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Jessie M. Uhl (Mrs. Miller Uhl)  

William E. Haney...

In the City of Logansport there were two notable names that thus belong in the era before the present generation. One was William W. Haney and the other his his son, the late William E. Haney...His only son, William E. Haney, was born at Lewisburg, Indiana, December 28, 1837, and died at Logansport March 16, 1916. The surviving representatinve of the family in Logansport is Mrs. Jessie M. Uhl...

July 15, 1851 William W. Haney established his home at Logansport. For a time he was a merchant, but his chief interest were was a dealer in real estate and a a private banker. For several years he was president of the Logansport branch of the old bank of the state of Indiana...

Decemebr 12, 1836, he married Miss Louisiana Fidler, who survivied him a number of years. They had only two children, Maria Emma, who died a number do years ago and William E.

The late William E. Haney had all thre qualities of native ability and character which distinguished his father... ...April 5, 1859, he married Miss Christina Conrad. Mrs. Haney died in the spring of 1871, the mother of eight children. Six of these children died in infancy and early childhood. The two to reach adult age were Carrie E. and Jessie M. Jessie M. is a resident of Logansport, at 730 Broadway, and is the widow of Miller Uhl, of the well know Uhl family of Cass County - - Indiana and Indianans : a history of aboriginal and territorial Indiana and the century of statehood Chicago: American Historical Society, 1919, Dunn, Jacob Piatt, pg. 2064-6

John Miller Uhl Birth: Jul. 6, 1860 Logansport Cass County Indiana, Death: Mar. 28, 1903 Logansport Cass County Indiana Burial Mount Hope Cemetery Logansport Cass County Indiana son of Joseph D Uhl & Caroline Miller

married 15 Aug 1883 Cass County, Indiana Jessie M. Haney Birth 30 Oct 1861 Death 6 Oct 1929 Logansport, Cass County, Indiana Burial Mount Hope Cemetery Logansport Cass County Indiana daughter of William Haney and Christina ---
    Lucy Uhl Birth 2 May 1889 Logansport, Ind Death 1964 Broward, Florida married 1st 10 Apr 1912 Cass county Indiana John Cornelius Smyser, divorced; married 2nd 20 Nov 1915 Cass county Indiana Harry S. Bender Birth 29 Sep 1882 Logansport, Ind. Death Jul 1960 Broward, Florida son of David S. Bender& Helen A. Conde

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