Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

Biography Index  

There are 1053 - biograpihies from - obits, county histories etc. Some are family pages made up from research done. That are on this site - so far. Thiis is the full index to dat (March 7, 2019)

These biographies [some are just obituaries] are also linked within the cottage history pages also except maybe for the Unknown location ones. There may be still some I have to link to this page - others I will have to break off the individual cottage history page or the listing of the cottages for (1878, 1880, 1898, 1908, 1922, 1953) in order to do it -

I have been trying to slowly break - down, organize and re-vamp some things.

Some of these bios are an assuption from name, location, occupation as given in the Snipets from the Culver Citizen, the lake history and other clues I may be wrong and I will gladly be corrected - If Maxinkuckee does not appear in the bio - then I am at fault for using basic deduction of Who, What, When and Where from the various sources, the time period etc. - and coming to the a decision with given information given in the "Snipets" and the published bios - and if wrong forgive me - PLEASE - as one may say I am adding one and one and getting two, or better yet I am using my GENEALOGICAL sense and connecting the given info of one source and another and making an educated assumption of relation.

Besides just the historical aspect of the lake biographies dates, names, pictures I am trying to add a personal and genealogical aspect to this history of Lake Maxinkuckee - which has not been done - the biographies are more than just a roster of names and dates - they too had an impact on the lake and Culver - and their lives need to be recorded here also as a part of our local history and genealogy. too. Thus I am trying to gather biographies, obituaries, pictures etc. on them.

If you feel there could be information not here - go to the site map as some biographies, obituaries, I am working on - some things may just be listings from a city director - a work in progress.

If you have found any I have not thus far and willing to share please send. It is hard to come up with obituaries after 1964 - I am
trying to keep up with current ones and ones that can be located on line POSSIBLY beteen 2000 and now - but that is a 20 year span and not always avaiable and for FREE.

Abbott, Robert C. Jr.

Adams, Carl Jr.

Adams, Carl M Sr. and Margaret

Adams, Frederic Emmons

Adams, Henry C.

Adkins, Franklin

Alber, Marguerite L. (Cook) Sperry

Albrecht, William H.

Alerding, Herman J. (Right Rev.)

Allen, Cynthia D.

Allen, Ermon

Allen, James Bill and Mary

Allen, Sam H.

Amond, Edward "Eddie" F.

Amond, Francis "Frank" E

Anderlohr, Joseph Jr

Anderlohr, Joseph P. Sr

Anderson, Hugo

Anderson, Mary Lou

Anderson, William W.

Andrews, Enoch

Annis, Floyd Monroe & Ethel S (Lida Ethel) Stayter

Anderson, William

Anthony, Michael & Sophia

Appel, Jane (Adams) Lathrop Thompson

Appel, John Carey 'Jack'

Ashton, Harley

Asper, Charles A

Avery, David R.

Babcock, Francis L.

Babcock, George Isaac

Babcock, Troy L., (D.D.S.) Bach, Edwin L.

Bailey, Clayson Albert & M. Florence (Gray) Bailey

Baker, Charles "Chuck"

Clarence L Baker

Baker, Harold

Baker, James A.

Baker, Norman r

Baldwin, George Robert Francis "Lee"

Ball, William Hudson Sr.

Ball, William Hudson Ball Jr.

Bannon, Bernard A."Barney"

Barnaby, Charles Howard

Barnes John E & John I Family

Barnes, Charles H. Jr

Barnes, Charles H. Barnes Sr.

Barnes, George W. Barnes

Barnes, Homer Mahl

Barnes, James I Barnes

Barnes, John E. Barnes

Barnes, Josephine S. (Joy)

Barnes, W. W. C. "Curry"

Barnette, Frances E.

Barnette, Joseph D. Jr.

Barnette. Joseph D. Sr.

Barnhardt, "A. T." Aubrey Tobias

Barnhisel, Henry A & Laura Anna Stockgen

Barry, Charles Leo

Bateson, Norman E.

Barrett, Irvin J.

Bartlett, James D. Jr

Bartlett, Marilyn Snyder

Bates, Hervey III/Jr (1858 - 1939)

Bates, Hervey Jr/II (1834 - 1929)

Bates, Hervey Sr (1795 - 1876)

Baxter Family

Baxter, Arthur Reyburn

Baxter, Nancy Niblack

Bays, John William

Bean, Joseph Stratton (Dr)

Bean, Mary Margaret "Sherry" (Sheridan)

Beardsley, James

Becker, Edwin 'Eddie' H.

Becker, Edwin Allen

Becker, Margaret F. (Frushour ) Wilson

Becker, Mary Lewis

Becker, Nelson

Behmer --- Yesterday's

Behmer, Clarence D

Behmer, Eugene L.

Behmer, Walter F

Beissenherz, Daniel Henry

Beldon, Joshua H.

Bendy, David M. & Sue (Geiselman)

Benedict --- Yesterday's

Benedict, Aaron Taylor

Benedict, Eugene Jr.

Benedict, Opal Mikesell


Benepe, John Leven (Dr)

Bennett,, Walter F

Ber, Stanley & Shirley C.

Bergman, Irving

Berhnhart, Charles (Ph.d. Dr.)

Betchol --- Yesterday's

Bickel, Marilyn Joyce

Bieker,David W. (Dr)

Bigley, Chester G.

Bigley, Thomas C

Bigley, Thomas J

Binford, Thomas Wyatt

Blackburn, Hanly R.

