Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

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There are 1053 - biograpihies from - obits, county histories etc. Some are family pages made up from research done. That are on this site - so far. This is the full index to dat (March 7, 2019)

These biographies [some are just obituaries] are also linked within the cottage history pages also except maybe for the Unknown location ones. There may be still some I have to link to this page - others I will have to break off the individual cottage history page or the listing of the cottages for (1878, 1880, 1898, 1908, 1922, 1953) in order to do it -

I have been trying to slowly break - down, organize and re-vamp some things.

Some of these bios are an assuption from name, location, occupation as given in the Snipets from the Culver Citizen, the lake history and other clues I may be wrong and I will gladly be corrected - If Maxinkuckee does not appear in the bio - then I am at fault for using basic deduction of Who, What, When and Where from the various sources, the time period etc. - and coming to the a decision with given information given in the "Snipets" and the published bios - and if wrong forgive me - PLEASE - as one may say I am adding one and one and getting two, or better yet I am using my GENEALOGICAL sense and connecting the given info of one source and another and making an educated assumption of relation.

Besides just the historical aspect of the lake biographies dates, names, pictures I am trying to add a personal and genealogical aspect to this history of Lake Maxinkuckee - which has not been done - the biographies are more than just a roster of names and dates - they too had an impact on the lake and Culver - and their lives need to be recorded here also as a part of our local history and genealogy. too. Thus I am trying to gather biographies, obituaries, pictures etc. on them.

If you feel there could be information not here - go to the site map as some biographies, obituaries, I am working on - some things may just be listings from a city director - a work in progress.

If you have found any I have not thus far and willing to share please send. It is hard to come up with obituaries after 1964 - I am trying to keep up with current ones and ones

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