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Aubeenaubbee Creek  

Aubbeenaubbee Creek is not designated by name on the early plat maps of 1835, 1836/7, 1872, 1876 and the plat maps of 1880, 1881, 1898, 1908 and 1922 do not indicate any creek in the vicinty why is unknown. 1908, or 1922 Why it is not known...

Its is location is between to cottages on the east side 1680 East Shore drive on the north and 1746 East shore on the south.

and directly to the East it enters and and meanders on the property known as the Maxinkuckee Golf Course.

An aerial view of today shows the great expanse of the creek and its tributary.

Its location is noted on the origiinal Survey map for Union Township, date of survey Mar 1834 certified Feb 27, 1835

it is noted on the plat map of 1836-1837 made sometime after the first orignal survey and after the Treaty that drove the Indians off the Reservation lands surrounding lake Maxinkuckee in August 1837 ast it shows the lands not platted into Lots to be sold

By the 1872 plat may the Creek is mainly on VanShoiak land and entering the lake on Bartholmew land; and mering into two crreks/ditched on the W. Curtis property further to the southeast.

the area on the 1876 plat map

The 1880 does not depict the creek
The 1900 biological survey map shows the creek with the name "Aubeenaubee" attached to it.

Again none of the plat maps between 1925 and until the 1995-96 and then the creek re-appears on the plat map and again no name is attached to it.

For some reason Aubbeenaubbee Creek seems to be refered to as Curtiss Ditch now, here two versions of different style of topographic maps the first showing as several branches with Curtiss ditch labeled further east and the other showing only just one branch. The lower aerial view still shows at least two branches