Blacklidge, Richard Henry

Blanchard, Archie

Blain, Gideon Westervelt & Florence H (Smith) Blain

Bliss Family

Bliss, Henry R.

Bobbs, William C. Boblett, George W

Bodey, Ruth M

Boetsma, Joe W.

Boetsma. Joe H. Boetsma & Thelma Harris

Bogardus --- Yesterday's

Bogardus family

Bohlen, Oscar D.

Bone, Martha Jane

Booker, Oscar R.

Booth, Tarkington

Boots, Helene

Bowles, Richard "Dick" W.

Boyd, Carl R.

Bozarth (Busart), Joseph

Bracken, Robert

Brackett, Lyman M.

Bradley, Charles Harvey

Bradley, Charles Harvey Jr

Bradley, Daniel A.

Bradley, David A.

Bradley, Edwin J.

Bradley, Mary Josephine Albright

Bransky, 0scar Elllis

Braun, Ralph W.

Bremne, James D.

Brewer, Frederick Albert

Brigel, George F.

Bright, Richard "Dick" J

Brownell, Charles H.

Brownlee --- Yesterday's

Bruet, Roger Perry

Bryan, Francis M.

Buck, Chester C.

Bucklew --- Yesterday's

Buffington, Charles A.

Burford, Wm .B. Burford

Burk, James Richard

Burke, David & Janet

Burkett --- Yesterday's

Burkhart, Ardath Yates

Burkhart, John Wesley

Burns, David Boswell(1909-1990)

Burns, David Boswell(1973-)

Busart --- Yesterday's

Busart, Andrea Sue

Busart, Bernard G.

Busart, Sue Ann

Bush, John Stevens & Sarah B (Brokaw) Speck

Bush, Lydia B. (Burkhalter) Wilson

Butler, Arden N & France E Osborn

Butler, Eileen W.

Burtler, Muril

Button, Ann Kaegi

Button, Don P.

Byrd, Ernest Orwin "Orr"

Byrket, Benjamin LeRoy

Byrum, Clark H.

Calhoun, Clarence

Campbell, 0. D.

Campbell, John J.

Caprio, Denise

Capron, Albertus Clinton

Capron, John Clinton

Carbiener --- Yesterday's

Carlson, Edwin J.

Carter, Ernest L "Bus"

Cavender --- Yesterday's

Chase, Neil

Chief Aubbeenaubbee (Chief)

Chocola, J. Christopher

Chrobot, Leonard Francis (Father )

Cifaldi, Angelo

Cislak, David John "Digger"

Clark, Mary Stuart Mann & Littrell J. Clark

Cleveland Family

Cleveland, Chester W.

Cleveland, John Arnott

Cleveland, Patricia A. (Devine) Cleveland, Paticia C (Wilson)

Clevenger, Martha N. (North) Turner

Clifton --- Yesterday's

Cline, Milon Reno

Cline, Milton Roth

Clyne, Alan G.

Clyne, Donita R.

Clyne, Joseph N.

Coffin, Charles Emmet

Coldwater, 'Andy' Andrew

Cole, Kenneth L.

Collier, Albert W.

Combs, Clyde

Conder, Croel P

Connell, Vactor O. (M.D.)

Constantine, George N.

Conzelman, Theophilus

Cooling, Parke Aloysius

Coplen, James P.

Corbin, Horace (Hon)

Cornelius, George M.

Cornelius, Pembroke M.

Cosler, Myron

Costin, James C.

Courtney, James Clifford "Cliff"

Cox, Gerald Jerry Arthur Sr.

Cox, James R.

Jesse W. Crabb

Crabb, Lemuel

Crabb, Merle - Crabb Furniture Store

Crawford, John List & Elizabeth (Strong) Crawford

Cressy, Sidney Alexander

Crismond - Grund

Crismond, Lillie and Horace J.

Cromely --- Yesterday's

Cromley, Alfred B.

Cromley, John F.

Crook, Oliver (Captain)

Crossgrove, Zenith

Crouse, George Charles

Crouse, Dr. Roy Morton, D.D.S.

Crowe, Charles W.

Crowel, Timothy Brian Tim

Crowden, Esther Annette "Estey" (Wood)

Crowel, Glenice

Cullom, Paul Coulter Sr.

Cultice, Gordon

Cultice, Robert L. Sr.

Culver, Bertram Beach

Culver, Bertram Beach "B.B." Jr

Culver, Edwin Raymond

Culver, Edwin Raymond Jr.

Culver, Emily Jane 'Jennie' (Hand )

Culver, Henry Harrison Jr

Culver, Henry Harrison (H. H) Sr. . - biographies

Culver, Henry Harrison, Sr. - Family

Culver, Ida Lucille Culver

Culver, Knight K.

Culver, Margaret Jane (Margot J)

Culver, Walter Lucius

Cummins, Cary

Cummins, Kathryn "Katie" Elnora

Curtis Robert (Bob) Allen

Curtis, Nancy Ann

Curtis, Suzanne (Harrison)

Daggett, William

Darnell, Jennie

Davies, Richard Gwyn

W. Bailey Davis

Dean, Helen Deasha Kirtland

Deane Emerson Walker

Deery, Dorothy Helen (Greenen)

Deery, John J. Deery

Deery, Michael F (M. D.)

Deggendorf, Frederick C.

Deggendorf, Katherine (Schonmaker) Cozzens

Demaree, Katharyn Elizabeth "Betsy" (Fell)

Deming, Demas

Dennie, John E. Farm "The Suburban"

Densborn, Donald K.

