman. SHe is a member of the Wenona Glee club and is a fascinating singer. Sheriff Orla Keener acting for the Assembly at the present time, made the arrest at about nine o'clock. The cause of the arrest was attempt to violate the rules and regulations oof the Assembly hotel. SHe was arrainged on two charges; that of destruction of property and destroying peach and good will of those who were trying to sleep. This oocurance took place on the second floor of the hotel between the hours of eleven and twelve o'clock p.m. The young lady accidently tipped over a pitcher of water and knocked down a handfull of nails on the floor both of which found exit through a knot-hole just over Mr. Taylor's room. The young man's new 49 cents had that had only been worn six years was badly damaged and had to be hung out in the sunshine along with his bathing suit. He employed Dr. Snivelyof St. louis as his atorney. Court was called at ten o'clock by Assembly Clerk Goodacre. A panel of twelve female jurors were examinded and passed upon to hear the case. Dr. Dorris of Kentucky, was called upon to preside as judge. Mr. Hootman was called to the defense of the culprit. The four witnesses among which were Jerry Treepeppen, a stuttering mixture between a colored mand and an Irishman almost broke up the sanctionounious procedure of the court by his stuttering attempt to make clear his testimony. Pi_do Savana_oll was second witness who made statements to some very destructive testimony against the defendant all of which was later proven to be a mere fabrication. The only witness of any account was the young man who lost the starch out of his hat and he declared it was a cloud burst. It is not known whether he had water on the brain or was dreaming. In closing the arguement and testimony of the case after the plea set forth by the attorneys and the presecution, the judge in making his charge to the jury spoke of the facts that were brought before them and said a verdict shoulld be so returned in accordance with the criminal attempt of the perpetrator, which was to be a submerging into the lake of the prisoner by the sheriff not less than tree or more than senven times in rapid succession. The jury brought in a verdict of guilty in the first degree. The audience seem to fully appreciate the gravity of the situation as at times it was utterly impossible for the court to proceed. Feeling that mob law would be brought into service unless the jury gave a very strong decision against the prisoner. While this has been only the beginning of a mock court, yet the large numbered who gathered to attend it in the tabernacle thought it one of the most enjoyable feature of the Asssembly

Medbury, of Angola, delivered his first address on Bible study which was followed by the address of Geo. L. Snively, of St. louis, on Benevolent Association work. J. M. Elem, of Irvington is here to epresent orphans and out casts home of St. Louis, Jacksonville and East Aurora, N.Y. Moday evening's entertainment consisted of phonographic selctions, readings by Emily Squire and Mr. kattkempler, of Terre Haute, and a large number of most excellent stereoptocam views closed the day.

The Assembly passed a resolution in favor or the pysical culture and elocution departments of the Assembly showing that great physical benefit had been derived

10 Sep 1903
Culver Citizen

The Maxinkucke assembly closed its season last week. the officers of the present year were re-elected as fllows: Pres., W. C. Callane; Voce. pres. Chas. R. Scoville, Chigao; Secretary, A. M. Hootman, Logansport; Treas. J. O. Ferrier, Culver; Directors: J. O. Finch, Williamsport; Ira. Booher, Darlington; F. C. Huston, Indianapolis; J. O. Ferrier, Culver; Eli Miller, South Bend. The buildings are to be enlarged for next year and a new one will be erected.

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