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Long Point Progressvie Association  

COttagers on West Side Unite in an Organization

There are 42 cottage owners on the west side of the lake, largely grouped around Long Point.

The little community has many interests in common which can only be efficiently promoted by concerted effort. To accomplisn this an otanization has been f ormed called the Long Point Progreesinve association.

Frank B. Murphy has been elected president. Charles Monniger vice president, and Herman Habich sectetary-treasurer.

Among the improvements immeditely proposed is the oiling of the highway from the railroad station to the point, and the placing of lights along that section og the thoroughfare.

These inprovements will be of as much benefit to the traveling publis as to the cottage owners.

Another project whose accomplishment lies in a more remote future is the concreting of the road

This road projedt is alson in contemplation ny the cottagers of the East side. The co-operation, int not the entire execution of this work by the county commissioners will be necessary

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