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Bakeries of Culver  

Bakery - 1906 - Foss's Bakery

Sanborn Map

1905 - Howard & Davis Bakery Menser Building.

1905 - Jun 29 - Mis Edna Sahl has purchased the Wm. Foss bakery - Plymouth Independent. This will be news to many friends of Miss Stahl.

1905 - Jun 29 - J. P. Shambaugh Successor to Wm. Foss - Proprietor of the Culver Bakery
1908 - Nov 8 - Wm. Foss is tearing away the brick oven in the rear of the property which has been used as a bakery since 1893

1909 - Wm. Foss has vacated the front room of the old bakery building which he has been using as an office, and Roberts is occupying it as a plumber's shop.

1909 - May 27 - Home Bakery Sale - On Saturday, at my home, I will have a sale of home-made bread, buns, cookies and cake. Advance orders solicited. Rose Moss

1909 - Oct 7 - Mrs. Emma Bailey has bought Dan Wolf's bakery business.

1912 - Apr 11 - Fire in Center of town... house occupied by Brooks Armstead... belonged to Mrs. Mary Seese... with the bakery on the west and Mrs. Hartzell's house on the east, both withing a few feet of the Seese house....

1919 - Dec 10 - Culver City Bakery - Wm. Minardow

1931 - Culver City Bakery - 1926 Jul 9 - - Lake View Bakery Johnson Building

1937 - Culver Bakery has been opened under the ownership of Verl Mc Feely Menser Building.

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