Dewitt, James C.

DeWitt, Mary A.

Dickerson, Charles Otis "Charlie"

Dickson --- Yesterday's

Diebold Kline & Elizabeth Wingert Family

Dillion, Gary P.

Dillon Family

Dillon, A. Judson & Dollis (Zechiel) Dillion Studebaker

Dinsmore [Densmore] Barn and Family

Discher, Robert J.

Ditmire, Mildred V.

Doll, Howard E

Doriot, Elmer S

Dorsett, Pearl

Dresser, Jasper Marion Sr

Dresser, Mary

Drenk, John F.

Drompp, Frederic

Druckermiller, Austin

Duddleson --- Yesterday's

Duddleson Family

Duenweg, Louis

Duenweg, Rudolph

Duenweg's of Terre Haute

Dugger, Bonita Joan "Jo"

Dugger, Richard (Dick) Paul

Dunlap, Rae Louise

Dunn, Francis W.

Durr --- Yesterday's

Durr, Charles C.

Durr, Gustavus Adolphus, M. D.

Easterday --- Yesterday's

Easterday, Benjamin

Easterday, Daniel M.

Easterday, John George

Easterday, Leander 'Lee' r

Easterday, Russell L.

Easterday, William Rea & Hildreth

Easterday, Wlliam S. (Samuel)

Eastman, Henry Walker

Reason C. Eaton

Eckman, Earl R.

Edgell, John Francis

Edgington, Charles E.

Edwards --- Yesterday's

Edwards, Chester

Edwards, Francis

Edwards, Richard Arthur & Alice Shirk

Edwards, Richard Elbert

Edwards, Stephen

El-Naggar, Drs. Moustafa Adel & Safaa

Eldridge -- Yesterday's

Elliott, Donald F. Jr

Elliott, Donald F. Sr

Ellsworth, Ann

Ellsworth, Edward Augustus

English, Elvira

English, Joseph K.

Epley, Clarence W.

Erickson, Charles "Chuck"

Erickson, John E. (Jack)

Erickson, John Edward 'Skip' Jr

Ernesinoff, Alexander

Ervin, Theodore L. (Ted)

Esser, Rupert Paul

Everman, Barton Warren

Ewald, Milton Harold

Failey, Malby Rollin 'Mal'

Farrar, Josiah

Farrar, William C.

Fauvre, Frank Maus

Fell, John

Fenimore, Jack Allen

Ferrier, Charles

Ferrier, Clark Irvin & Clista (Easterday) Ferrier

Ferrier, J. O. & Lumberyard

Fesler, Caroline Marmon

Finney --- Yesterday's

Finney, Lee R.

Firari, Harvey

Fish, William H., D. O. -

Fishburn, Arthur 'Art' M.

Fisher, Richard Lee

Fisher, Russel V.

Fisher, Virginia Lee McIntyre

Flagg --- Yesterday's

Flanagan, Michael Aloysius

Fleet & Gignilliat

Fleet, Alexander Frederick "Fred" Sr.

Fleet, Henry Wyatt

Fleet, Reginald Scott

Fleet, Reuben Hollis

Fleet, William Alexander "Willie"

Fleet, John Seddon

Flora, Susan K.

Fogarty, J. Paul

Ford, Florence Gertrude Jeup

Ford, Frederick Ross

Ford, Marilyn Hansen

Ford, Richard Edwin "Rich"

Ford, Virginia "Ginny"

Ford, Wilbur Edwin

Foreman, J . Earl

Forgy, George B

Foskett, Walter Wesley

Foss Family

Foss, Monton H.

Foss, Scott

Fowler, Margaret Hansen

Foxworthy, Randolph Lee

Franz, George

Freeman, Job

Freeman, Louise (Thompson) Burns Measles

Frew, Allan MacLachalan (Rev. D. D.)

Fulton, William Wallace

Fulton, William Henry

Fulwiler, Louis B.

Furry, Edward Eugene

Gabovitch, David S. & Eleanore "Nonie" Vonnegut

Gaillette, Peter J.

Gales, Ronald

Gallahue, Edward F.

Gandy --- Yesterday's

Gandy, Nathaniel - Retires

Garber, David Raymond (Dr)

Gardner, Herman W.

Garn --- Yesterday's

Garn, Benjamin Franklin "Frank"

Garn, Mandus Edward & Benjamin Franklin Garn

Garver --- Yesterday's

Raymond O. Gass

Gates, Alfred Bennett

Gates, Frank E.

Geiselman, Forrest I .

Geiselman, Wilbur

Gidley, Gerard P. Family

Gieseke, H. T.

Gignilliat, Henry Culver

Gignilliat, Leigh Robinson

Gignilliat, Leigh Robinson Jr

Gignilliat, Paul Charles & Ellen Cash Gignilliat

Gilley, George Dennis

Givens, Arthur E

Glackman, John C. (Dr)

Glossbrenner, Alfred Morton

Gohl, Richard W.

Gompf, Fred

Goodall, Walter Jerome

Goss, Oliver T.


Graffis, George

Green --- Yesterday's

Green, James

Greenleaf, Robert W.

Gretter, Urban A.& Rita I Gretter

Griffith, C. Perry Jr

Griffith, Carolyn Crom

Griffith, Ruth Perry

Grossman --- Yesterday's

Grothaus Family

Groot, Peter
Grumme, Frederick J.

Grund, Constance (Connie) Hurst

Grund, James Arthur

Guild, John Kent (M.D.)

Guthrie, Earl F.

Guthrie, James

Guthrie, Elizabeth "Betsey" (Thomas) Gysin, J. Frank

Habick, Henry

Hackett, Fernwood D (Dr) & Bonnie (Hough) Hackett

Hackett, Laurence B.

- Hackett Boat Landing Hafert, Joseph 'Joe' A. (D.D.S)

Haig, Robert L. Haig Sr.

Haist, David A.

Hale, Robert Frank

Hamilton, T. B. Thomas B.

Hampton, William and Edna

Hand, Donald Barber

Hand, Mary A.

Hand, Walter Melvin Sr.

Hand, Walter Merwin Jr.

Hand, William E. (Edwin W.)

Hand, William J.

Hann, Otis C.

Hanna, Frederick B & Charlotte L ( Kesling) Hanna

Hansen, Clara Elizabeth

Hansen, Conrad

Hansen, Sally L.

Hansen, Winferd "Win"

Haring, Oliver C. "Dick" & Mildred (Martin)

Harmke, Louis (Ludwig) Fred

Harper, Hugh Henry

Randall and Marvel Harper

Harrison, Joseph W.

Harris, John Franklin "Jack"

- Harris, Robert A. and Mary

Harrison, Sarah "Sally" K. (Dunlap)

Harsh, Harvey (Rev)

Hartman --- Yesterday's

Harwood, Francis "Frank" M.

Hatten, Dominicus & Mary (Bernhard)

Hauser, Edgar W.

Hawk --- Yesterday's

Hawk, David

Hawkins --- Yesterday's

Hawkins, Ezra

Hawkins, Lloyd E.

Haynes, March William

Hazledine, Edward Thomas

Healy, Rand E.

Samuel W. Hazelwood

Healy, Robert E.

Heckel, Elsie Baxter

Hedding, Robert J.

Helber, Wallace H "Wally"

Heller, James Epley

Henderson -- Yesterday's

Henderson, James A.

Henderson, William G.

Hendricks Family

Hendricks, Thomas Abram

Henning, Henry L

Henricks, David Jerome "Dusty"

Henricks, George F.

Henricks, Joan (Joanie) Cecilia

Herrmann, Marilyn M. (Medbourn)

Herz, Adolph

Hertzner, Earl

Heywood, Henry Brady

Hibray --- Yesterday's

Hicks, Earl M.

Hill, William W

Hillis Families

Hillis, Carol

Hillis, Elwood Haynes 'Bud'

Hillis, Franklin

Hillis, Fredrick A (Dr)

Hillis, Glen Raymond

Hillis, Lowell Joseph

Himmelberger - Crismond - Fisher

Himmelberger, Isaac & Catherine Haak

Himmelberger, Jane Ann & Samuel Arthur Fisher

Hinkle, Goldie L.

Hirachak James J. "Ju\im"br>
Hittlhake, Wayne T

Hockman, Pauline L.

Hodges, Morsell Emmett "Bob"

Hodges, Thelma S.

Hoesel, Evert Bruce

Hoesel, John David

Hogan, Thomas

Hohman --- Yesterday's

Holaday, Allan G. & Ruby Holaday

Holoday, Clayton A.

Holeman, Allen W.

Holland, John B. & Mavis M. (West)

Holliday, Jaquelin S. "John"

Holman, Dr. Jerome E.

Hollowell, Cynthia Jane "Cici" Hendricks

Hollowell, Juanita M.

Hollowell, Robert Ertal (Bob) Jr

Hollowell, Robert Ertal Sr

Holt, Arthur B

Holt, Sterling R.

Hook, Omer R.

Hord, Francs Triplett

Hord, Frederic Norcross

Hord, Stephen Young Jr

Hord, Stephen Young Sr

Houghton --- Yesterday's

Houghton Family of Culver & Union Township

Houghton, Jerry Nye

Houghton, John

Houghton, John William (Rev Ph.D.)

Houghton, Ray C.

Houghton, Thomas K.

Howard, W. Sams

Howard, Betty Ernestine (Bradley)

Howard, Joseph D. (M. D.)

Howe, John C.

Howell, Albert Summers 'Bert'

Howell, Nora S

Hudson, John William "Sarge"

Hughes, Charles Edward

Hults --- Yesterday's

Hunter, Virginia Marie - (Mrs. Richard Scott)

Hrycak, Theodore Jr. & Catherine P.

Ice, Henry T.

Ikirt, Frank A. (Dr)

Irsay, 'Jim' James S.

Irvine, J. Barrett & C. Lucille Irvine

Irwin, Richard T

Ives, Raymond J. "Doc"

Ivey, Alice A

Ivey, Bert Robert

Jackson, Claire Walter

Jameson, Ovid Butler

Johansen, Rasmus

Johnson, Fred

Johnson, Ruth Pratt

Johnson, Walter

Johnson, Wilbur Clark

Johnson, Ruth Pratt

Johnston, Jerry J. & Joanne

Jones --- Yesterday's

Jones, Donald "Casey" T.

Jones, Francis W.

Jones, Jerry E.

Jordan, Delbert

Judah, John Mantle

Jump, Forest E

Kantz, Millard F.

Kafka, Matthew Stanley Jr. (Rev. Fr.)

Kaley --- Yesterday's

Kammerer, William H.

Kaplan, Eli

Keedy, John Cameron

Kegel, Ruth

Keldenich, Jack A.

Keller, Frances Clift "Fannie" Shroyer

Keller, Herbert Burrows

Kelley Family

Kelly, William Robert

Kemple, Homer Herschel & Mary Esma Pope

Kemple, Joseph Arthur "Art"

Kemple, Susanne E.

Kendall, William M.

Kenney, Marizetta

Kessler, Maurice E. (Rev)

Arthur Kiesling

Kingrey, Alfred T.

Kinsey, "Ed" Edward

Kittle, John Sloane

Kline, Clarence Clay

Kline, Paul l

Kline, Raymond Edgar

Knepper, Jerry Kent

Kniesly, Forest R.

Knoerzer, Herman

Koene, Armin C.

Koffel, Roy

Koontz, John Henry "Hank"

Korellis, Peter G.

Kowatch, Jack B

Krafft, William R.

Kraning, Kenneth K. (Dr) & Virginia S Kraning

Krauss, Paul H. Jr.

Kreighbaum, Richard "Dick" W

Kruezebger, Robert Jr. (19__-2019)

Kreuzberger, Robert F.

Kriner, Shirley Alexander

Kubish, Virginia

Kuhn, William F.

Kyser (or Keyser) --- Yesterday's

LaBounty --- Yesterday's

Lacey, LeRoy McClellan

Lacy, Andre B.

Lacy, Julia Lello

Lampton, Dinwiddie Lampton Jr

Lamson, Frank D.

Lanier, James F. D.

Lanning, Herbert R

Largent, Jeffery A ( Fr.)

Lathrop, Arthur B

Lauth, Robert l

Lawrance, Robert P.

Lawson --- Yesterday's

Leader, Emil Arniel (Ano)

Lee, Eleanor Ray

Lee, Hugh Bertam Jr.

Legg, Benjamin F - son E. F. Legg

Leitnaker, Frank Cherry

Lemler, Glen and Marcella

Lenk, Joseph A. (Father )

Lennen, Ruth B Lennen

Lenon, Samuel J

Lewellen, Ronald Matthews

Lewis --- Yesterday's

Lewis, Mervin "Bud"

Lidecker --- Yesterday's

Link, William Eugene "Billy" Sr.

Listenberger, Henry

Locke, Theodore L.

Logan --- Yesterday's

Logan, John W Sr. & Cornelia Annabelle (Hackett)

Long, Asher Blaine “Nick”

Long, Erma Jane

Long, Harold Dale

Lord, Ralph K. & Emma E.

Louden --- Yesterday's

Louden, Marvin True

Loudon, Talman Gile 'T. G.' or 'Dick'

Lough, Greshem Monty "Doc"

Louk, Russell J. & Helen M. Coldwater

Lowry, Larry R.

Macey, Richard H. & Gertrude J.

Mackey, Colonel G. (Dr)

Mackey, Ethel Ruth

Mackey, Ronald R.

Macy, Oliver Wendell

Macy, Ralph

Mahler, Larry R. "Hammer"

Malkowski, Frank


Manion, Howard T & Frances (Koebcke)

Mann, Randall Leigh (dr.)

Margolis, Samuel M.

Malarkey, Catharine Brent Hord

Marmon, Franklin Hall "Frank"

Marmon, Walter Carpenter

Marmon,Daniel W.

Marshall, James E

Martin, Charles

Martin, Lewis B.

Matheson, Belle Seddon Fleet

Matthews, William M

Mattox ,E. Wayne

Maull, Charles (Colonel)

Maus, Magdalena (Dietrich)

Mawhorter, John Rex

May, Kathryn Kate I

May, Robert E.

Mayer, Antone

Mayer, Wendell

McClellan, Barney

McClure, Dwight (Rev)

McDaniel, Stephen Kirk

McDonald --- Yesterday's

McDonald, Daniel - "The Pottowatomie Wigwam"

McDonald, Edwin C

McElrath --- Yesterday's

McElrath, James

McFarland --- Yesterday's

McFarland, Esther B.

McFarland, Russell

McGaffey, George

McIlwain, Robert E. (Dr)

McKee, Alvin Robert

McKeen, William Riley Sr

McKesson, Alva R.

McKinney, James A.

McKinnis, Esther L. "Essie"

McKinnis, Robert "Rob"

McLane, Charles G.

McLane, Phillip R.

McLane, Frank

McLane, Frank O. (1931-2006)

McLane, William Ira

McPherren, WIlliam W.

McMillen Family

McMillen, Harold W

McQuat, Robert Lockerbie


McSheehy, Henry James

Medbourn --- Yesterday's

Medbourn, Harry E.

Medbourn, Samuel E (1828-)

Medbourn, Samuel Marion Sr

Medbourn, Thomas

Medland, Clara L. (Barnes)

Meeker, Barbara Ann (Miller)

Menser --- Yesterday's

Menser, Moses

Merket, John

Mikesell, Clara Almeda (Easterday)

Mikesell, Claude P.

Mikesell, Donald E.

Miles, John Critten

Miller, Daniel Webster

Miller, Esther Powers

Miller, Eugene "Gene"

Miller, Gary L (M.D.)

Miller, George Curtis Jr

Miller, George Curtis Sr

Miller, Kenneth H.

Miller, Ophelia L.

Millikan, Lynn B.

Mills, William F. II

Milner, Donald Lynn

Milner, John "Jack" Milton

Mishler, Earl C.

Mitchell, John

Mitchell, John J. (Judge)

Monesmith, Thomas

Monninger, Charles

Montgomery, Charlotte W. (Schmid)

Montgomery, John W. "Jack"

Moon, Perry A

Mordhurst, Henry W.

Moriarty, Clyde and Marjorie

Morlock --- Yesterday's

Morris --- Yesterday's

Morris, Edmund "Ed"

Morris, Elihu

Morris, Isaac Newton

Morris, James T.

Morris, Thomas M.

Moses, Julia (Lathrop)

Mosher --- Yesterday's

Mosher, Marcus F Mosher Boat House

Moss, Betty S.

Moss, James Manley

Mow, Jonathan and William Mow

Mowbray, Ralph H. & Mary J. (Foreman-Snider)

Muehlhausen Family

Muehlhausen, Charles M.

Muehlhausen, Gordon

Muehlhausen, Walter J.

Mueller, J. George

Muhlfield, John

Murdock, Andrew J.

Murphy, Frank B.

Murphy, William K.

Murphy, Wilma

Myers --- Yesterday's

Myers, Charles R.

Myers, Christopher & Sarah (Kreig) Barnhisel

Myers, Jacob E.

Myers, Walter L.

Nash, John A.

Nas-wau-kee (Nees-Waugh-Gee Nees-waugee) (Chief)

Nearpass, George E. II

Neff, Dean L.

Neidlinger, Donald R.

Nelson, Maurice

Nessler, Ralph Louis Jr.

Nickell, Randall "Randy" Lee

Niswander, Rhoda Ann

Nix-Omans, Arlene J. (Wilder)

Nixon, Joseph Henry

Nixon, Marian (Hamp)

Norris --- Yesterday's

Norris Family of Union Township

Norris, Allen A

Norris, Ernest B. (M.D.)

Norris, Norman S. (D.D.S.)

North, William G.

Nunery, William R. (M.D.)

Phillips, Voras H.

Oberlin, Benjamin W. 'Ben'

O'Daniel, Darwin Patrick

O'Daniel, Rosemary Lancaster

Ogle, Alfred McCartney [1856-1911]

Ogle, Alfred McCartney Jr/III

Oglesbee, Nathan H.

O'Neal, Perry Ernest & Lucy Holliday

O'Neal, Perry Holliday

Onesti, Peter

Osborn --- Yesterday's

Osborn, Frank V.

Osborn, John

Osborn, William O. ("W O" Billy)

Osborne, Thomas Scott "Tom" & Grechen (Graves) Osborne

Ottoson, Robert A.

Overmyer --- Yesterday's

Overmyer, Amos

Overmyer, Clifford

Overmyer, Donavon Earl

Overmyer, Earl Dean

Overmyer, George Washington

Overmyer, Lance

Overmyer, Michael L.

Ruth Overmyer

Overmyer, Schuyler Colfax

Overmyer, William -- 1890 History

Oyler --- Yesterday's

Palmer, John Wallbridge

Parish, William T.

Parker --- Yesterday's

Parker, Camille Killian (Dr.)

Parker, Eli & Catherine Spangler Family

Parker, Francis W. Jr. (M.D.)

Parsons, Prof. W. W. Williams Wood Parsons]

Pau-koo-Shuck (Chief)

Paulson (Pålsson), Nils Leonard

Peckham, Anne Maria (Jameson)

Peeples, George

Peltz, Meredith (Weirick) Hanes Newman

Perine, Oscar B.

Perine, Thomas A

Perkins, Samuel Elliot IV

Susan E. (Hatch) Perkins & Samuel Perkins II

Perrin, John

Perry, Charles C.

Perry, James A

Perry, Norman Adams

Perry, Ruth

Pflugh, Frederick H. "Fred" (Rev)

Phillips, Carl B.

Phillips, Patricia M.,

Pierce, Charles Howard

Pittman, John Roland

Plank, Charles K. & Mary "Minnie" Brackett

Porter --- Yesterday's

Porter, O R --1890 History

Poston, Floyd Emerson

Potter --- Yesterday's

Potts, Alfred Fremont

Powers, E Duane (Dr) (D.O)

Powlen, Lester James

Priest, Donald E.

Priest, Jessie Marie

Puett, James M

Pura, Julius

Purcell, Lemuel S

Quash-Qua (Chief)

Ramsay, Allan Patton

Rans, Dean J.

Rasmussen Family

Rasmussen, William Marcus

Rasmussen, Catherine Matilda


Ratcliff, Roderick J.

Raub, Albertine Jenkines

Raub, Malcolm J. Sr.

Rea, Oliver A. (Dr)

Rector --- Yesterday's

Rector Family

Rector, Sarah A. (Smith)

Rector, Dow

Rector, Lewis E.

Rector, Steffen Nathan

Reed, Donald

Reese, Barbara A.

Reese, Keith C.

Reeve, Charles Howell

Lakeview Club Rehr, Louis

Reiley, Mary Sheerin Kuhn

Reiss, Warren K. (Dr.) (M.D.)

Reuter, Leonard A.

Rhodehamel, Emma and Bertha

Rhodes, Charles Edward & Faye Rhodes

Riccardi, Charles

Ricciardi, Sally

Rice, Dan

Rice, Frank M

Rice, Herbert Howard (H H)

Rich, James Irving (Captain)

Richter, Donnabelle

Richter, Louis A.

Rinesmith, James & Lillian

Rinesmith, Lyman S

Roach, Clyde Jefferson

Robbins, James G.

Roberts, Glen Edgar

Robeson, Charles E "Chuck" & Alyce E.

Robinson, Elijah Thornton

Robinson, Miles R. 'Robbie'

Roby, George Roby

Rocap, Barbara Ann

Rocap, James E. Jr.

Rockhill, Lester A.

Rockwood, Charles Ainsworth

Rogers, Homer L.

Rollins, George

Romig --- Yesterday's

Romig, Austin

Rosero, Marciano George Jr (Dr) (M.D.)

Routh, William C

Rovell, Ida Etta (Shipley) & John Rovell & L. G. Walker

Rovell, Lloyd & Ora Florence Rinesmith

Ruhnow, Emil "Bud" Jr

Ruhnow, Bobetta "Bobbie" Lee Washburn

Rust Robert T.

Rutledge, Paul

Sage, John

Sage, June

Saine, John h

Samuelson, Allen & Georgette, Drs., DVM

Sarber, Wallace C. (Dr)

Sargent, Thomas A.

Savage, Charles Edgar

Schacht, Henry Brewer

Schaf, Joseph Charles

Schaffer, Earl W

Schaffer,Charles Henry

Schaub, Kitty Teague

Scheetz, Bernard F. Bernie

Schenberg, Theodore R.

Scheurer, Scott William

Schilling, Ernest W

Schilling, Wesley W

Schlabach, Mark

Schmoll, William Bernard

Schmoll, Marjorie Rosebrock

Schmoll, Philip Clayton


Schroeder, William H

Schnull Family

Schultz, Edward O. & Marie Ann (Comer) Schultz

Schumacher, John A.

Schweidler Family

Schweidler, Joseph F "Joe"

Schwidler, Arthur Vincent

Scott, Moses H.

Scott, Roy "Sheep"

Scott, Hartwell Bryan

Scovell, Josiah T.

Scruggs, Merrill Jackson "Jack"

Scruggs, Norman Madison "Mack"

Seberger, Ray E. Jr. & Audrey

Seidel, Hazel Maxine

Semler, Jerry D.

Sensibaugh, Janice C.

Setzler, Frank Meryl & Susan L. Perkins

Severns, Edmond P. Jr.

Severns, Virginia P. Ginnie

Shad, Albert E.

Shafer, Harvey G.

Shaffer, Charles Henry

Shaffer, Verl The Barber

Shaneberger, Roy Clifton

Shaver, William Conkey

Shaw --- Yesterday's

Shaw, William -- 1890 History

Shea, Wesley E

Sheerin, Simon P.

Sheerin, Thomas Desales

Sheila Jean

Sheller, Foster F. (D.D.S.)

, Sherman, George

Sheskey, Micheal

Shideler Fred W.

Shilling, Schuyler Colfax

Shirk, Joseph Henry

Shirk, Milton Edward

Shively,Clyde Shively and Genevieve

Shoddy, Richard L. "Dick"

Shorney, Erika Esser

Shortle, Catherine H.

Shroyer, Alexander Rotheus

Shuck,William A. Jr. (Dr)

Sickman --- Yesterday's

Siepman, Emil

Sims, Frances M. (Leap)

Sims, Jesse E

Sims, Leon Jesse

Slattery, Thomas E.

Slonaker, Clement Lee (M. D.)

Smith, David H. --- Yesterday's

Smith, David H.

Smith, David Turpie

Smith, Hugh & Margaret (Boerger) Smith

Smith, Milo R

Smith, Moses

Smith, Moses -- Yesterday's

Smith, 0. T.

Smith, Stephen S.

Smitson family

Smitson, Harrison Adam Sr.

Snider, William H.

Snoeberger, Charles D. Snoeberger

Snyder, Barbara J.

Snyder, F. William "Bill"

Snyder, Jay

Fred G. Solomon,

Somerville, Albert Alexander

Spangler --- Yesterday's

Spangler Family

Spangler, Bryon

Spangler, John McQuat


Sparling, Floyd L.

Spencer, Jack B.

Sperry, James W.

Speyer --- Yesterday's

Speyer, Henry Moyer

Spiece, Thomas G.

Springer, Arthur H

Stabenow, George

Stabenow, Otto

Stahl --- Yesterday's

Stealy, John William Patricia Ann (Smith) Stealy

Stechhan, Otto

Steele, Worth B.

Steely, Carl Victor (Col.)

Steely, Jill Coit

Steffen, Elmer Andrew "Andy" Jr

Steffen, Elmer Andrew (1890-1963)

Steinhilber, Emill

Steinhilber, William Albert Jr

Steinhilber, William Albert Sr.

Stephenson, Rome C.

Stevens, Elza Louise (Savage) Stevens

Stevens, Roscoe Bey

Stewart, William Kerfoot & Ella Nannette Vonnegut

Stimson, Jacob Vansickle

Strader, Virgil C.

Strader-Dunnell, Sylvia P. (Jordan)

Strang, Fletcher T.

Strang, Ted L.

Stone, Capt Lewis "Lew" Joseph

Strong, Joseph

Strow, Wlliam Abraham Jr.

Stubblefield, Allene "Chris"

Stubblefield, Frank Milton Jr.

Stubbs, Donald M.

Studebaker, Bryon H.

Studebaker, William T.

Stuprich, Michael

Sturman Family

Sturman, Nell

Surris, Larry

Suverkrup, Frank E.

Suverkrup, J. Carl

Swigart, Daniel Irvin "Tuck"

Swindal, Steve & Jennifer (Steinbrenner)

Swint, Dr. R. E.

Sytsma, Albert J. (Al) Jr.

Taber, William W & Edna

Tallman,Dr. Homer Hinton

Tanguy, Robert Bringhurst, (Major General)

Tarkington, Newton Booth

Tasch, Kenneth Arthur

Taylor, George H.

Taylor, Mary Lyon

Taylor, Wilber (Bob)

Teague, Dr. Frank W.

Terpstra John W. & Violet L.

Thayer, George H. Jr.

Thayer, George Henry/ Paul Munson Thayer

Thayer, Henry George

Thomasson, Jeff H.

Thompson --- Yesterday's

Timmons, Frank C. and Helen

Tittle, Rev. Maynard G.

Thompson, William

Thornburg --- Yesterday's

Thornburg, Celestion E -- 1890 History

Todd, J. Rodney

Toner, Albert D.

Trinkle, Sarah E.

Trone, Donaldson and Almeda

Trone, Peter D. and Beverly J.

Tuck, Emmitt R

Tucker, Carolyn C.

Tucker, John D. Sr.

Tusing, Mr. T - Ronold E "Ron"

Twiname, John J.

Tyson, Richard R

Uhl, Jessie M. (Mrs. Miller Uhl)

Vajen, John Henry

Vajen, Willis C.

VanNamen, Jacob "Jake" P And Rita

VanPelt, Ira S.

VanSchoiack --- Yesterday's

VanSchoiack, Edward Everett

VanSchoiack, Elsa Bryce (E. B.)

VanSchoiack, Isaac A.

VanSchoiack, Louden Thurman

VanSchoiack, William J.

VanSipma, Charles Nall Sr

Vaughn, Sidney A.

Voigt, John Robert

Vonderohe, Walter Emil

VonHake, Carl & Sarah P. Richardson VonHake


Vonnegut, George

Vonnegut, Bernard

Vonnegut, Bernard Jr.

Vonnegut, Clemens

Vonnegut, Clemens Jr.

Vonnegut, Franklin "Frank"

Vonnegut, Kurt Jr.

Vonnegut, Kurt Sr.

Vonnegut, Ralph C. Jr

Vonnegut, Theodore Franklin

Voreis, Abraham -- 1890 History

Voreis, John M -- 1890 History

Vories --- Yesterday's

Vorm, Charles Frederick

Wacker (Wocker), Charles J.

Hilarity Club

Charles Wesley Wade

Charles Wesley Wade, Jr

Albert W. Wagner & Harriet W. (Wayland) Wagner

Waite, Clifford C.

Walker, Deane Emerson

Walker, Ivan

Walker, Thomas K.

Walle --- Yesterday's

Wallerich, Carl

Wallstead, Phillip D "Phil "

Walsh Family

Walter, John Philip

Walter, Kenneth R.

Walther, Joseph E.

Ward, Peirce C.

Warner, William Leander

Warren, Leo W. & Cleo (McLane) Garn Warren

Washbur, Bobetta Lee Bobbie Cumminsn

Washburn, Isaac Family

Watkins, Albert A

Weirick,Daniel F

Welch, Jean Knauss

Welch, William F.

Wennerstrom, August

Werner, Howard Luke
Wesson, Oscar R., Dr. DVM and Lovina

West, Harold Bertram

West, Richard Allan "Dick"

West, Stephen R.

Westervelt, Josephn Esq

Wharton, Norris

Wheeler Cottage "Shady Bluff" - Wheeler-Peirce-Morrison

Williamson, S. G.

White, Marcella P.

Whitmarsh, Glenn Irving

David S. Whitted

Palmer Dean Whitted Sr.

Wickizer --- Yesterday's

Ralph Cleveland Wickizer

Wildermuth, Dwight Gerald

Wildes, Mary Grace "Tiny"

Wilkins, George T. Jr.

Wilkinson, Charles h

Wilkinson, Frank B. II

Wilkinson, Russell Gilbert

Willhite, Lee

Williams, Albert Fleetwood Douglas

Williams, George S.

Williams, Jean

Williams, Mary Mabel (Peffly)

Wilson --- Yesterday's

Wilson, Dorothy

Wilson, Glenn and Lera (Overmyer)

Wilson, Henry Lane

Wilson, Leonard -- 1890 History

Wilson, Richard Hall

Wilson, Russell & Lois M. (Gaumer)

Wilson, William H & Dora O Roberson

Wilson, William T.

Winfield, Maurice

Winkler, Elmer L & Norma L.

Henry D. Winkler

Winslow, Walker Wise

Winslow, William Walker

Wise Family

Wise, Hattie Alice

Wiseman --- Yesterday's

Wiseman, Benjamin W. S. (Dr)

Witham, Lewis Freeman

Witham, Robert L. (Dr)

Wolf --- Yesterday's

Wolf family - Wolf's Island

Wolfe, Maud Fowler

Woods, Samuel A. "Sam"

Woollett, Jean Ward

Wurster, Fred Carl

Wyllie, H. S

Yandes, George Bush

York --- Yesterday's

Young, John E.

Young, Lester P.

Zacharias, Julia I.

Zapapas, James Richard "Dick"

Zapapas, Patricia "Pat" Ryan

Zechiel --- Yesterday's

Zechiel, F. E.(Rev.)

Zechiel, Henry

Zechiel, John

Zechiel, Jerome herman & Bertha Larua Fechner

Zechiel, Jerome J.

Zeglis, John D.

Zobel, Charles F.

Zollars, Paul Leon

Zollman, Wally

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